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Does Red Also Runs Through A Blue Heart?

“I-Is that really the runaway Mutant?”

The personnel on duty understood what they themselves had found and were all astonished.

“Ms. Aran, you are going together with me.”


“Ms. Gina will remain here in order to continuously report its position.”

“Ah, Yes!”

“W-Wait a second. Who… Who are you after all?”

Seeing Kang-Joon’s intention of rushing out immediately the Lieutenant General asked.

“How do you know how to use the energy scanners so well like that, and how can you locate it so easily like this? What sort of person can do that?”

Although there still many uncertain points, the General was certain that moving light blue point was indeed the genuine runaway Mutant. There were very few Mutants that could produce Core energy waves surpassing the S Rank, and all the conditions Kang-Joon had spoken of were met as he said they would. Now all they had to do was go and catch it. It was even more surprising to know not even the engineers who handled the Energy Scanner knew what to consider and what variables they had to eliminate in order to pinpoint a target like this.

Forget simply shouldering the responsibility, working together with civilians to track the runaway Mutant, it was clear he would have a successful career ahead of him.

Using common words this was no different from an once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Kang-Joon looked at him and handed a business card.

“Hero Management’s affiliated manager, Choi Kang-Joon.”

It wasn’t a bad thing to get to know a military official, rather, there would be many benefits.

The two went out of the control room. While Choi Gina remained to do the briefing, standing still in the situation room. The personnel in duty and, of course, the Lieutenant General were all staring at her, while he asked.

“Manager…? Is he really a manager?’


Choi Gina couldn’t help laughing foolishly with a slight slack expression.


In any case, it wasn’t a lie.


Kang-Joon had left Choi Gina and came because starting now it was unknown whether a battle would occur. Seo Aran was able to do one person’s share, and despite being a newbie was a Knight with superb talent. Furthermore, she possessed A-Class equipment. Aran was seated in the passenger seat inspecting the equipment and asked.

“Are you going to kill it?”

Aran couldn’t ask that question as they hurried over in the van. Aran was the only one aware of Kang-Joon’s ‘genuine’ skills in Hero Management. Therefore, she knew that if Kang-Joon wished to kill that runaway Mutant he could do it without much effort.

An official hunting order was issued, so even if that Mutant was to die there would be no repercussions.

Kang-Joon, instead of replying Aran, asked a different question.

“If you were to make a Team with that runaway Mutant, what would Ms. Aran’s thoughts be?”

Kang-Joon’s question wasn’t any different from an answer itself, answering many things at once. Aran looked ahead expressionless, replying.

“As long they don’t become a hindrance, I don’t care who they are.”

Kang-Joon had no thoughts about hunting the Mutant.

That was the finished product of Acula organization’s experiments on living beings. Regardless of what their actions were and the consequences of the heinous experiments they carried the result itself had no relation with their crimes. The subject was nothing but the subject, it didn’t have any form of guilt.

Although the BlueHeart project was an act carried by a bunch of madmen, it didn’t change the fact that if it is the result itself, it was an Mutant worth securing first.

However, Mutants who had escaped from that sort of situation generally possessed unstable minds, and Kang-Joon’s mood as they proceeded wasn’t as light as his reply to Aran.

The most troublesome thing was finding a parking lot in Byeong-Jeom station’s vicinity, but Kang-Joon simply lined the car on the shoulder after switching on the emergency lights and got off the car. The hour was already deep at night. Aran wore the Armour Coat while inspecting the equipment one last time, doing a last-minute check.

“Split and search?”

“No, act together with me.”

Kang-Joon’s equipped equipment consisted only of an Aether Blaster, Aether Sword, and a Shield Bracelet, not extending to an Armour Coat.

“Is it okay to not even wear a Coat?”

“With this thing it will be enough.”

Shield Bracelets basically possessed a weaker force field defense level because of size restrictions. However, Kang-Joon carried the most advanced equipment, and that Shield Bracelet possessed an S Rank force field.

Just that alone was enough to be able to conquer an A Rank Dungeon.

Kang-Joon took out the Blaster and inspected its chamber. It carried a total of six shots,

and there was no such thing as a blank.

He then contacted Choi Gina who was in the control room.

“Ms. Gina, what is the target’s position?”

[It’s now north from Byeong-Jeom station… Ah, yes. Yes. Ah really? Thank you.]

“What for?”

[Mr. General will transmit you its GPS location.]


With the general permission, the security code was transmitted to Kang-Joon’s phone not long after, and with the GPS turned on the light blue dot marking the target’s position was soon displayed. Then the General, who had received the cellphone from Gina, informed Kang-Joon.

[Military units are secretly being deployed to the relevant places. The top priority is making sure there is no civilian casualties, and I hope you can refrain from unnecessary engagements.]

He was a soldier, and had the obligation of reporting the information he found to his superiors. Kang-Joon had no intention of criticizing him as he had postponed it until he arrived. On contrary, Kang-Joon was the one who had to cooperate with the military.

“I get it. What is the expected arrival time?”

[Approximately 10 minutes.]

In any case, he too was part of the personnel participating in the operation, and was granted a degree of autonomy in it. As such, even if he was to act, there was a strong possibility he would be treated with some sort of leeway.

The cellphone was cut off, and Aran gazed at Kang-Joon with a serious expression.

“It will be annoying if the soldiers arrive so we must finish the capture in 10 minutes.”


“It will surely be a very unstable situation so don’t be the one attacking first, and follow my instructions once we found it.”

The two watched the GPS’s screen, moving quickly to the position in question. The passersby only looked at the Armor Coat wearing Hunters suddenly running by as if it was strange, not showing any unusual reactions. There was still no news the runaway Mutant was in Byeong-Jeom station’s vicinity. Kang-Joon took out a cylindrical palm-sized item from his chest pocket and handed it Aran.


“It’s an Neuro-Disrupting Substance. If the enemy puts up some sort of resistance first the top priority is to somehow hit him with this at once.”

“This sort of thing, just where would you…

A type-specific countermeasure against Awakens, Knights and, in this case, Mutants. It was a type of injector[1], a syringe that would administer the drug in an instant the moment the needle was inserted. A drug with immediate effect in Mutants, a type of chemical ‘Teaser Gun’.

Currently the target’s moving speed was neither too fast nor too slow, moving through a big roadside using the darkness as cover. Kang-Joon and Aran’s tracking speed was very fast, and were soon able to arrive at the point the target was at.

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Translation’s Notes:

Injector – What it should look like:

For all of those who can’t picture how the injector look like. I imagine it would be like an adrenalin auto-injector. Which IMO is a pretty damn cool thing that makes you look totally badass using (all other things aside of course — those aren’t toys).


It was on a big roadside near Byeong-Jeom Elementary School.


Kang-Joon pointed at a young child walking on the street with its head leaning forward. Although it was unknown how it had acquired them, it was wearing clothes fitting its body and slippers that were a little too big. Although there were no passersby, that wasn’t very uncommon and, on contrary, a young child walking by this street was a little unusual.

It wasn’t arrested quickly and managed to escape because it managed to find terrifyingly ordinary clothes.

“A little kid…”

The Mutant had left that region before the defense area was stablished. Like that, it wouldn’t be found even if strutted just beyond the defensive line. The corpses, especially the dead specimens’ melted after death or had become lumps of meat and it wasn’t known the specimens were actually young children.

However, Kang-Joon knew Acula conducted experiments with young children as subjects. And the GPS’ position too moved in concert with the young child stride. Even if you were to consider the error margin it was clear to see the young child a little over 100 meters ahead was the target.

“What should we do?”

Aran asked, and Kang-Joon took out the revolver.

“We will try subjugating it first.”

If they were to carelessly irritate it there was a risk some bystander would be injured, and, if it come to that, the situation would get very complicated. Kang-Joon quickly approached the boy, surprisingly muting out all the noise of his footsteps.

“Once we approach it I will prevent it from moving so Ms. Aran can seize it.”

“Are you going to… kill it?”

“Ms. Aran.”

Aran spoke as if slight afraid. Its outside appearance was merely that of a young child, and it was, indeed, a young child. Kang-Joon looked straight at Aran eyes with a hard look.

“We are not fooling around.”


It was just one of the possibilities, if things didn’t go as they expected it had to be killed immediately. If a mistake was to occur it was natural for those on this side to be put at risk. In a single instant of hesitation life could move through life and death a dozen times. With Kang-Joon’s cold words Aran grasped, at last, what sort of task they would be doing now.

They had come to hunt a monster who razed a laboratory down single-handedly and crushed iron gates like pieces of paper while rushing out, not to comfort a child.

The young child was walking normally, and, looking at it at it like that, it looked just like a young child whose slippers were only a size too big. When the distance approached roughly 10 meters Kang-Joon quickly narrowed the gap, and Aran followed suit.

As Kang-Joon was measuring the timing inside, the Mutant hastily turned its body around all of a sudden.


Kang-Joon quickly drew his revolver from its holster, and Aran swiftly positioned herself getting ready to pounce.

“I surrender!”

While the Mutant lied face down on the floor.

“Spare me! It is a mistake! I wasn’t the one who killed them! No, it’s true I was the one who did it, but I can’t remember! So it’s like it wasn’t me! It was wrong to steal the clothes, but that’s, that’s…”

The Mutant was lying flat face down on the floor like a frog while begging for mercy. Seeing the Mutant complete surrender Kang-Joon’s and Aran’s expressions became stunned.

“Uh, well…”

Although it had extraordinarily sensed the two approach beforehand, absolutely no hostility could be felt from the other side. It was in the middle of running away and was just scared.

“We are not going to hurt you so stay still.”

“Un! I will listen to everything you say!”

At the end of Aran’s words the Mutant child answered energetically.


Soon, the military forces were deployed and no unnecessary armed situation occurred. The soldiers, confirming the Mutant had no thoughts of resistance, immediately captured it.

The soldiers brought the Mutant to the escorting car after having it wear a pair of reinforced handcuffs, while the child was looking around with a wondering expression. Although it had begged for its life to Kang-Joon, it didn’t look like a frightened child.

“Uncle, does bullets comes out of that?”

Asking all sort of foolish questions. A soldier who looked like a field commander saluted Kang-Joon.

“Thank you for your cooperation in the incident. Where are you from?”

“We are from Hero Management.”

“Yes, Hero Management. You will be contacted privately later. A future reward is going to be given regarding this. Then, thank you for your help.”

“Just a moment.”


“I am that child’s guardian.”

At Kang-Joon words the soldier tilted his head as if all he couldn’t understand what he heard.

“What did you say? ‘Guardian’…?”

“That child requested for Hero Management’s protection.”

“It did?And when was that?”

“Just a moment ago.”

Kang-Joon looked at the person in charge smiling, while he creased his forehead as if thinking what sort of situation was this after all. He checked with the Mutant if Kang-Joon was truly its guardian, and

“Un, he is my protector.”

The child answered like that, smiling with a foolish expression.

Kang-Joon had already completely hoodwinked the Mutant in the brief interval the soldiers were being mobilized.

‘You, if you go alone without a guardian and they were to recognize your abilities it’s unknown whether they will ever let you be free to go.’

‘Eeek, that would be very bad…’

By simply spouting some words the child decided to receive Hero Management’s protection. Once the car was pulled and they had to go Seo Aran rode together in the escorting vehicle, while Kang-Joon rode on the van and followed after them. In the back of the special escorting vehicle’s reinforced container were riding three people — Seo Aran, a military official and, finally, the Mutant.

“Are there other Mutants who escaped together with you?”

“I am not sure… I don’t think so. They were all killed.”

“I see, name?”



“I don’t remember.”


“I don’t know.”

“Do you not remember anything?”


“Hmmm… Must be a case of memory-loss.”

The military official knew there were many subjects that lost their memories due to the extreme pain and the confusion from the drugs employed during the Mutant experiments.

“Do you remember anything of the people involved?”

“I don’t remember.”

That was a lie. The child knew the researchers’ appearance, names, mannerisms, and details. However, Kang-Joon had given the child a warning.

‘Answer all the question with ‘I dont know’. Other than saying that, your name and information about your body are okay.’

Showing how much they knew would do nothing except having them detained for longer in the military facility.

“What sort of experiment have you gone through?”

“I don’t know.”

“What abilities do you possess?”

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t K-… Jiwon.”



The official stared at Jiwon fixedly.


And Jiwon just laughed with a foolish expression.

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