High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 74 – Skill Appraisal


[Hi there! It’s older sister Sanae here! The one and only!] I got a telepathic call, [I’d like to tell you some extra information that the Messiah shared with me!

[This information is… Uhn…] It seemed like she was reading a memo, [About the increase and decrease of Karma!

[Karma is a rough classification that determines if a player is good or evil… But the way the judging works is a bit arbitrary!

[For example, getting supplies from a convenience store seems to have a negative impact on your karma! Whoever manages the system must still care about old world values!

[And then there is murder. Murder seems to always be judged as tremendously evil, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurs. Killing even one person with your own hands means that your karma will quickly fall to evil and even a lot of good deeds might not be enough to offset it.

[And well, to put it simply, that’s what the Messiah experienced. He didn’t tell me what exactly caused it, but it was apparently in Self-defense.

[Well, I guess this kind of thing just happens in this world at times, right?

[In any case, that’s all that I wanted to convey. Please keep on doing your best! See you later!] With this, we ended the telepathic conversation.


I heaved a sigh.

I was currently in the bathroom, holding my head while sitting on the toilet seat.

It was not because of the quick-paced dialogue of Sanae, but rather because I needed to rework my strategy.

I had to deal with someone who could use skills now… Or, to use the words of the Auditory Hallucination, a Player.

The Slave Tamer Whip doesn’t work on Players.

Furthermore, Amamiya told me through Sanae that he doesn’t know if Enslave can work on players either.

That’s understandable though. Until a small while back, each of us thought that we were the only Players in the world.

So, to test it out, I had a small experiment with Iroha and… Unfortunately, the result was a failure.

It was expected though. The Auditory Hallucination refers to us as Players, and refers to everyone else as Humans.

The Enslave ability only works on Humans, so it can’t be helped.

So, let’s try thinking on the main issue.

I need to identify who is the Player of this community… My first idea was that the boss was the Player, but there is no way to be sure of that, and it would be dangerous to act on this assumption without any confirmation.

Therefore… Let’s make use of the level ups that I had set aside for this kind of situation.

If I recall correctly, I should have four levels stored up, so…

Auditory Hallucination, are you listening?

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Special Sword Skill I

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–<Choose a Job Skill>

–Skill Appraisal

Well, it has to be the last option, hasn’t it?

–Skill Appraisal allows you to see the skills of players other than yourself.

With this, I’ll be able to figure out who is the player without trying to play detective.

So, I got it.


–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Special Sword Skill I

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–<Choose a Magic Skill>

–<Choose a Job Skill>

–Karma Appraisal

Oh? Do the appraisal skills also have their own skill tree?

For now, let’s check what this new skill does.

–Karma Appraisal allows you to check other players’ Karma. It also lets you know some of their past good and bad deeds.

Mmm… I’m not sure if there is much use for this.

That said, there might be more skills that can be unlocked after taking Karma Appraisal, so, once this is taken care of, if I have some points to spare, I’d like to acquire this later.

Well, I’ve never been in a situation where I had leftover skill points though.

Unfortunately though, my next skill has already been decided.

–Please choose the Job Skill you want to acquire.

–Attack Power I

–Defense V

–Blade Clothes

–Magic Resistance II


And another new option appeared…

–Blade Clothes makes your clothes reflect some physical damage you take back to the attacker. Lasts 1 minute.

Oh? This is a bit of an RPG staple, isn’t it? Armor with a damage reflection effect?

For now though, let’s leave this one for later.

For my next skills, I want to take the ones with the most obvious effects first.

And since I’ve already come this far, let’s raise the defensive levels as much as possible.

Therefore, “Defense V.”

Now what to pick next?

–Please choose the Job Skill you want to acquire.

–Attack Power I

–Aegis Shield

–Blade Clothes

–Magic Resistance II


Oh my. The Defense skills disappeared, and new options are now visible.

Defense maxed out at level 5, then. And replacing it, the Aegis Shield skill appeared.

Is it okay to assume something similar might happen to other skills?

–Aegis Shield creates a magic shield that has high defensive power.

Ohoh! A magic shield!

This is the first skill that triggered my desire sensor in a while.

A flaming sword and a magic shield… Isn’t that the coolest?

My heart started beating faster… “Aegis Shield.”

As for the last skill point… I guess I’ll take Magic Resistance II, so as to prepare myself better for the battle against the Spirit Tamer.

That’s the end of the leveling session.

–Skill effects are being applied.

“Then, let’s test it. Aegis Shield.” As I said that, a blue translucent shield appeared near my left hand.

“Ooh…” It’s so cool. It feels like a total waste to use this while sitting on a toilet.

Either way, when I tried touching the shield, I noticed some interesting things.

First, it felt a bit warm.

Secondly, my hand actually moved through it. It seems like my body can slip through the shield.

In that case, it might be possible to fight in a way that prevents my opponent from hitting me by using the shield, then piece said opponent from the backside of the shield… Though I don’t know how usable this is in practice.

I heaved a sigh, then left the bathroom, with a feeling of a job well done.

“Oh, Swirly Glasses, what’s up? You look good! Did you bring the brat with you again?” Sakata appeared and instantly made a terrible joke.

“That’s not it.” I gave him a blunt reply.

Is this how conversation between men usually goes like?

When I looked at the clock, I saw that it was about time for the sun to set.

Let’s resume the investigation.

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