The Eternal Love


Chapter 47 My dear wife, you think too much part 2


“Oh? Then why don’t you tell me. What are the eggs for?”


“Yes, sir. Taner has been bruised. To get rid of the accumulated blood, I wanted to use heated eggs to soothe the afflicted areas.” Qu Shaner was seething, but still calmed herself enough to explain.


Mo Liancheng’s eyes flickered around. He didn’t make any more fuss, but had Jing Xin put the eggs down. “You, leave.”


“Sir, I…” Jing Xin hesitated. If she left, who would help her mistress recover?


Qu Shaner wasn’t very pleased by the turn of events either. Did  this man intend–as always, whatever she didn’t want was exactly what was going to happen to her!


“Didn’t you hear me?” he said slowly, “Guard the door. Without an explicit order from me, no one is allowed in. Hm, don’t worry about it. I’m just a bit jealous. Even if you’re a woman…I don’t want anyone to look at my wife’s body.”


What? What the hell was he saying? Qu Shaner was about to fall over in exasperation.


With no one around, what was he going to try? Was it vengeance for what had just happened at the entrance?


Jing Xin hesitated, but seemed to realize what he was saying. Her eyes lit up, and she put the eggs down and left the room, pulling the door shut behind her.


The atmosphere in the room was a bit odd.


Qu Shaner looked down, standing to the side without speaking.


Mo Liancheng picked up an egg between two fingers and commanded, “Clothes!”


“What? What clothes?”


“I’m asking you to take off your clothes.”


“It’s inappropriate for men and women to be so intimate, my lord,” Qu Shaner said, her brows furrowed in an attempt to save herself, “You’ve said so yourself…”


“No one else is here now. My dear wife, you think too much.” Mo Liancheng’s response was quick and natural.


Qu Shaner winced. She wanted to say more, but Mo Liancheng was already talking over her. “You’ve answered this before, but you really do think too much. Have you forgotten your place? Would you like me to remind you?”


“Yes, no, no need for that.”


Qu Shaner closed her eyes and stopped making a fuss. She was from the 21st century, after all. Showing her back was no big deal. Plus, the man himself was making an appearance and offering his help like this. Why would she try to fend him off? So she hesitated no longer. Lying down on the bed, she quickly undid her robes, revealing her back.


Of course, she would show her back. The front, on the other hand, was completely covered up.


Now it was Mo Liancheng’s turn for an awkward silence. He wanted to trip her up with this, but she seemed oddly calm. This woman surprised him time and time again. Suddenly, a glint of mischief flashed through his eyes. Picking up the egg, he sat down on the side of the bed, eyes landing on her wounds. His brows furrowed, then smoothed out, and his hand lowered.


Gradually, Qu Shaner’s face contorted. The pain made her grind her teeth together. Finally she understood why he wanted to do this himself. Didn’t he understand how much it hurt when he put the egg directly on the wounds? Or at least have the decency to find a piece of cloth or handkerchief over it, so that it was a bit more comfortable?


It must be revenge! Ahhh…she was going crazy.


Endure, endure! It wasn’t a good idea to go off on him now.


“My dear wife, does it hurt?”


“No.” Her teeth were clenched together.


“If it hurts, yell.”


“Yes…” She kept her jaw clamped shut.


Finally, the half hour of torture ended.


It was because the hot water that Qu Shaner had asked for was ready.


Although Mo Liancheng was reluctant to leave, he still walked out of the palace. But when he departed, his handsome face was graced by quite an obvious smile. Everyone in the palace could tell that the prince was in a good mood today…



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