Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce

Chapter 109 – Women’s Drama Is Fired Up (2)


“Qu Tan’er.”


A woman’s cold voice sounded, making Qu Tan’er’s elegant face frown. Her eyes flashed with displeasure, but she did not bother to turn around. Instead, she continued sipping her tea.


“Your Highness.” Jingxin slightly lowered her head, also a little startled.


“There’s none of your business here, just step aside.” Qu Pan’er glanced coldly at the mirror, turning to Qu Tan’er, whose back was still facing her. The disgust in her eyes was clearly obvious.


“Big sis, is there something?” Qu Tan’er asked leisurely. Letting down the teacup gently, she slowly turned around and showed her usual docile smile on her small face. After all, that place was someone else’s territory. She would be at a disadvantage at last if she had to be headstrong. She really regretted leaving. Although staying by Mo Liancheng’s side was a bit awkward, at least she did not have the need to greet those annoying flies.


“Remember, this is the Great Prince’s Mansion, you should address me as the Great Princess.” Qu Pan’er stared at her with revulsion, making it clear that she was just there to find someone to vent her anger.


“Yes, Great Princess.” Qu Tan’er did not give a second thought before addressing her.


“Since you think it’s not good enough to quietly stay in the Eight Princes’ Mansion, are you here to beg for scolding?”


“Yes.” Qu Tan’er lowered her head slightly and replied obediently.


But wait, what did she just say? She had not heard it clearly……


“I have told you a long time ago, never let me see that you are together with the Eldest Prince. Be careful, or I will skin you, do you hear? I really don’t know why your mother gave birth to you, to seduce men? The face of a cunning fox is really annoying to look at.”


“Yes, I understand.” Damn, this woman’s mouth is still so toxic.


Qu Tan’er did not take Qu Pan’er’s words to heart at all. The best way to deal with that kind of shrew… was only to ignore it. The more Qu Tan’er lost her temper, the more joy Qu Pan’er would be and the merrier she enjoyed scolding Qu Tan’er. If Qu Tan’er kept responding indiscriminately, sooner or later, Qu Pan’er would be mad at her—— Oh, it was said that those type of people would age really easily.


As expected, the more Qu Pan’er scolded, the more ugly her face became!


After scolding, Qu Tan’er was still a pool of stagnant water, unable to stir up any strong waves at all.


Finding it a bit boring, Qu Pan’er continued with a cold face, “What are you still standing here for? Why don’t you scurry back to the Eight Prince’s Mansion?”


“Princess, my master was with…” Jingxin entered the conversation softly, but she still cautiously stepped back when she replied, in case Qu Pan’er greeted her with a slap.


“Does it seem like there’s room for you to speak? Get out!”


Just as Qu Pan’er’s furious swearing broke out at Jingxin, Qu Tan’er said unwaveredly, “Great Princess, we came with the Eighth Prince. Since you told us to get out, does it mean that you want the Eighth Prince to get out too?” If she had the ability to get her out, why wasn’t she daring enough to get Mo Liancheng out?


However, she was sure that if Qu Pan’er dared to speak, Mo Yihuai might let Qu Pan’er get back to her parents’ house.


Qu Pan’er’s delicate face twitched, “Are you threatening me?”


“Great Princess, I’m just kindly reminding you. Whether you listen or not, it’s your choice.” Qu Tan’er gently replied. It was obviously a rebuttal, but when those words came out of her mouth, they seemed too weak… Actually, she was just speaking feebly.




“Great Princess, you seem to be very angry. Be careful, you’re going to ruin your body.” Qu Tan’er finally raised her head and looked at her worriedly. If the two of them had a harmonious relationship, it would be fine to put on that kind of expression. However, at present, who didn’t know that the two of them were incompatible? Would Qu Tan’er really worry about Qu Pan’er’s body? Just sheer fantasy.


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