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Some people said the synopsis was a little vague and that it might be good to make a more complete one.

Although I can’t disagree that the synopsis is vague I kinda like it. But I decided to try to come up with a good one. No promises, but if I can think of something I will recheck with you guys.

Here is the original synopsis for those who are curios but are too lazy to open the NU page because of it:

“What kind of hunter works without management these days?”

20 years after the first appearance of monsters, hunters need managers these days.


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Does Red Also Runs Through A Blue Heart?

Aran managed to subdue her excitement and initiated her training calmly after about a week had elapsed. Choi Gina was instructed to train in the room in order to concentrate in a quiet place. And Aran too needed that much extra concentration whenever initiating her training, carrying deep blue bruises in her entire body when the daily training was finished.

Although a Knight’s self-healing was on the fast side, it wasn’t to the level of quick-regeneration taking a full day if one was seriously injured.

In addition, because of a mistake with a hit directed at her face Seo Aran sported a puffy bluish eye. Knights were able to avoid fatal injuries because of their strengthened bodies without necessarily reinforcing it, an ordinary person in this situation would carry hidden injuries or would already have been sent to the hospital.

“This might be a little dangerous… Should we do a different training?”

Kang-Joon proposed not wanting Seo Aran to be seriously injured. However, Aran shook her head.

“No, I would like to continue.”

She was burning with fighting-spirit. Aran held Kang-Joon’s hand tightly and glared sharply at the pitching machine.



that was the child’s name. The child had already forgotten its real name, and no one addressed it by such, the only impression remaining of it being the vague word ‘Jiwon’ (TL.: Support/Aid).

The child didn’t know if it had remembered something, and didn’t know if it had once know something. The present was always more important than worrying over the past. The child changed constantly, to the point it couldn’t even remember yesterday’s nutritional supplements bitter taste.

The child couldn’t even know whether it was a man or woman.

The body was constantly reconstructed, its original shape forgotten, now just having a person’s appearance — nothing but a cover — being something fundamentally very different. The child had undergone cruel experiments to the point of being unable to recall anything, with no knowledge regarding its past.

A small height of 140-something tall, long and light brown bleached hair, and a slim body, but without genital or nipples. The child body had evolved in the form best suited for survival. In that process organs — including the reproductive organs — disappeared.

Speaking simply, the child was now ‘genderless’[1].

Of course, as always, few people addressed it[2] as they did a person.

Mutant (Korean), monster, chimera, repulsive product of inhumane experiments,



Jiwon was seating motionless inside an enclosed space behind a reinforced glass, waiting for the next test.

Jiwon was now deep underground in a closed construction site in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, inside a Mutant Pot.

And, opposite to Jiwon was a different child. While opposite to them on both sides stood different children, the same pattern repeating. In this corridor, like monkeys in a laboratory, numerous children stood lined in a row.

Generally it is difficult to name one precise thing about what makes a Mutant. Becoming genderless in the middle of an experiment, becoming both, dying, adapting perfectly to the mutation factors, failing the reconstruction and disappear melting in a pulp were all possible outcomes.

However, the undeniable truth was all the children in the lab, whether they adapt to the modification factor or fail, would undoubtedly die in the end.

What this sort of illegal Mutant Pot needed wasn’t a ‘new Mutant species’ but ‘the method to make a new Mutant species’. As such those who failed were discarded, while those who were successful were discarded after having enough success data extracted. On contrary, failures were able to die sooner and could be considered lucky. That success data was sold to huge pharmaceutical companies or Mutant schools overseas secretly, by a very large sum. Of course, this Mutant Pot possessed very outstanding facilities and special details when compared with other places, but Jiwon didn’t have the knowledge to be able to recognize such things.

It was a time where the humans’ rights charter was thrown in the dumpster. People were killed by monsters, and the monster was killed thanks to numerous sacrifices, again and again as if mankind’s history was so.

People died.

The orphans of those disasters who failed to be assigned to proper care facilities were sold to illegal Pots like this through connection with brokers . Although it wasn’t a time where orphans were overflowing, it was a period were they frequently appeared in bulks. Orphans were imported from places with poor public order like China and some nations in south-east Asia.

Growing children were very good materials for Mutant experiments.

If the places where those cruel illegal acts took place were caught by the regulation it would be difficult to evade the death sentence. However, despite all of that, if it was not for these illegal proceedings and human experiments which were no different from murder, it isn’t an exaggeration to say there would be no mutants now.

After all,

Knights, the most versatile and remarkable Mutant, was one of the Mutant procedures created by a mad scientist.

People created different conspiracy theories everyday, saying big shots, politicians, large companies, and international pharmaceutical enterprises were hiding illegal Pots in their basement. However, nothing was ever revealed. Experiments were still carried, innocent children continued being experimented on forced to swallow drugs, having their free wills ignored.

There were a total of 56 specimens including Jiwon on Hwaseong’s Pot, and although most of the children were Korean there were many imported from overseas. All of them started the experiment on the same day. A total of 11 died in the middle of the mutagenesis process which raised the regenerative power to the extreme, 5 couldn’t endure the drugs and died from shock, another 3 skin became blue and melted like mush dying, and the remaining 3 didn’t have their flesh but bones melted living for about 30 minutes like a mollusk until dying.

Although the rest didn’t die, many children thought it would be good if they had, therefore, all of their mouths were physically gagged.

The first sense Jiwon forgot was that of weirdness. It is was so from the moment he saw a person changing in something like an octopus. He though THAT was strange, it would be difficult to find other words for it.

Jiwon didn’t blink an eye as the doctors injected it with drugs to the point of torture just thinking ‘this must be how dying feels like.’ It reviewed it as such.

However, its sense of pain wasn’t dead. However, although Jiwon could still feel pain, pain wasn’t a hindrance anymore.

Even though it felt pain, it wasn’t able to recall anything with it.

The Mutant procedures they were going through was already a verified procedure. As such even though practicing it was illegal, the procedure process itself was already a method used in many official Mutant Pots. It was just they were thrusting the syringe needles at anyone not knowing their aptitudes and the children could do nothing but bear the brunt of it.

The procedure they were being subjected to was the base of the basic procedure ‘regenerative power maximization and immunity strengthening’, in other words, the procedure initiated before the Knights’s basic procedure.

However, in this case wounds recovered in less than 3 seconds surpassing the super regenerative procedure slightly. The personnel of this illegal Pot possessed a lot of technical data.

Jiwon was once more injected with many immunity enhancers, as well as mixtures of Aether and Cubes without stop, and now, when they approached the main stage of their experiment, the survivors among the specimens didn’t even amount to 20 people.

Except for violence, all the researchers as well doctors and scientist here were veterans.

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Translation’s Notes:

Sexuality Terms:

Okay, first let me say I want by no reason generate a discussion about sexuality itself. Those topics are waaaay too controversial. This is only me explaining why I choose ‘Genderless’, since the choice wasn’t that straightforward.

The raws used what could be translated as ‘No-Sex’. My first choice was ‘Asexual’, biologically that is exactly what that word was used for.

However, Asexual became today a word used to refers to people who don’t feel the need for sex. Completely ruining the original word meaning. Like, it reaaally took over the original meaning.

Well, there must be a word for humans who are neither XX or XY, right? Nope, there isn’t. Because that isn’t possible. The more genderless we can be born as defaults to a girl template.

Intersex was a good candidate but it sounded to me more a mix of the two than neither.

Genderless sounds to me a good fit. However, the Gender word itself has also kinda changed its meaning. Gender used to mean the same as sex. Nowadays… well… isn’t that simple anymore.

But, I gave up. Genderless is it.


Gender-neutral Pronoun:

So,  now that it’s revealed Jiwon is genderless we gotta talk about this.

I know ‘they’ has kinda of become a singular-plural pronoun (like ‘you’). HOWEVER, while it sounds okay in some cases it for me sounds completely weird when referring to a single person who is completely defined.

What I mean is using ‘they’ when referring for a person you are unclear about and have no knowledge of (including sex) is completely fine:

“If anyone call me tell them to leave a message.”

^Completely natural.

“See that person over there? Yeah, the one wearing the green hood. They said you…”

^That sounds wrong to me. Because you are already fully defining the person. It is THAT person, one, singular, known, I can even see said person. Using ‘They’ sounds way too weird for me.

And don’t get me started on how weird using the possessive version sounds.

So, in this case I will be using ‘It’. Is it dehumanizing? I don’t think so. It makes more sense to me to get rid of that bad connotation than trying to change how ‘they’ is used…

Worst case I can use the It-is-a-mutant-after-all card.

But feedback on this is very much welcome. I am fully aware my way of seeing things isn’t the more… hmmm… common.


On the day of the long-anticipated experiment, the Pot’s chief-director would perform the initiated surgery process himself. One of from the individuals on the outermost layer, was led out by the researchers, and unlike the ordinary times where they would at least return, never came back. However, Jiwon paid it no mind.

Jiwon forgot most of its feelings, and, as such, laughed. There was no one but Jiwon who smiled in this sealed underground space. Neither specimens or researchers would carelessly babble about smiling. And, the laughing Jiwon didn’t receive any particular interest. The Mutants that went crazy during the experiment process were dime a dozen and were nothing special.

Jiwon was smiling when it was led by the researchers and placed in the cold operation table.

The chief Director wearing a white mask lifted a circular bead with his wrist and looked down on Jiwon.

“I have looked forward for this time.”

There were already many splashes of red blood on his surgical garment, and numerous dead specimens were thrown about while some sort of deep blue liquid dribbled. The personnel who didn’t participate in the surgery were carrying the dead specimens, placing them on huge thrash bags. However, Jiwon paid it no mind.

If you die you die, and if you live you live. As it always have been so far. Dying and living were never under Jiwon’s control.

“Once you get the proper response you can start the project in earnest.”

The chief director received the same briefing from the staff on stand-by as he did with the dozen of corpses lying around. Jiwon was estimated as the individual with the best adaptability among the specimens. The chief director never shared a talk with the specimens.

However, he met Jiwon eyes and spoke.

“Specimen G-10.”


“I hope you can endure it well. Administer GD-10.”


A mutant-specific special-drug used increase regeneration to the peak was administered, and Jiwon observed its own chest being open with its eyes wide open. Jiwon didn’t twitch a single finger enduring the pain. It was already too accustomed to be sick of that much. Jiwon only thought of how good dying would be, not rising again and being thrown in those garbage bags like those corpses.

The chief director took something out from a special case. There was a light blue shine on it.

Jiwon had verified with its own eyes how some of its own organs were formed, as such it knew what that was. The blue color was a little different but…

That was a heart.

The chief-Director got rid of specimen G-1’s heart, and pushed the terrifying blue heart with size appropriate to a child in Jiwon’s chest. A bypass surgery wasn’t needed. Because of the extremely increased regenerative power, the open rib-cage swallowed the blue heart while slowly closing.

Soon, Specimen G-1 was medicated with dozens of types of reinforcement drugs including numerous stimulants. Being neither a girl or boy, it opened its eyes wide twisting its body fiercely feeling the foreign feeling.

“Ugh! Agh! Haa!”

-BaDump! BaDump! BaDump!

The officials kept track of the changes happening in the specimen G-1 in real-time.

In a Pot in Hwaseong a surgery where a Mutant who was once human had a monster heart, in other words a Core, inserted in place of its real heart was completed.

“Agh! Ugh! Ugh!”

From G-1’s body, from which excretory organs had already disappeared, blue and red liquid flowed down without stopping like sweat and urine.

-Badump! Badump!

Every one was paying attention to the changes instead of the pain the child was feeling. And, despite the clear agonizing pain it was subjected to…

“He, Heugh! He! Hehe!”

G-1 was laughing.


“Mr. Kang-Joon, I heard an illegal Mutant Pot was discovered in Hwaseong.”

Seol Yeong left behind the personnel who were training in Kang-Joon’s apartment building, and talked with him in the apartment room.

“Ah… Were those involved arrested?”

“All of them died!”

“Hm… Well, that isn’t something uncommon.”

Once an illegal specimen obtained power out of the norm killing the people involved in the experiment was almost no different from a fixed process. Of course, there were many more cases in which it didn’t come to that, and the scientists too were devising safety-measures against it.

However, it wasn’t as if one could stop a disaster just by preparing for it, if a mutant unlocked power beyond the S Rank any of them would smash all restraints and fortified gates mercilessly. The discovered illegal Pots were either uncovered by the police, smashed by the specimens, or both at once, while the latter case was extremely rare.

“Therefore, an emergence hunting order was issued with a presidential decree.”

It wasn’t something unexpected so Kang-Joon nodded his head. The Pot was destroyed due to the result of its illegal procedures. In other words, that runaway Mutant, although because of personal revenge, had killed people in the end, and was, therefore, a dangerous monsters.

As such, it was urgent to hunt or capture it before additional harm came into being, and currently every management’s Teams and police force were blocking Hwaseong. As the Mutant’s strength was unknown the cooperation of Hunters was indispensable.

“I have not done much in the meantime, but despite that the Hunter Team’s registration was already completed.”

Seol Yeong explained slowly.

“Therefore, we also have the right to be able to approach that case.”

There was a reason Seol Yeong brought out those words, the Hunter Team was officially registered, so that is to say Hero Management too could jump into that matter.

“I don’t want to impose, and it is okay if you decide it is better not to go. Nevertheless, bringing it up was better than not knowing after all. I am leaving the choice on Mr. Kang-Joon’s hands.”

The team members were two novices and were still inexperienced, and a Mutant hunt promised, in the end, a clash against humans. If things go awry one might have to kill someone. Of course, the imperial decree itself was a hunt, therefore, any dangerous element had to be eliminated quickly. As such, during a time of emergency there wouldn’t be a big problem even if the Mutant they were chasing after was killed.

If an order of capture was issued it meant the uncontrollable Mutant could bring very big damages. Although Seo Aran could be employed in a real job right now, Choi Gina’s case was different. The Half-Trance state was not even tried not to say complete. Of course, she could overpower the SS Rank at any moment if she used the Avatar, but that itself was a not very desirable method.

“If you decide to go, I will get in touch with all the officials involved. We will leave this incident to the police and military, it is an event led by the government after all, so our participation is enough.”

Seol Yeong’s idea was getting the minimum benefits. The state held in its hands the right to assign the regions whenever an incident was involved. Therefore, the only trouble necessary was having to bend down to all the government had to say.

Following that sort of emergency order would work as a form of building up qualification for Hero Management. As Such, Seol Yeong was suggesting the Hunter Team would only be touring around there and that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to try going once.

As a business with absolutely no risk, there was no reason to worry.

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