High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 82 – Madness


Well, I’ll be damned… Madness is the problematic skill, then?

The drawback of Skill Appraisal is that it doesn’t really tell me what the appraised skills do, I suppose.

But well, the plan for this battle should still be simple. It’s a short-term showdown.

However, the Spirit Tamer does have a very powerful defense, the Ghost. I need to first find a way to handle it.

“Ah, enough! You too should hurry up and die!” The Spirit Tamer raised one of his hands towards me, “Extremely Hot Fire!”

Hot air appeared below my feet, so I quickly dodged sideways, right before the fire pillar appeared.

Fortunately enough, the Spirit Tamer’s attacks are not hard to avoid if I’m careful.

The troublesome part though, is that I could already hear my stomach rumbling.

Seems like I’m already being afflicted by his Madness skill.

Because Iroha kept on fighting in this situation, she ran out of magical power.

However, I can’t simply rush forward and attack him… So how do I beat him?

The Spirit Tamer seemed to have noticed that attacking me was a waste of magical power, so he instead put all of his spirits around him, solidifying his defenses.

So he wants to buy time until I’m worn out…

I sighed.

It’s not like I can’t think of any plan at all, but I had too little time.

I was trying to think as fast as possible, trying to find a solution.

But then, I heard gunshots come from behind me.

A series of unpleasant sounds started echoing as the bullets were repelled by the white haze.

“What the!?” The Spirit Tamer shouted.

When I turned around, wondering what was going on, I saw Akechi quickly sending instructions to his companions.

“Surround him! Pay attention to his hands’ movements!” Akechi exclaimed.

(Please don’t interfere unnecessarily. There will be deaths.) I told him telepathically.

[Says the idiot.] Akechi scolded me, [This is our place. Outsiders have no reason to stop us.]

(But…) I tried replying.

[We are not children in need of protection. Everyone here is prepared to die.] Akechi told me.

Mmmm… When he says it like that, I guess I can’t force him to stop.

“What the!? No way! Don’t look at me like that!” The Spirit Tamer yelled and retreated a little, “I’m doing this for everyone’s sake, damn it! Will-o-wisp! Burn them down!”

As soon as the Spirit Tamer said that, I started running his way.

And then, a bright hot light started illuminating the surroundings.

“Watch out for the light under your feet! Leave the afflicted area immediately!” Oda shouted to his comrades.

It seems like the Will-o-wisp is only visible to normal people when it’s about attack.

I don’t know what skills it can use, but compared to me who can always visualize it, it must be extremely hard for everyone else to dodge it.

If we don’t settle this as soon as possible, the casualties will only increase.

However, as I ran towards the Spirit Tamer, the familiar white haze, the Ghost, stood in my way.

Aiming at it, I swung down my sword.

I heard the sound of metal hitting metal, and the sword was stopped.

Now that I was facing it directly, I could clearly understand what I only had a vague notion of before.

There is a real mass to this white haze. I can feel a huge shield stopping my sword.

However, if it needs the shield to stop my attacks, then its main body must be vulnerable.

“Fireball.” I manifested a fireball in the palm of my hand and aimed it slightly behind the shield, where the body was probably at, “Take this!”

“Guo… Goooo!” The spirit shouted.

It worked. I don’t know if the spirit can feel pain or if it just happens to be vulnerable to fire, but the power holding the shield has weakened.

“Fireball!” I started shooting more Fireballs in quick succession towards the place that the Ghost’s body must be at.

Each time, the body shook and its power lessened, it won’t be able to hold back my sword for long. I can push through!

That thought probably made me lower my guard.

I was a moment too late to notice the Spirit Tamer approaching me from the side.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You worthless scum!” He grabbed me by the hair and slammed my head on the ground.

That blow might have been strong enough to crack a normal person’s skull open, but from what I saw from Skill Appraisal, he didn’t seem like too much of a threat, physically speaking.

Then, some of his spirit-related skills must be aiding him right now… Or maybe a hidden part of the Madness skill.

On the next moment, I saw myself being lifted by the Spirit Tamer, who had a knife in his hand.

“Support him!” Akechi shouted.

Immediately after, the Spirit Tamer was thrown backwards. He seemed to have been shot by someone.

By the time I regained my balance, bullets were already raining down on the spirits, who were protecting the Spirit Tamer.

“Do it now! Finish him off, Swirly Glasses!” Oda shouted.

“Damn it… What’s going on…? What the hell…?” The Spirit Tamer said. Like a child who couldn’t get his parents to buy him what he wanted.

Even if you make this kind of expression though, I won’t pity you, nor will you gain any more levels to keep fighting. It’s futile.

I moved forward, and tried thrusting my sword into his throat.

“Damn it! Swirly Glasses! Be careful!” Akechi shouted.

A blue-white flame blocked my vision. It was the Will-o-wisp.

Perhaps it was trying to protect is master, so it stood in my way.

Well, what happens if I cut through it?

Let’s try it out.

I slashed at what seemed to be the centerpiece of the flames.

And… Nothing. I didn’t feel any response. It was like I had cut through air.

However, “Gyeeaaaah!” The Spirit shouted.

Seems like slashing it was quite effective.

Then, one more time.

With the next slash, the Will-o-wisp disappeared into a fog.

“Ah… Aah…” The Spirit Tamer seemed to be shocked, “It’s a lie… It’s a lie… Will-o-wisp! Hey! Where are you!? Don’t go! Don’t go!”

The area was enveloped in silence.

“Why… Why…” Large tears spilled from his eyes, “Why!? Whyyyyy!?”

I flinched for a moment due to the shock, wondering if he would suddenly awaken to a new power due to anger.

… But no such thing happened. His screams just disappeared into the vast sky.

I pointed the tip of my sword to his face and said clearly, “Surrender.”

I said just in case, but I’ll most likely have to kill him here.

I wonder if the Spirit Tamer is aware of this…

“Shut up! Shut up! You villaaaaaaain!” The Spirit Tamer showed a hot rebellious spirit, spread his arms, and tried to grab me.

At this moment, I imagined something akin to a game choice appearing in front of me.

Stab him and finish him off.

Don’t stab and forgive him.

If I was the protagonist of a shounen manga, I might have just chosen the second one here.

But that’s not me. I’m sorry, but since this past month, I have stopped caring about killing people.

Honestly, I do want to hear about the circumstances of this guy, but… He is too dangerous to be kept alive.

“Well, goodbye.” I stabbed my sword at his head.

There was a bang, and his forehead was cracked open.

“Guzoooo!” He shouted in pain.

Huh? I was sure that I was going through it in one go, so as to not make him suffer.

And just as I thought that, my body lost all its strength.

This is bad… Does this mean that I’m running out of time?

The sword, which felt light as a feather until just now, suddenly felt extremely heavy.

It felt as if I was holding a lump of iron… Or rather, I was doing that.

I staggered. The blade of my sword touched the ground.

“Guh…” I groaned.

Seeing this, the Spirit Tamer smiled creepily. He must be thinking that he won.

However, this is already over. My body may feel incredibly heavy and sluggish, but unlike Iroha, I didn’t faint.

Therefore, what I have to do is simple.

I simply took a few steps back, moving away from the Spirit Tamer.

That much was enough.

A gunshot echoed through the night air of the university.

The bullet grazed my ear and landed on the already cracked forehead of the Spirit Tamer. It pierced through the vulnerable spot and went through his brain.

And then, the Spirit Tamer stopped moving. Cerebral fluid erupted from the hole in his forehead.

The Spirit Tamer’s life has been ended.

When I turned around, I saw smoke coming out of Oda’s gun.

Looking at him like that, I gave him a weak thumbs up.

I didn’t expect a reaction, but unexpectedly, he smiled sarcastically and gave me a thumbs up too.

Night had already fallen, and the smell of burning filled my nostrils.

“Then, bring the injured people here. I will heal then-” I tried saying.

However… I felt my consciousness leaving me.

Suddenly, I could no longer see anything.

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