The Eternal Love

Chapter 44 : Deadly


“Yes, I am indeed tired” Qu Tan Er tried her very best to give out a presentable smile. Geez, there’s no need to pull her in and put his hand around her waist just to ask if she’s tired right. Even though it’s all an act, she still needed some sort of warning or cue, some sort of indications.


“Shall I accompany you back to your room?” Mo Lian Cheng said using a protective yet manly voice. He raised his hand trying to touch Qu Tan Er’s soft lips that he just kissed.


“It’s fine” Qu Tan Er said while moving her head backwards, dodging his hand swiftly.


“Are you sure you’re fine?” Mo Lian Cheng asked while raising his eyebrows. His eyes looked threatening, commanding, yet caring.


Qu Tan Er hesitated for a while and said, “Ah fine, yea I could use some rest.”


“Elder Brother Lian Cheng, what about me?” Zhao Qing Yun quickly stepped in and yelled on the sight of them leaving, blocking their path. She looked at Lian Cheng sadly, pitifully.


“Qing Yun, you’re not a little kid anymore, whichever way you used to get here, just back-trail it, and you’ll be home.” Lian Cheng said, his voice was dragging with annoyance like how an elder brother would whenever the younger sibling pisses him off.


“No, I don’t wanna go back! If you don’t give me and answer today, I’ll never go back.” Qu Tan Er said.


“I already have a wife.” Lian Cheng said with that annoyed tone again.


“It was an involuntarily marriage.” Qu Tan Er replied.


“But I.Already.Have.A.Wife.” Mo Lian Cheng emphasised every word carefully.


“You were forced to” Zhao Qing Yun argued.


Zhao Qing Yun fought back with every statement that Mo Lian Cheng said.


…Qu Tan Er was stuck between them, in the middle of the argument. She has nothing else to say but to keep quiet. She suddenly realised something. Did she just pull apart a loving couple once again? So does that make her the bad girl? Geez, she’s starting to regret the marriage more.


“Qing Yun.” Mo Lian Cheng was going to say something but was then cut off.


“Elder Brother Lian Cheng, I really do not mind. I do not have to be your first wife, I can be your second! I do not mind having to share you with some other woman, I really don’t, as long as…” Qing Yun said before being interrupted by Lian Cheng.


“Qing Yun, you…” He did not know what to say.


Mo Lian Cheng stared at Zhao Qing Yun hesitantly, looking all serious and matured.


Qu Tan Er stared at his serious face closely, unwillingly analysing his expression and posture. She finally realised why is he so popular among girls. He looks pretty good, his facial features were pretty perfect, his posture looking all manly and reliable. He’s pretty cute, Qu Tan Er thought.


Her thoughts were interrupted when she hears a flirty and disturbing confession coming out of Zhao Qing Yun. “As Long as you’re happy, I’ll be fine with anything. As I’ve said before, I was born to be your girl, and I’ll die as your ghost. You’re the only person I would marry in this lifetime of mine, no one else!” Zhao Qing Yun cried.


Damn, her words are so deadly.


Born to be his girl, die as his ghost?


Wait… This sounds familiar once again.


Qu Tan Er glanced over her shoulder to look at Qing Yun. She’s very sure that this girl has a very abnormal and special flirting ability.


“Qing Yun, that’s quite absurd.” Mo Lian Cheng replied softly.


Suddenly, a force was applied by the arm wrapped around Qu Tan Er, as if he’s trying to give her some sort of signal…



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