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HSManager – LCD Thread

Does Red also Runs Through A Blue Heart?

The news the incident was successfully resolved spread out like wildfire, while the military had yet to lift the boundary unable to know whether other Mutants had also escaped.

The press reported day after day about the gruesome human experiment, the human experiments a young child was subjected to, about how it was resolved by an small-scale management such as Hero Management, as well as reporting how the place said to be the capture point deviated from the military operation area, denouncing the military’s incompetence.

Because of that the one in the middle of trouble was none other than Seol Yeong.

“You should be Hero Management President!”

“In this time incident Hero Management played a decisive role, can you give us a word on that!”


Seol Yeong, who was sitting at the company, suddenly received a barrage of flashes from intruding journalists leaving her dazed. Kang-Joon and, of course, Gina and Aran too hadn’t made any sort of report to Seol Yeong, she had watched the news and grasped the truth moments ago.

“Do you have a special method to track it?”

Through the cracks among the numerous journalists Seol Yeong could only say the truth with a vacant expression.

“I don’t know anything!”

immediately an article was uploaded in the internet, featuring the headline.

[Shock! Hero Management’s president — insistently plays dumb.]

It was no surprise Seol Yeong saw that article later and lost her spirit.

“I want to make just a single phone call, so please step aside a little…”

[Hero Managent’s CEO! Declares it is possible to solve everything if she only gives a single call!]

Every and each word she said ended giving birth to all sort of ridiculous articles.


Hwaseong’s vicinity — military quarantine installations,

Choi Kang-Joon and Jiwon were currently in that facility being subjected to an investigation. Separated from Jiwon, who was the runaway Mutant, Kang-Joon as well entered an interrogation room.

“Mr. Choi Kang-Joon, is that correct?”


“Belonging to Hero Management?”


“Job is ‘Manager’.”


“I am Captain Hado Hyuk from the Hunter Supervision Special Division. I will be asking you some simple questions from now on.”

“Go ahead.”

The Hunter Supervision Special Division, Kang-Joon had memories of hearing of a Hunter Unit operating in the military. They weren’t responsible for quelling disasters nor hunting. It was an army and an investigation agency at the same time, specializing in tracking and subduing crimes and illegal activities involving Hunters.

Naturally, the tracking Division was entirely composed of Hunters, and it wasn’t difficult for Kang-Joon to guess captain Hado Hyok standing in front of his eyes was what could be considered a Knight. This special Division was the first to be deployed to this runaway Mutant situation.

More than their official name this Division was more frequently addressed by their nickname.


Of course, no one addressed them as such in front of them.

The Captain stared at Kang-Joon patiently. There was no cameras or glass windows in the interrogation room Kang-Joon was in. There was nothing but a single feeble lightbulb turned on, and all the equipment was confiscated. There was no need to leave an armed individual in a military facility.

He then spoke in a seemingly threatening voice.

“Starting now all conversation we share will be neither recorded nor written down. All actions and measures taken in an investigation by this department are guaranteed by the Hunter Supervision Act, and are all considered legal being fully authorized by the state.”


Kang-Joon replied carelessly. They possessed the authority to take actions independently, able of killing a captured Hunter who was deemed a dangerous person on the spot. In many ways, the present days were a time where the human rights were at an all time low. Under the absolute evil that was the monster’s threat, these sorts of minor evils unwittingly became tolerated.

And, as if that absolute power was never meant to be used for a rightful purpose, the Hounds Division’s authority was frequently abused.

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“First, I will ask you the number one question.”

Captain Hado Hyok flipped through the file, asking. All while perfectly showing off his dominant position, posturing with his legs crossed.

“How did you locate the specimen?”

“Didn’t the one responsible for Suwon’s Monitoring Station tell that?”

“Yes, it was taken care of. I have received the report submitted by the involved parties.”

From the start, because of the different jurisdictions the Monitoring Station’s and the Hunter Supervision’s ranks weren’t treated exactly the same. Although the person in charge of that place was a Lieutenant Colonel, looking solely at power Captain Hado Hyuk in front of his eyes possessed more authority.

“It seemed like that method was a breakthrough. A way no one had ever thought about. I thought it was an amazing method — ‘tracking the Core energy waves the runaway Mutant possessed’. However, I think there is a little dubious part.”

“What would that be?”

“How did you know that runaway Mutant was a special kind of mutant called BlueHeart, and was convinced it would emit Core energy waves above the S Rank? Mutants, basically, are those who hold a degree of Core energy. But they don’t hold the Core itself. Emitting at best nothing but energy waves between the F and C Rank. If everyone was able to make that sort of lucky guess tracking Hunter criminals would be very simple. Isn’t it strange?”

Captain Hado Hyok stared at Kang-Joon intently.

“It seems Mr. Kang-Joon knew S Rank Core energy waves would be detected in that runaway Mutant.”

“Could it be, you think I am an official of that illegal Pot?”

“It could be like that. Or, at least, you are someone with knowledge about what sort of work was occurring there.”

“Hmm… This is difficult. Of course, I admit that point could certainly create a misunderstanding. And it is sufficient to be doubtful about. But…”

Kang-Joon shook his head slightly, grinning.

“Thinking of it in a certain way, it seems I have no obligation of answering it.”

“You are obliged to cooperate with the investigation.”

“I hold no such obligation.”

“Nonsense. As a citizen of Republic of Korea…”

“Look at this.”

Kang-Joon rummaged through his chest pocket throwing his Hunter license in the table with a ‘Thump’. The Captain raised a frown upon Kang-Joon’s arrogant attitude.

“I already know of your Hunter status. I verified it when you returned the equipment earlier. A unique background for a manager, but what of it?”

“Not the Hunter, look at the country.”


In the section the country was marked only a single ‘UN’ was written.

“It is an international Hunter certificate issued by UN. If you think it’s a forgery you can try inspecting it or you can try calling Korea’s branch office.”


“Sir Captain.”

Kang-Joon looked intently at him and spoke with his head tilted slightly in a taunting manner.

“I, am not a Korean person.”

There was no need to perform an obligation citizens of the Republic of Korea had to fulfill. However, Captain Hado Hyok spoke with a dark expression.

“Even being a foreigner you are obliged to cooperate in investigations.”

“I don’t want to cooperate. And it seems you have mistaken something.”

Kang-Joon chuckled as if it was funny.

“Since when was it legal to interrogate those who contributed in a target’s capture like this, as if they had committed a sin? When you was playing inside Hwaseong and running in circles who was searching, who was tracking, and who was reporting? Doing all the work you people had to do, being kind enough to inform you all? Maybe it was those involved in the experiment?”




Kang-Joon lifted his foot above the table muttering.

“Has you son of a b*tch lost your mind?”

The sudden cursing sent captain Hado Hyuk’s reeling, however, his spirit returned shortly after.

“A bastard who hasn’t figured out what sort of situation he is… Even if a punk like you was to disappear right now nobody would ever know, huh? Don’t you know what kind of people we are?”

“You can’t figure out the situation, damned hound mutt.”

“What did you say!?”

Kang-Joon relaxedly spouted abusive language, pointing to his ID with his chin.

“Do you think it’s okay to have a feud with and carry out this sort of shitty investigation against a B Rank Hunter certified by UN? Do you think I haven’t contacted UN’s Korea’s branch office before I arrived in this facility? Haven’t you ever thought about how fun things will get when the fact that you had a dispute with me, going so far as threatening me with murder, blows up? Huh?”

Kang-Joon crossed his arms while chuckling, muttering..

“This is already something closely watched by UN, if all the people who come here aren’t being treated exactly in accordance with the Human Rights’ Charter, things will get quite difficult. I departed in front of multiple people, following without resistance and coming to the Hounds Division, was that not enough?”

Kang-Joon stood up from his seat slowly. He picked his ID putting it inside his pocket, then placed his hand on Captain Hado Hyuk’s shoulder who had lost his spirit.

“Keep this in mind, Captain. I am a stateless person and whenever a nationality is needed UN  is the one who guarantees my identity. Do you know what is their intention in doing this?”

“I-I… don’t know.”

“If you don’t know, you will live your entire life without knowing.”


Kang-Joon opened the investigation room’s door himself. Then he looked back, muttering as if he was being sarcastic.

“And don’t do this dark place thing in the future, buy a glass of iced americano if you want to ask for something.”

Hado Hyuk remained in the interrogation room watching as Kang-Joon opened the door himself heading out, unable to stop him. He had made a mistake, so even if he tried to use force it would simply be a situation where his head would be sent flying at once. One had to think twice about messing with a foreigner, when it was one who had finished his certification on UN and whose return was already being waited on by UN Korea’s branch office it was more than doubly so.

It was a problem that could escalate to international affairs.

“It wasn’t a mistake. That sort of bastard is a Manager?”

Hado Hyuk mumbled as if everything was absurd as Kang-Joon got out the interrogation room. While Kang-Joon muttered to himself standing in a place where the camp exterior drill ground could be seen.


Patting down his chest.

“I really thought I was dead.”

Almost everything Kang-Joon spewed out was BS. UN’s Korea branch must have no work to if it was to wait for a single Hunter’s safe return from such small military camp. Kang-Joon chuckled while exercising his chin.

“Swearing is difficult after all.”

The words Kang-Joon liked to spread were beautiful words.

It would be quite some time later Captain Hado Hyuk would understand what UN acting as a Hunter’s identity guarantor signified.

And, realizing the person he was itching for punching in the face was now trying to calm his heart, that would take even longer.


Jiwon was also scheduled for an interrogation and receiving a stability test at the quarantine facility. Of course, the stability test was nothing but a pretext. Nothing but a disguised extension of the living body experiment. In this case, the result of the experiment was analyzed rather than the experiment itself.

The head of the Mutant research institute affiliated with the country was full of anticipation about what sort of new biometric data would be able to be obtained from Jiwon. From the start, Mutants created from illegal procedures were very unique, and the biometric information obtained from those captured whenever this sort of incident occurred was very valuable to the researchers.

Director Lee Dae-Jun was already full of expectation. Having looked at the incident data, there was a strong possibility the Mutant ability that child, Jiwon, had was something unheard of until now.

Once Jiwon was lying down on the operating table that would become the place it would reveal all the information it itself had no knowledge of. The director was confident he did his work well in the government institution.

Simply by being patient he would have the chance of unveiling the illegal procedures those who escaped or were held captive in the illegal surgeries spots brought with them. In the back of his mind he thought it would be good if those sort of illegal Pots could be found frequently. He soon entered the prepared operation room, looking at Jiwon who was gently laid down in there.

The nurse took a blood sample, and the blood was analyzed. They were searching for an anaesthetic matching Jiwon’s blood type. Some time would be needed and the surgical team was waiting quietly. While the Director decided to focus on Jiwon’s body doing a sensory check of his senses including pain.

Shown by the check results Jiwon’s senses were all in good order. There were multiple people whose senses themselves were dead, and, in this case, the specimen condition was considered very favorable.

Jiwon wasn’t scared looking at the director with clear eyes.

“Uncle, will I receive another surgery?”

“Speaking accurately it is not a surgery. It is all in order to know you don’t have any dangerous substances inside you. And if it ends well you will be able to go home.

He was already long fantasizing about what he would do with the new theories brought by the subject. Jiwon looked up at the director briefly moving its sight to the ceiling afterwards. Jiwon’s face was illuminated by a surgery lamp’s white light, and Jiwon laughed with an ‘hehe’.

“I wonder if you will lie as much as that uncle?”

“What do you mean?”

The director wasn’t able to understand who Jiwon was comparing him with.

“Uncle also knows I don’t have a ‘home’.”

Jiwon smiled cheerfully in the operation room. And, all the staff inside the operation room were dazed by that big smile.

“The reason you can say such words is because you have no intention of sending me anywhere like home.”

It was words who pointed out the director’s inconsistency sharply.

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