The Eternal Love

Chapter 43 : The Battle Between The Two ( 2 )


“You’re always anxious.” Mo Lian Cheng said after making out with Qu Tan Er, slowing letting her go while staring charmingly into her eyes. Her thoughts of slapping him instantly died down and she lowered down her hand that were midway in the air.


Qu Tan Er doesn’t look very pleased with what just happened, she wanted to just wipe her lips with her hand, it’s her first time being this pissed at something that she doesn’t care about ruining her perfectly done makeup anymore. F*ck, her first kiss, it’s gone just like that? She’s been saving it for the perfect guy for more than 20 years now! This idiot, retard, f*cker, brainless idiotic inhumane literal dumb*ss!!! Whatever curse words there are out there!


“Are you satisfied with my kiss?” Lian Cheng asked.


“Not too bad, not too good either.” She said coldly.


“Hm… So what you’re saying is, I should get more practice?” Lian Cheng said while smirking back at her.


“Yeah, just go to some nightclub at have some practice there.” Qu Tan Er said sarcastically.


“Well, that’s something I’ve already been doing.” Mo Lian Cheng said, he doesn’t care a lot about being embarrassed by his answer.


…Qu Tan Er looked down speechlessly. Trying her best not to let out all her anger and frustration at once, she has to hold it back in. It’s just a kiss right, whatever, just treat it as being bitten by a dog, no biggie at all, she’ll just brush her teeth real hard later.

He’s doing this on purpose, she can easily tell.


“Eighth Queen Concubine?” Zhao Qing Yun’s facial expression changed. She looks mad, but at the same time she is able to hold it in.


As Zhao Qing Yun called, Qu Tan Er instantly turned around to look at her face to face.


Qu Tan Er was surprised by what’s being portrayed in front of her, a really really gorgeous woman. Geez. She’s absolutely perfect. Even Qu Tan Er herself, a female, was stunned by her gorgeousness.


At the same time, she realises one other thing, that she has been used by Lian Cheng.


“You are..?” Qu Tan Er asked politely with a smile. Pretending like the kiss never happened.


“I am An Le Hou’s daughter.” Zhao Qing Yun replied politely too. Even though she’s facing her romance enemy, she still had good manners, speaking with respect and politeness.


“Oh I see.” That’s the best reply Qu Tan Er could’ve thought of.


“Come here” Lian Cheng commanded with a deep, manly voice.


“Huh…?” Qu Tan Er was confused by the sudden command.


She stood there blankly for a second before she realised she’s been summoned. She’s hesitating, can she not go? He was probably going to do something else that Qu Tan Er would not be pleased with.


Furthermore, if he dared to kiss her again, she will not hesitate to slap him this time.


But, unfortunately, her legs doesn’t have the same hesitation her mind had, and clearly they aren’t taking the right orders. She started to move towards Lian Cheng involuntarily.


“I guess you’re pretty tired, aren’t you?” Mo Lian Cheng reached out his hand and pulled Qu Tan Er closer to him, sliding his hands through her left arm and waist, holding her protectively.






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