High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 67 – Gender Change Time


“I’m sorry… What?” I managed to ask.

“The staff will let you, Warrior, become a man.” Amamiya repeated.

“It will let you become a man.” Tsuzuri said.

“Eh?” I replied.

“Become a man…” Amamiya said.

No, I already understood that.

“Man… I mean… Like… Growing that? Between legs?” I asked.

“Yes. If you use the Magical Cat Staff, it will only take a moment for you to transform, and there are no aftereffects. I tried it out myself a while back, and it was pretty cool.” Amamiya replied.

Eh? What’s up with this development? This isn’t good at all.

I mean, becoming a man… That’s a rare genre even in lewd manga, isn’t it?

“Would you like to give it a try?” Amamiya offered me the Magical Cat Staff.

“Uhn… Hold on… Let me just… Prepare myself mentally.” I replied.

“Warrior. I do understand you may be reluctant to do it, but please understand that women are treated like toys over there. Some of the women kidnapped yesterday were even younger than the Martial Artist.” Tsuzuri stared at Iroha as she said those words.

“Uuh…” I muttered.

“I’d rather not use too much foul language, but those people are beasts. I don’t think it’s acceptable for good people to be tainted by them. The more you hesitate, the more tragedy will be spread.” Tsuzuri said next.

Ugh… She isn’t holding back at all…

“Hey, sis. There’s a bad guy there, so let’s beat him up!” Iroha too was ready to go.

Pressured by the atmosphere, I picked up the Magical Cat Staff, “How do I use it?”

“Just think of what you want to become and lift the staff. That’s it.” Amamiya replied.

Well… “I… I got it.” I reluctantly agreed.

So, just like I was told, I rose the staff upwards, imagined some fun BGM in my head, then thought ‘I want to become a man’.

At that moment, a stereotypical smoke enveloped me, and I could sense some magic affecting me.

And after that…

“Ohh… Oh!?” Iroha exclaimed, “You didn’t change much. You’re a girlish man.”

“Sure, but… Well, the build is solid. It’s manly enough.” Amamiya commented.

I nervously touched my face… It didn’t give me any sense of discomfort.

My shoulders… A bit bony.

Breasts… Hard.

And then, without touching I just… Noticed it.

Between the legs…

A… A long… Between my legs a…

A stick.

At that moment, my whole body started trembling with a mysterious physiological fear.

“Huh!? Sis? Hey, sis!?” Iroha exclaimed.

Even though I’ve already killed hundreds of zombies by now, I never experienced any fear like this one.

I fell over and fainted.


“Hey… Hey! Are you okay, sis!?” Iroha’s voice woke me up.

“Ugh…” I held my head as my sight was still spinning, then I drank a bit of a water bottle that was offered to me.

“Oh… I can see your throat moving…” Iroha replied.

After hearing her words, I put my hand around my neck and tried talking, “Ah… Ah…!?”

Oh, wow. It’s almost like there was a sudden change in voice actor for a given character.

“Uuh… Why is this happening?” I muttered.

“… The Warrior is surprisingly naïve.” Tsuzuri commented.

“Shut up.” I told her.

“You can keep the staff for the time being. Remember to re-use it if too much time passes.” Amamiya told me.

And so, using the staff for its original purpose, I managed to stand up by leaning on it.

“Then… Let’s work out the details of the plan.” I told them.

“Regarding the follow up, you can just leave it to us. Whether we kill them or let them live, we will take care of the survivors.” Amamiya told me.

“… I guess you’ll just free the kidnapped people, but… What are you going to do with the ‘scoundrels’?” I asked.

“I’m not too happy with it, but I’ll take their weapons and distribute them to the people in the memorial park.

“As for the scoundrels themselves… They’ll be receiving a trial.” Amamiya replied.

“A trial?” I asked.

“Yes. This community has its own rules, so I won’t go above them just because those guys are scoundrels… Though I can’t promise you that there will be no discrimination at all.” Amamiya told me.

Well, I guess that is fine for now. I can’t really think too far ahead when feeling this much discomfort with myself. It’s distracting.

“So… Well, is there anything else we have to decide upon…?” I muttered.

Then, after thinking for a small while, I shifted my gaze to Iroha and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Oh, I have a good idea.” She then stuck out her hands in front of me, “Tie me up.”

I opened my eyes wide at her request.

“Ah! You, see, like… I was caught by sis, I mean, by bro and like… Bro will take me as a gift to offer them for the sake of joining their team… Kinda like that?” Iroha explained.

“Mmmm… That seems too dangerous.” I replied. Getting Iroha caught on purpose was way too risky.

“It’s alright. I did tell you that I got a level before, didn’t I?” So, with a smile on her face, Iroha held the edge of the table.

On the next moment, I heard an explosion-like sound come from that table.

“And that’s the superhuman strength skill.” Iroha told us as she moved her hand away from the table.

And in the place her thumb was holding, there was now a hollowed-out part… That definitely seemed like a much harder trick to pull off than to simply break the table.

“… Amazing, Martial Artist. I’m really glad that we didn’t have to fight…” Amamiya muttered.

“It’s good to become stronger, but make sure to think before using your powers, alright?” I told Iroha.

“Got it, got it.” Iroha giggled.

Then… I guess that’s how it will go.

After all, I don’t want to let those ‘scoundrels’ act as they please, but I also don’t want to participate in a massacre.

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