Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce

Chapter 108 – Women’s Drama Is Fired Up (1)


Unlike what he expected, Mo Fengyang looked shy as she whispered softly, “Fengyang misses you, so Fengyang came looking for you. Does Brother Liancheng miss Fengyang?”




Mo Fengyang had just finished speaking when Qu Tan’er almost could not breathe smoothly. It was fortunate that she did not choke herself to death. She really should be snickering. Did that woman have to speak so straightforwardly? Even her goosebumps showed themselves. Glancing at Mo Liancheng’s face again, she wondered, was he never tired of smiling? However, her eyes were about to get tired of looking.


“We are siblings, aren’t we?” Mo Liancheng answered ambiguously and reiterated the relationship between the two.


“You know I didn’t mean that.”


“Fengyang has grown up.” Mo Liancheng looked at her thoughtfully.


“I’ve grown up a long time ago. I’m no longer the little girl I used to be. Brother Liancheng, have you finally seen my change?” Mo Fengyang was overjoyed for no reason and stared at him, slightly expecting something.


“It seems that you have reached the age of finding yourself a husband.”


“Who told you about this, Brother Liancheng? What I was saying is…”


“You will get married sooner or later, don’t be unruly.”




“Fengyang, Eighth Brother is right. If you meet someone suitable, then quickly grab that opportunity. Don’t worry. Eighth Brother will surely decide for you. Who knew that you’d be Eighth Brother’s favorite nineteenth sister?” Mo Jingxuan interjected in a timely manner, but deliberately accentuated the three words “nineteenth sister”.


“Who wants to be his sister!” Mo Fengyang shouted angrily, ignoring the current situation with an unsatisfied expression on her face.


“Fengyang, stop with your ruckus.” Mo Liancheng stopped smiling, but he neither showed any of his dignity.


“I’m not fooling around, as long as you agree, I’m willing to live in the Eighth Prince’s Mansion for the rest of my life and accompany you all my life. No matter how many women you have or how many children you have, I don’t mind. You said that you would stay by my side forever.”


“As the eighth prince, I have really said so.”


“Don’t go against your word once you say it.”


“But, I, the eighth prince, have also said that I will marry an imperial concubine, so you are still going to marry someone after all.”


“I said I don’t want it.” Mo Fengyang pursed her lips tightly. Her moist eyes contained tears that were held back.


Mo Liancheng just looked at her indifferently, but did not speak any further, let alone comfort her. He was obviously unconcerned. The moment when Mo Fengyang flew over to stand by him, he had already moved several steps away from her and kept an appropriate distance between them.


Out of the blue, a woman who was silent beside her finally spoke up.


“My lord, Tan’er is tired, thirsty and would like to go over there to have a cup of tea. Tan’er shall not disturb my lord and the princess’s talk.” Qu Tan’er slightly bowed to excuse herself. A smile was on her face as her eyes swept across the tea table not far away. She really did seem exhausted and dehydrated. In fact, the more important thing was… Zhao Qingyun was also approaching in their direction. With that hastened posture, it seemed that the drama would definitely go on. In order to avoid hurting her innocent self for a while, Qu Tan’er felt that it was better to hide away first.


“As you wish.” Mo Liancheng looked at her and accepted her leave.


“Thank you, my lord. Then, Tan’er shall take her leave.” Qu Tan’er smiled softly. Her gentle and elegance were not imbalanced at all. Gracefully turning sideways, she pulled Jingxin as they quickly evacuated from the scene. She never intended to stay for a while longer, and before she had gone far, she heard the words “Brother Liancheng” being spat out from Zhao Qingyun’s small mouth.


She felt dizzy. Those women had voices that were softer and more charming than the other. Her bones almost went soft when she heard that.


However, when they were far away from Mo Liancheng, they were in a good mood, and it seemed that even the air was fresh and comfortable.


But right away, Qu Tan’er regretted her actions.


It was only due to…


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