High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 73 – Spirit Tamer


(Hello? Testing, testing. Can you hear me?) I asked telepathically.

[Yes, yes! Older sister Sanae is listening!] I got a reply.

(Ah, I’m glad it’s working.) I said.

[Nice talking to you again! Can I call you Warrior?] Sanae asked.

(Ah, sure.) I told her.

After witnessing those mysterious flames, I went to the bathroom and made a telepathic call to Sanae, a gatekeeper from Tokorozawa that is currently under the effects of the powers of the Slave Master.

[So, what happened? Is there anything you want me to ask the Messiah about?] Sanae asked.

(There is.) I said.

[Then I’ll be taking notes from now on… Please continue.] Sanae told me in a lighthearted tone.

(The question is: ‘At level 15, you must have chosen a job. Please tell me what options were available other than Slave Master.’) I said.

[I see, I see. Level 15… Job… Options… I honestly have no clue what this is all about, but if I tell the Messiah that, he’ll understand, right?] Sanae asked me.

(He will.) I replied.

[Roger that!] She exclaimed.

And that was the end of our telepathic call.

Next, I went to Iroha.

Iroha was in the kitchen on the back of the cafeteria, where she was chopping vegetables with tremendous momentum.

“That’s incredible, Iroha! With this much speed, you could harvest the whole world! You’re cabbage shredding champion!” One of the aunts next to her said.

“Leave it to me!” Iroha exclaimed as she kept on cutting them.

Next to her was a mountain of cabbage that made me wonder, ‘Who is going to eat all this?’

Well, let’s not mind that. I moved closer to them and asked, “Uhn… Can I have a minute?”

“Oh! You’re the newcomer, Swirly Glasses, right?” Seems like the nickname is quickly spreading, “You brought us a once-in-a-decade talent, you know?” The aunt told me.

“Oh, is that so?” I asked.

“She’s so young, but she’s amazing! She’s a lot stronger than some clumsy boys that sometimes help out, but even though she looks like this, she still handles kitchen knives delicately.” The aunt explained.

I wryly smiled at those words… I figured something like this would happen, but let’s not mind it, “Can I borrow her for a while?” I asked.

“Of course.” The aunt turned towards Iroha, “Iroha, why don’t you take a break now?”

In response to the aunt’s words, Iroha’s hands stopped moving.

After we left the kitchen, we moved to a place where we could talk privately.

“Phew! Working hard was fun!” Iroha exclaimed.

“Please don’t stand out too much.” I told her.

“Well, it’s fine if it’s just a bit, isn’t it?” She replied.

“That’s not how this works…” I sighed.

“Mmmm…?” Iroha just tilted her head at that.

“Never mind. Iroha, you selected a job when you reached level 15, didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Of course!” She exclaimed.

“Can you tell me what were the other options available? Other than Martial Artist, that is.” I asked her next.

“Huh? Why?” She asked back.

I paid a bit more attention to my surroundings before replying, making sure nobody was overhearing anything, “There’s someone, other than us, with skills in here.”

For a moment, Iroha opened her mouth agape without saying anything. It took her a second to recover and reply, “For real?”

“For real.” I stated.

“Well… That’s kinda bad.” Iroha commented.

“The person seems to use a strange technique that I don’t understand. If we can figure out the name of their job, then we should be able to get a hint of what they were doing.” I explained.

“Got it.” As Iroha said that, she took a notepad out of her pocked.

She flipped through the notepad that had all sort of miscellaneous information, such as a location of a garbage dump, or curry recipes.

“Here!” She handed me the notebook after reaching a specific page.

At that moment, [Hi hi, it’s older sister Sanae again!] I got a telepathic call.


And so, I was told the name of the jobs that are available based on karma once you reach level 15.

I don’t know if there are some hidden jobs that require extra conditions other than karma, but those are the ones I know of for now.

Good Karma – Jobs: Guardian Knight; Martial Artist; Miracle Caller; Spirit Tamer

Neutral Karma – Jobs: Warrior; Archer; Beastmaster

Evil Karma – Jobs: Bandit; Assassin; Sorcerer; Slave Master

Seriously… So there was a Sorcerer job after all.

I wanted to be a Sorcerer… If only I had a strategy guide for this…

Either way, Iroha and the Slave Master also gave me the brief explanation of the jobs that the Auditory Hallucination provided to them.

–Guardian Knight is a combat profession specialized in defense. It has a lot of skills centered on using a shield, and it can reflect most spells with its shield.

–Martial Artist is a combat profession that is specialized in fighting with your bare hands. It has plenty of skills that increase one’s physical abilities and it can sometimes land critical hits on enemies.

–Miracle Caller is a profession specialized in Healing Magic and on skills that strengthens others. Its mere presence already strengthens the natural healing power of nearby allies.

–Spirit Tamer is a profession that makes use of beings that are normally invisible, such as Shinto Spirits or Spirits of the Deceased.

–Bandit is a profession focused on stealing. It has many skills that excel at hiding, and you can become translucent by crouching down.

–Assassin is a combat profession specialized in assassination. It has many skills that are centered on the usage of blades, and the attacked opponent has a low chance of being instantly killed.

–Sorcerer is a combat profession specialized in offensive magic. A bonus is added to the power of your magical attacks, and it has plenty of skills that decrease magical power consumption.

–Slave Master is a profession that can ‘Enslave’ humans and strengthen their combat capabilities.

I see… That makes it easy to understand.

The floating flames I saw earlier, I thought they would be something exclusive to the Sorcerer job, but after looking through those descriptions, the conclusion is obviously different.

Someone in this community is able to use skills. And their profession involves invisible beings, so, they’re most likely… “A Spirit Tamer.” I muttered.

… Seriously. Of all jobs, it had to be the that we have the least information available on.

How troublesome.

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