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Here is link to google Maps showing the Area the novel is based. More accurately Hwaseong City area. You might need to zoom out a little so you can clearly see the cities’ names around. ‘SI’ means city.

Hwaseong – Google Maps Link

I am trying to think of a good way to make the map available on the trivia page but I haven’t tried it yet. For now, I decided to leave a link like this whenever a new location appears:

“Blablabla Hwaseong City[Map] blalablalbla!”

This might be an interesting addition since it sometimes has some relevance to the story. For example, Hwaseong City area is enormous but is also almost all made of farmland. You will notice in the map that there is no ‘city’ per se. And you can also see why that place would make a good hiding spot for the bad guys.

I just wished the author was a little more precise about where the laboratory was… Like which part of Hwaseong city? But oh well…

Well… Now that I think of it this Novel isn’t really based on how the world is today. So Maybe there is something more city-like in Hwaseong territory 20 years after the monsters arrived.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Most of all, Seol Yeong indicated her intention of entrusting them the decision. She acknowledged Kang-Joon possessed the initiative of the Hunter Team itself.

“I would like to ask the Team members’ opinion.”


Choi Gina and Seo Aran, who were in the middle of training, nodded their heads. Numerous Hunter Teams were dispatched, and the truth was the military and police forces were fully mobilized. The were very few risks, and the minimum benefits were guaranteed. It was a task many would take part in and they had to increase the Hunter Team value itself, it was always a good thing to accumulate one more qualification.

However, Choi Gina felt compassion for the specimen itself, while Seo Aran nodded her head as she couldn’t know whether the harm to the civilians would increase. After all, no further damage would happen if the specimen was captured or killed as soon as possible.

“Then get ready and prepare to depart immediately.”

“Collect the equipment in the Hunter’s Bank on the way.”

Seol Yeong passed the security-Card, and Kang-Joon, after receiving it, went to open his own safe taking the equipment he would need. The others, including Seol Yeong, became a little nervous seeing Kang-Joon well armed appearance.

“One must always be prepared to face the unknown.”

Despite saying so Kang-Joon thought this much preparation was, in fact, lacking. Seo Aran, who had seen the sight of Kang-Joon fully armed at that time, knew that this was indeed light armor.

“Let’s go.”

The three boarded a big van of the company and departed immediately after that, all while Seol Yeong kept stressing it was all meant to be nothing more than a participation for now. Everyone’s state was a little tense since they wouldn’t be hunting monsters in their first mission but a person.

“There is no need to be nervous. I am going there in order to build experience, I am not going there to hunt.”

After all, Choi Gina’s current combat power was close to zero, confronting the runaway Mutant was perhaps no different from suicide. The enemy’s capabilities was assumed to be among the best for now closing on the S Rank. Most of all, Mutants and Awakens displayed terrifying power when cornered. An ability user who ignored their life and were desperate were able to make dozens of Hunters step back.

Methods to capture monsters as well as methods of fighting with ability users who had lost their reason were taught in the Knight Temple. And as such, Seo Aran, even if not as calm as Kang-Joon, kept her nervousness in check quite well.

For the time being, considering the situation, it was decided only Seo Aran would carry an Aether Sword. As there was no use giving one to Choi Gina, who didn’t know how to use a weapon, the equipment that were withdrawn for now were two Armour Coats, two Shield Bracelets, and one Aether Sword.

After going in the Hunter’s Bank and receiving them, Seo Aran inspected the equipment teaching Choi Gina who didn’t know how to use them. Armour Coat was a type of long coat who went up to one’s thighs, and was able to automatically heat or cool when worn regardless of the season.

“Oh, Oh. Did these clothes just shrink themselves?

An A Class Armour Coat produced by Crescent Moon[1] that weren’t defective like the last. Which shrank or stretched itself to fit correctly to the wearer body, had temperature control and was able to fend off an anti-tank artillery if their force field was deployed to the maximum.

“It includes a brain-wave sensing function. It picks your thoughts, therefore, you can easily activate and deactivate it, or adjust its strength.”

Seo Aran kindly explained, and Gina listened carefully to her explanation like a well-behaved student. Seo Aran quickly recognized the equipment given to her was of the finest quality. Despite not having interacted with such items many times she knew that were many high-tech devices integrated on it.

“Isn’t Hero Management a small company?”

“There are a few circumstances in there. That is the equipment everyone will be using for now.”

In fact, there was no newcomer Hunters anywhere else who received that sort of treatment. There was no one among the graduates like Aran who prepared to an actual battle receiving training from a professional Hunter, and was handed A-Class equipment immediately after contracting someone. Even though, of course, that was lended and not given.

Being given top quality equipment like a Shield Bracelet was something Seo Aran couldn’t even have imagined.

In various ways, coming to Hero Management wasn’t a regretful choice.

Kang-Joon’s party arrived in Hwaseong[Map] the night of that day. As the place the frightful accident occurred Hwaseong’s whole area was completely blocked by soldiers, and they soon reached the checkpoint.

“I hope you can cooperate for moment. Please present your ID.”

“We have come from Hero Management.”

“Ah, yes. Hero Management.”

The soldier verified the ID card, and after inquiring the management and Hunter Team he carefully checked the people on board.

Not even one ant could escape from Hwaseong now not to say someone who didn’t prove his identity, everything was checked from the trunk to each single item in the cargo compartment.

“All checked. The headquarters is currently overcrowded so the desk in charge of the Hunter Teams is arranged in the city hall. You might want to take a look and get some information of the incident in that place.”

“Yes. Thank you for the hard work.”

Receiving the soldier’s salute Kang-Joon took the van slipping inside Hwaseong nimbly.

“It still have not been caught… is it hiding somewhere?”

Choi Gina gazed at the dim nightly road and asked.

“I don’t know.”

Kang-Joon wasn’t convinced of anything yet.

It was evident Hwaseong’s lodgings would be full thanks to the managements’ personnel and the military’s officials so Kang-Joon had given up on trying to grasp one from the start.

“Washing, sleeping, and eating — Let’s settle them all in the car for now.”

The van was for that sort of use from the start, therefore, nobody raised a complaint. There were other measures to the bath situation such as going to a bathhouse or use the faucet from the park’s restroom. While meals were substituted by burgers. Hwaseong’s atmosphere was uneasy. No one went outside, and a siren rang regularly together with a warning broadcast.


[A small part of Hwaseong city is currently occupied by the military. It is possible a dangerous Mutant is now hiding on Hwaseong city. All citizens are encouraged to refrain from outdoor activities, and to cooperate with the request from the military as well as Hunters.]

“This announcement is hitting them to flee.”

Kang-Joon clicked his tongue. However, it might be better to confine the people at home than create useless civilian casualties.

Hwaseong’s city hall’s interior had soldiers in standby as well as managements’ Hunter Teams. In there managers were better suited to obtain information of the incident’s than the Hunters.

“Are there still no sightings information yet?”

“How was the operational area readjusted now?”

“Quick, Please!”

The Hunter Teams were running on the field, and the managers were here learning the military tactics and information, conveying them through the phone. In many ways, if the Hunter Teams were working hard moving around, the managers were working hard planning how they would do it. As a presidential’s decree emergency operation, if one made a contribution to the incident they would receive the president’s commendation, be rewarded an award and would, of course, also receive the media’s attention.

It wasn’t a lot money, but it was an opportunity worth more than money in many ways. The Hunters earned praise and reputation, the managers made the company a contribution, and the management’s earned the president’s citation to the office, suddenly increasing the company advertising a level.

‘I will receive the president’s commendation solving Hwaseong’s Mutant incident!’

There was clamor everywhere and each single street was overturned, everyone was in the middle of a competition with their eyes aflame.

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Translation’s Notes:

Crescent Moon Company:

This is that company who gifted Seol Yeong the defective equipment in the past. The one Kang-Joon got the three set of A-Class equipment Hero Management has now.

The term used in the raws are ‘현월’ has no direct translation, the best translation I found was ‘September in The Lunar month’. Would give a good poem title and probably doesn’t so damn cheesy in Korean.

The translation used before was ‘The Crescent’, so keeping the Lunar/Moon theme I decided to use ‘Crescent Moon’ which sounds like a name fitting for a big company like this one.

Just a heads ups so you guys don’t get lost.


Kang-Joon left the team members in the van and entered the chaotic Hwaseong’s city hall. Journalists too were already forming a wall inside. Kang-Joon, who had to go through the gaps between the crowd of people and the military personnel who was being bombarded by questions, hesitated for a moment.

And, in this juncture, the connections Seol Yeong created for him showed their worth.

“Oh, isn’t this Mr. Kang-Joon?”

It was Blue Order Agency’s Team Leader Choi Jeon-Wun. He too was dispatched to this scene and recognized Kang-Joon from his direction in the lobby, approaching to greet him first.

“Ah, Hello. Team Leader Mr. Choi.”

“It’s been a long while, right? Didn’t you manage to hook-in a Templar aspirant at that time?”

“Haha, I just decided to give it a try and got lucky.”

“Mr. Kang-Joon rumors are wide-spread. Someone who in the end managed to convince Seo Aran, who was a person who wouldn’t raise an eyebrow or blink regardless of how high the conditions were raised, using mysterious ways. That is not a full-time manager but a professional Head Hunter instead, right?”


“In any case, Mr. Kang-Joon. Your reason to have come here is evident…”

He looked at the crowded city hall’s lobby interior and clicked his tongue.

“What do you think, I tell you what I have found out of the situation so far, so I can learn a few of those incredible methods?”

“No, it doesn’t have anything special…”

“Haha, this is one expensive fellow.”

He didn’t actually have any sort of outstanding method like the other side wanted to know, so it was a trade Kang-Joon didn’t have to pay for.

“It’s just, we were originally sort of acquaintances.”

Kang-Joon replied vaguely like that, and, although it was a half-assed made-up lie, it was surprisingly true. Kang-Joon, unaware he had spoken the truth, faced Team Leader Choi’s gentle gaze shamelessly.

“Ohh, so it was like that. What I know is also nothing great.”

Team Leader Choi led Kang-Joon outside the city hall and pulled a cigarette, slowly explaining about the incident.

“That bastard is probably in Hwaseong’s downtown. As long as that bastard didn’t board a car and escaped being arrested is just matter of time. I can see him heading in Suwon’s direction right now… In that case everyone here is running in circles.”

Once they crossed in a big city finding an Mutant in its right state of mind with some time elapsed was something close to impossible. The fact it hadn’t been detected even once could until now allowed him to think of two kind of possibilities. Kang-Joon slowly arranged his thoughts.

1. It coincidentally moved through places without CCTV.
2. It already possessed ordinary clothes and had hidden himself among people.

If it was like that it signified he hadn’t lost his senses. If the Mutant was able to think normally the dangerous excuse was no more. However, the research facility was destroyed and all the personnel inside killed.

“Any possibility we could go to the crime scene?”

“Naturally the inside is already interdicted, but I took some pictures. Ugh, that was a gruesome sight. Should I show you?”


Team Leader Choi generously showed Kang-Joon a picture of the incident’s scene he had captured. Even though Team Leader Choi seemed to dislike the view, Kang-Joon looked at the picture calmly.

‘This… It’s similar to body reinforcement, its scope a little wider.’

The corpse had everything above his shoulders removed, appearing as if a huge monster had taken a bite out of it, although identifying a Mutant without seem it directly was a very dangerous action, it had to be judged using the limited information for now.

The underground research facility’s walls had wide caved-in parts like it was striken by a huge super-large hammer. Kang-Joon continuously inferred about what sort of ability could make such marks and traces.

“Did what sort of experiment they were in the middle of get revealed?”

“You see, investigation was indeed carried inside, however, the Mutant hunt was urgent so everyone there is now dealing with it.”

“Ah, yes… So it’s like that.”

Kang-Joon paid more attention to the experiment instruments scattered around than the dead bodies in the crime’s scene. Even though there were no special marks engraved anywhere, the Pot decoration was overly white, and there was an unidentified blue liquid on the floor.

Seeing this sort of design in a Pot was something Kang-Joon had a few memories of.

In addition, the blue liquid flowing in the floor was something crucial.

‘Are they Acula remnants? Did those bastards survive?’

It was the remains of a group of mad scientists supposed to be arrested in one fell sloop a long time ago. He bit his lips slightly showing a deep impression.

“Did you figure something out?”

“No… This is… pretty disgusting.”

Kang-Joon turned his head as if couldn’t look at it. And Team Leader Choi gave him a bashful smile as if he understood him, tapping on Kang-Joon shoulder with a thump.

“Thank you, Team Leader Mr. Choi.”

Despite not receiving anything valuable in return he still kindly spoke of all he knew, therefore, Kang-Joon was thankful to Team Leader Choi. If Seol Yeong hadn’t introduced them he would be now like those people, having no choice but looking for a spot in the crowd going through hell just to learn a little bit more.

“If you find out something Mr. Kang-Joon must tell me about it.”

“All right. I will definitely let you know.”

Kang-Joon smiled and bid farewell to Team Leader Choi. Team Leader Choi decided to return to the city hall again and wait for new information. Kang-Joon hit the cellphone and sent a message to Maria.

[Maria, I would like you to convey Brad some words.]

With no reply Kang-Joon continued messaging.

[Acula’s remnants were operating in an underground laboratory near Hwaseong City in Gyeonggy province, Korea, vicinity. It is destroyed now and I am not sure how much information remained.]

[I don’t know much about how well stablished Acula is, but, as remnants still remains, it should mean it is still active.]

Kang-Joon wasn’t sure he wanted to finish despite having already written his words, hesitating for a moment when sending the message.

[One of the Specimens broke loose, and destroyed the laboratory completely. I have seen pictures of the laboratory’s scene, so it is probable that bastards’ experiments objective is still the same. And the specimen said to have escaped its none other than the rumored complete product. Even though it’s probably not under their control one thing is certain.]

Kang-Joon then sent a last message, like a warning.

[Those bastards completed BlueHeart.]

Kang-Joon had never imagined he would be followed by ghosts of the past like this.

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