The Eternal Love



Chapter 48 The mistress’s odd habit part 1


A few days passed in peace.


The wounds on Qu Shaner’s back were still slightly dark with bruising, but no longer hurt.


That day, although Mo Liancheng left, he sent someone soon enough to deliver a prized box of plaster.


Although Qu Shaner was still fuming, she held herself back.


She stayed in the Snow Palace, refusing to leave!


“Jing Xin, what time is it now?” Qu Shaner slumped on the table, bored. The gentle, good-natured image she was supposed to maintain in front of others had been shattered completely at the moment.


Jing Xin walked in and put her tea down. “There’s still some time till lunch.”


“I just feel like it’s been a long time already. I’m having strange delusions that I’m supposed to be eating dinner, not lunch.”


“But it is before lunch.”


“Where are Yue La and the others?” Qu Shaner asked weakly. This sort of lifestyle was really boring.


Staying in the Eighth Prince’s palace was much better than being in the Qu Palace. At least she didn’t have to tiptoe around others all the time. But no matter how much better it was, it was still a cage.


A small cage, switched for a bigger cage.


“They’re busy in the kitchen. I hear that they’re learning to make some sort of pastry.” Jing Xin responded.


“They seem to be taking to this place well.” Qu Shaner’s lips curled. Everyone else was having fun; she was the only one bored.


“Do you not like it here, Mistress?”


“All I can think of is the day I’ll be able to leave and live the life I want to live. What I yearn for is freedom.” Qu Shaner glanced up at the sky outside of the door, a powerless look in her eyes. Even if she really couldn’t get back to where she was originally, as long as she could live happily and freely she would be satisfied.


“You’ve said that for two years,” Jing Xin said with a small smile.


“Exactly. I keep saying it, but nothing happens. That’s why I’m so depressed…That’s right, did you finish up what I asked you to do earlier?” Qu Shaner asked the question as it came to her mind.


“I’ve visited most of the relevant places. In the palace, there aren’t any beds that look like the one that Master drew.” Jing Xin had ran around for quite a few days but returned with no results. Some places with beds required more authority than she had as a maid, so she kept having to find all sorts of reasons.


“What about Mo Liancheng’s women? What about their beds?”


“No.” Jing Xin shook her head helplessly.


Since her mistress had failed to kill herself by ramming into the wall, she had developed a strange habit–looking for beds. All the beds, big and small, in the Qu palace, she had seen all of them. Finally, one day Jing Xin couldn’t help but ask her what it was all about. That was when she pulled out a picture of a very classical bed. She declared that she needed to find the bed, and that she’d keep looking until she was dead!


Qu Shaner’s small, delicate face was full of disappointment.


The thing that made her come back through time was that strange bed. She had been thinking the whole time that since she’d arrived here, perhaps within this country, this city, there was a bed like that. Why did she have to come to the Qu palace? That bed must not be far from her. So the first thing she did when she woke up was look through every corner of the palace for beds.


But there was just disappointment, again and again.


Even in the eighth prince’s palace, she wanted to continue looking.


As long as there was a sliver of hope, she would keep looking. If not, she would lose hope in life.




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