The Eternal Love

Chapter 45 : Deadly ( 2 )


“Ow…” Qu Tan Er was shocked. She looked up at him, wanted to scold him furiously, but when she saw Mo Lian Cheng’s sly expression indicating this is part of the act, she held down her anger and said politely, “Lian Cheng,  Qing Yun, I’ll not interrupt the both of you, I’ll head back to my room as I’m not feeling really well. Sorry for bothering you two.”


“Alright then, I’ll walk you back to your room.” Mo Lian Cheng said.


“It’s fine, Qing Yun has just arrived, you should be with her and be her company, I’ll be fine with Jing Xin bringing me back.” Qu Tan Er smiled gracefully while slowly backing away.


She knew what his plan was, to make Qu Tan Er say she was tired and agree when he asked if she need company so he can get out of this sticky situation. But she does not want to comply. Furthermore, she teased him and backed up Qing Yun by saying “You know, a wonderful girl like Qing Yun shouldn’t be let down. The palace is humongous, having her here would not be a problem, but not having her here would be one!”


At the same time, Qu Tan Er clenched her right fist and held it up to make a ‘keep it up’ hand sign to Qing Yun.


Then, she turned around to Jing Xin and said “Let’s go.”


Mo Lian Cheng was mad. It did not turn out as he planned. ‘This little b*tch’, he thought, he should’ve just pinched her real hard just now.



Upon stepping into the palace, the two of them headed straight to her room.


“Mistress, are we gonna just leave like that? Are you sure that’s okay?” Jing Xin asked softly, she’s worried about what just happened.


“Of course it’s okay, why would it not be?” Don’t you think that, as soon as we left, the air around us just got so much fresher? Haha” Qu Tan Er joked, pacing up with affirmation to not look back at the two ‘love birds’.


“Did you not figure out what Lord Lian Cheng was plotting?” Jing Xin asked.


Qu Tan Er burst out into laughters upon hearing that and said “I did realise what he was plotting, that’s why I purposely ignored him – revenge.”


She suddenly remembers the bruise on her back, burning as if it was on fire. She has to hurry back to her room and apply some medicine so it won’t get worse.


Jing Xin stayed silent.


They entered her bedroom together.


Qu Tan Er told Jing Xin to close the door, and so does she.


“Jing Xin, go get me some bandage. That b*tch, ugh, it still hurts a lot, it’s like it’s on fire.” Qu Tan Er said while checking out the bruise in front of a mirror.


The two stripes of darkened bruise are super obvious on her skin that was as white as snow.


“Mistress, you- your…” Jing Xin was shocked and stunned on the sight of the bruise.


Jing Xin was there to witness the beating, but looking at how Qu Tan Er was extremely calm and normal, she thought it was no big deal. She did not expect it to be this bad.


Jing Xin was about to cry, “Mistress, why did you hold it in this whole time and not tell me?” She said while sobbing.

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