High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 81 – Cheat


As soon as I grabbed the sword that had been blown away, the effects of Perfect Maintenance immediately started being applied, and I could see the blade gradually regenerate.

Perfect Maintenance should make sure that the sword is completely restored, and it should restore the sword faster than the previous levels of this skill too, but… It still seems like it will take a while before I can use this weapon again.

This is the first time that my sword has been damaged so badly.

If it’s just a small dent on the blade from slashing a zombie, then it’s usually repaired in no time, but… This time it was hit by a grenade blast.

Right now, its blade is particularly bad, and parts of the sword have been completely broken.

It’s honestly hard to believe it will be fully repaired, but I guess I’ll believe in the effectiveness of the skill.

“Hey, you!” Iroha loudly stated while standing in front of the Spirit Tamer, “A guy like you is no good, so I’ll punish you! Prepare yourself!”

“Huh?” The man raised his eyebrows and began to open his mouth to say something.

“Dialogue is futile!” Iroha kicked the ground and charged forward.

As expected of her, she has no intention engaging in useless dialogue.

“You annoying…!” The Spirit Tamer raised his hand.

I thought this was going to be dangerous for Iroha, but…

Iroha disappeared.

That was the Quick Step skill, I think? It only covers a short distance, but it allows the user to teleport.

As such, she appeared on the blind spot of the Spirit Tamer and thrust her fist, like a bullet, onto his abdomen.

It was supposed to be a direct hit, but… The sound of the punch was strange. It was not what I expected to hear when two bodies collided.

“Whoa!?” Iroha flinched, “What’s this!?”

In front of Iroha’s fist, a white and vague thing was floating in the air, as if protecting the Spirit Tamer.

I’m not sure what it is, but… It seems to be shaped like a person holding a shield.

“Alright. Guess I’ll just have to beat this up too.” Iroha stated while staring at the white blur that moved erratically.

Iroha frowned a bit while remaking her stance, “I don’t really get what this is, but… Blowing Wave!”

Seemingly want to test how the blur handled special skills, Iroha shot a golden energy bullet.

If it was against a zombie, this attack would be absolutely deadly.

“Ghost!” As the Spirit Tamer shouted that, the white haze took Iroha’s Special Skill II head-on.

And with a strange sound reverberating to our surroundings, the energy of Iroha’s skill was dissipated too.

“What the…? So skills don’t work either? Then let’s see…” Iroha got no reply to her words, so she decided to continue, “Explosive Hundred Fists!”

That was her Special Skill III. As far as I know, it’s her most powerful attack, and it unleashes a series of golden energy balls against the enemy.

The Spirit Tamer seemed to be annoyed at that, “Ghost!” but he took it head-on without hesitation.

I don’t quite get how it works, but the white haze took all the damage again.

“Mmm… It’s not working.” Iroha seemed to be troubled about it.

When she fought me, she just rushed forward and unleashed as many special attacks as she could without thinking it through.

“Does this mean that direct attacks don’t work?” Iroha pondered.

Does this mean that she has grown up? I’m so proud of her.

“Well, then I guess I just need to hit you a hundred times until I succeed!” Iroha exclaimed.

… Please return my excitement.

“Explosive Hundred Fists!” Iroha used Special Skill III once again, but just like in the other times, it was blocked by the white haze.

However, Iroha didn’t seem to want to stop there.

She charged forward, as if chasing her energy bullets, “Take that!” She shouted and slammed her fist in the area with the white haze.

“A-ah! W-what the hell is this!? Will-o-wisp! Hurry up and get rid of her!” The Spirit Tamer exclaimed.

Immediately after that, the flying blue flame turned its eyes towards Iroha.

“Iroha, be careful! It shoots something like a beam!” I told her.

“Got it!” Iroha seemed to have noticed the approach of the Will-o-wisp, so she avoided it by using Quick Step.

The Will-o-wisp chased after Iroha, but its attacks weren’t hitting her at all.

“One more time! Exploding Hundred Fists!” Making use of the opening, she used her Special Skill III again.

That girl… She keeps firing Special Skills left and right. What will she do once she runs out of magic?

I glanced at the degree of restoration of the sword, but it seemed to only be 20-30% repaired… It would be helpful if this battle could be prolonged for at least another minute or two.

When thinking of that, perhaps it is convenient that the battle between Iroha and the Spirit Tamer seem to be at a stalemate of sorts.

“Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying, annoying!” The Spirit Tamer hysterically yelled as he couldn’t catch his opponent.

Iroha kept dodging all of his attacks while jumping around like a ninja, “Try and hit me!” she said while laughing out loud.

That girl is really getting carried away, isn’t she? I hope she doesn’t trip or anything.

“Damn it! Take her out, Will-o-wisp!” The Spirit Tamer shouted.

Coming to think of it, isn’t this guy pretty amazing? Will-o-wisp is a pretty hard to say word, yet he didn’t bite his tongue even once while shouting this name over and over.

Oops, I shouldn’t get absent-minded like that, I’m focusing on something unnecessary.

But then, by staring at him, I noticed something that seemed to be a winged girl perched on his shoulder.

That was the doll-like girl that threw a grenade into my pocket, wasn’t it? That must be the Fairy.

The white blur should be the Ghost, and the blueish-white flame should be the Will-o-wisp.

Those were the only skills with strange names I saw on the skill list of the Spirit Tamer, so those are probably all the spirits that he uses.

I kept on paying attention to how things moved… The Spirit Tamer did shout at times, but the spirits were often times moving without his actual shouts. The Spirit Tamer can probably give orders to the spirits telepathically then.

In this kind of situation, Iroha suddenly stood upright and made a declaration, “Alright, that’s enough playing around. It’s time to get serious!”

No, Iroha. Don’t do that. This is the kind of declaration that always bites the speaker back…

“Let’s do this! My new Special Skill! Peerless Heavenly Wolf… Huh? Eh?” Iroha was going to attack, but… She fell to her knees.

“Honya…?” Iroha looked at her hands, letting out a mysterious cute-creature-like voice.

At this moment, as if he was waiting for this, the Spirit Tamer shouted, “Uaraa!” ran towards Iroha at full speed and kicked her solar plexus.

“Ugeh!” Iroha exclaimed.

Just like a normal girl, she helplessly fell down while clutching her stomach.

“Villain! Villain! Villain!” The Spirit Tamer mercilessly kicked her body.

I was lost. I didn’t comprehend what was going on.

I did understand that Iroha ran out of magical power, but it was way too soon. From my own experience fighting Iroha, there should be no way for her magical power to disappear this quickly.

The Spirit Tamer laughed maniacally, “Good! Good! That’s how it is! I’m the best!” with a cheerful smile on his face, he kept on kicking her.

Iroha wasn’t even reacting anymore. She seemed to have fainted already, yet the kicks didn’t stop…

Stop it…

“Stop it!” I instinctively stood up.

My sword was still only about 50% restored, but even if I’m not fully ready for battle, this was not the kind of situation where I could just stand by and leave this be.

“What? You?” The Spirit Tamer glared at me with a bored expression.

“I’ll be your opponent.” I told him.

“Hah!?” The man started laughing out loud with a mocking expression, “Stop it!? You’re useless! I’m the best!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I have the Madness skill!” He exclaimed.

“What is that…?” I didn’t actually expect a reply to this one.

But the Spirit Tamer happily spoiled me with the details, “Don’t you know!? I guess you don’t know! This is the greatest power that God gave only to me! All the bad guys are losing their skill powers!”

Mmmm… Considering his meager vocabulary, I guess this is a skill that automatically absorbs the magical power of nearby players, then?

“I know what you want to say! It’s a cheat! It’s a cheat skill!” The Spirit Tamer laughed out loud, “That’s why! You villains can’t do anything! It’s useless! You’re useless!”

I see… It truly does feel like a cheat-like skill.

It’s troublesome, but I can’t really run away just because of that.

I readied my sword and answered him, “Well, let me try handling this cheat of yours then.”

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