High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 68 – Slave and the Master


(Amamiya’s PoV)

After that, things proceeded smoothly.

The Wandering Warrior got the Enslave and Slave Reinforcement skills, then made the gatekeeper woman, Sanae, become her slave for the sake of telepathic communication in case of an emergency, then she went to the hideout of the kidnapping group.

At that time, I told the Warrior that she should take Healing Magic with her just in case, but she refused it by saying that ‘This magic is relied on by everyone here, isn’t it?’

And so, the Warrior did not take this magic with her… For someone who lives in this messed up world, she is truly ridiculously good-natured.

She certainly painted a good impression on me, though I also feel like her views are dangerous.

From now on, the rules of this world will keep on changing. If one drags the ethics of the old world with them, then they’ll surely get stuck at some point.

And so, I sighed, “For now… We did it.”

Tsuzuri, who was right next to me, nodded, “Yes, we were walking on a tight rope there though.”

“Yeah, but at least we weren’t found out.” I replied.

“It was a good gamble. It was worth the shot.” Tsuzuri stated.

I agreed with Tsuzuri, and could finally smile a bit, feeling at ease at last.

“If things keep going like this, then we probably won’t have any trouble… Let’s continue following this strategy.” I commented.

“I think this is only a temporary solution though.” Tsuzuri told me.

“In that case, then we should just give her an honest apology. After all, they do have the subordination, so like… Even if she finds it out, she probably won’t lose the trust on us.” I replied.

“But can we trust the Wandering Warrior?” Tsuzuri asked.

“Most likely… She does seem to be a pretty kind person.” I told Tsuzuri.

“Mmmm…” Tsuzuri started thinking.

For now, it’s safe to say that things have been progressing smoothly. Just like how that strange girl who called herself a ‘reincarnator’ predicted.

That was eerie enough in its own right.

“But… Was this alright, Master?” Tsuzuri asked me.

“What is ‘this’?” I asked back.

“I think you described the scoundrels way too lightly.” Tsuzuri stated.

My expression became troubled at those words, “What else could I say, though?”

“You should have said it more clearly. That they’re absolute garbage and that the Warrior should kill every single one of them.” Tsuzuri replied.

“The Warrior and the Martial Artist were wary of us. I couldn’t use such one-sided language.” I told Tsuzuri.

“Even then… Shouldn’t you have at least mentioned Yuki?” Tsuzuki asked me.

I lowered my head at those words.

Kamizono Yuki… Before the world became like this, that girl was our best friend.

And now, she was ‘decorating’ the entrance of those scoundrels’ hideout.

“Master?” Tsuzuri asked.

“… No. We shouldn’t need to appeal to their emotions. We should leave the rest to them.” I told Tsuzuri.

“What kind of judgement do you think that the Warrior will deliver to those scoundrels though?” Tsuzuri asked.

“If the Warrior and the Martial Artist have a human heart, then the conclusion is already decided.” I replied.

“Certainly.” Tsuzuri agreed, and with arms now crossed, continued, “The question is, do they have a human heart?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Up until now, I have killed many zombies under Master’s orders and… Sometimes, I too start losing sight of what is right and what is wrong.” Tsuzuri replied.

“You’re talking about something that I don’t really understand.” I told Tsuzuri.

“That’s fine, Master.” Tsuzuri uncharacteristically smiled.

It would be nice if Tsuzuri could smile like that to more people.

“In any case, I’ve been meaning to ask you… Why do you call me ‘Master’ anyways?” I asked Tsuzuri.

“Oh, you want to know that?” Tsuzuri asked.

“Yeah? I mean, a lot of things happened over the past month, but this is the one I don’t understand at all.” I replied.

“That’s because Master saved my life.” Tsuzuri said.

“… It’s the other way around no matter how I look at it.” I told Tsuzuri.

“Now that Yuki is gone, you’re the only reason I can keep on living in this world.” Tsuzuri stated.

“Don’t say something this embarrassing…” I scratched my nose as I said that.

“Are you going to sleep with me tonight?” Tsuzuri then smirked, “Just kidding.”

These half-joking words have been exchanging since we were in middle school.

“You know, my plans have been completely ruined due to the strange rumors you spread… Just who is good at bed?” I asked Tsuzuri.

“I mean, you have the appropriate skill, so you’re probably good at it, you know? Even if you haven’t tried it yet.” Tsuzuri replied.

“People don’t get close to me at all because of it though! There’s no pretty girl who considers sitting next to me now!” I grumbled.

“You always have me, Master.” Tsuzuri stated.

“Heh.” I replied.

The two of us kept on chatting… If someone looked at us from the sidelines, we might probably look like a couple.

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