The Eternal Love

Chapter 46 : My dear wife, you think too much part 1



“Huh? What were you saying? Qu Tan Er said while looking at the mirror to find Jing Xin’s reflection. She expected Jing Xin to have already gone off to take medicine, not just stand there doing nothing. Of course she did not expect her to tear up too. “Jing Xin, I’m fine, this is no big deal, okay? I’ve gone through way worse the past tow years haven’t I? Haha. When have we ever had a month without any ‘turbulence’”?


“Mistress, when we moved in, first lady said the medicines were a sign of unluckiness, she ordered us to take it all away. I’ll go speak to the butcher and ask for it from him. She hurries to the door but never had the chance to step out as Qu Tan Er stopped her by saying “Jing Xin, forget it, I don’t wanna let too many people know about me getting hurt anyways. Just go to the kitchen and get me a few boiled eggs, putting it on the bruise should help the blood flow and reduce the swell. Also, get someone to prepare the bath, I could really use a was.”


Jing Xin was still worried about her, she asked “Mistress, shall I get your husban-“.


“No! I told you it’s not a big deal. It’s not like I’ll die from being beaten.” Qu Tan Er said sarcastically before Jing Xin could finish off her sentence.


Jing Xin stayed quiet, she then followed her orders and rushed out the room and headed towards the kitchen.


Qu Tan Er started to take off her shirt, her bare back being shown on the bronze mirror. Mirror in the ancient times are a pain, their blurry, unlike the ones nowadays. She can kind of see two darkened stripes on her back, but she can hardly tell how bad is it.


She tried to turn her head around wanting to look at the bruise. Of course, she failed. How can someone possibly see their own back?


Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and the curtains unwinded.


Someone came in.


“Jing Xin, you’re back already?” Qu Tan Er asked while slowly turning towards the door, she then realises the figure standing in front of her isn’t Jing Xin, it was Mo Lian Cheng.


Mo Lian Cheng himself was surprised by the sight of the bruise, he did not expect first lady to be this harsh.


As Qu Tan Er saw that it was Lian Cheng, she quickly turned back around and put on her shirt panicky. What the f*ck, this idiot, does he not know how to knock? Or maybe just make some noise before entering on the very least.


“You…” Lian Cheng murmured.


“I’m fine, get out!” Qu Tan Er said while having her back facing him.


“I’m your husband, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” Lian Cheng said.


They both stayed silent for a moment until someone knocked on the door and barged in.


“Mistress, here’s your eg-“ Jing Xin did not finish her sentence as she saw Lian Cheng in the room. She quickly apologised nervously “I’m really sorry! I did not realise you are in the room too.”


“What’s that thing in your hand.” Lian Cheng ignored her apologies and asked.


“Egg, it’s boiled.” Jing Xin said.


“You literal retard, she has a bruise, you got an egg instead of medicine?.” Mo Lian Cheng said furiously. His voice was commanding and threatening.


Jing Xin got terrified and quickly kneeled on her knees, “ I – “she nervously begins to speak before she was cut off again.


“I told her to go get it. It’s not her fault, if any, it’s mine.” Qu Tan Er quickly stepped in to back Jing Xin up, but she too, was afraid of Lian Cheng. Qu Tan Er looked like she had fear in her eyes, sitting in an awkward position, looking very insecure.

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