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Hey folks,

Today I want to ask about using native words during the chapters. I mean, we all have been around long enough that the classic ‘onii-chan’ has become part of our vocabulary. Or the always present ‘-chan’ and ‘-kun’. Another one I like is the ‘Nani!?’ — always fun to see.

Off topic: High level anime/manga pun. You are already a lost cause if you can get this…

The question is can we do same here? You will see there was a similar situation this chapter, where I could use the original word or translate it to english and lose some small part of their meaning.

For now I decided to leave a note explaining the original word and translating it to english to avoid confusion. Nothing worse than facing completely unknown words mid read, I still remember the time I came face-to-face with that ‘everything according to the plan’ (or something close) phrase amidst a read and how it killed my mood (mostly because I felt like a noob being the only one which didn’t know what that meant).

So yeah, let me hear your thoughts on that. And I know I am being pretty vague but don’t wanna give any spoilers when you guys are so very close of reading the chapter.

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Does Red Also Runs Through A Blue Heart

Jiwon didn’t know which sort of value its body could possibly have. However, when he saw the look in the other people’s eyes, he could understand some of it. The director revealed very openly in his eyes a look of someone who wanted something from Jiwon.

From the operation table Jiwon saw more revealed in their eyes than in the outside appearance of those people, hidden behind their masks.

The eyes that perform the surgery, the eyes that administer the drugs, the eyes that keep track of the progress, the eyes that give the post evaluation, the eyes that see the outcome, the eyes that see the failure, the eyes that see the dying bodies,

the eyes that commits murder.

Jiwon had faced those eyes as he stayed in the laboratory. Jiwon was well aware the director’s eyes were not so different from the ‘eyes’ he had seen. Jiwon also remembered vividly Choi Kang-Joon’s eyes, the one who had captured him and had suddenly gone somewhere else.

Eyes seething with fury.

It couldn’t understand what he was furious with, but Jiwon saw the look in Kang-Joon’s eyes were tinged by rage.

The director didn’t say anything to Jiwon’s comment. After all, sharing a conversation with the specimen was nothing but a passing whim. There was no reason to respond logically. The director didn’t present any reply to Jiwon’s words, and neither did Jiwon insist in a conversation.

If only things could grow easier henceforth,

that was Jiwon’s thoughts.

“The regenerative power coefficient is more than a thousand, with this much no narcotics will have any effect.”

“Exceeding a thousand?”


With the blood analysis complete the director frowned hearing the assistant words. Assuming an ordinary human regenerative power as 1, a Knight’s regenerative power was about 50. While Mutants, although differing through types, usually possessed regenerative power ranging about 150.

However, the Mutant in front of his eyes showed a regenerative power’s reaction more than a thousand times that of an ordinary human.

‘Which sort of bastards did this sort of experiment after all?’

Reinforcing the regenerative power first before a Mutant procedure, regenerating regardless of the body collapse allowing for adaption was the basic among the Mutant procedures basis. However, the fact regeneration itself wasn’t the goal could only be understood seeing that this Mutant had destroyed the research institute single-handedly.

Raising the regenerative power to 1000 was something which had no technology for to begin with, and it was so because there was no reason to. However, what to say about a procedure which could only be carried with this sort of super regenerative power as requisite? The destroyed Mutant Pot’s database had already been completely destroyed. It was common for that sort of illegal Pots to put such safety devices in order to protect their technology, as such, in the end, the only clue was Jiwon in front of his eyes.

The director’s heart was beating wildly.

This, it might really be the experiment’s result who will send the Mutant academy in turmoil, capable of flipping it upside down. And, that result was now lying down in front of him.

The doctor cut Jiwon abdomen slightly with the scalpel in order to see the super regenerative power with his own eyes. Jiwon hadn’t received any anesthesia but didn’t raise a single eyebrow.

The injury seemed to want to bleed slightly then it healed just like that. The scar-free sight was terribly weird.

They might need a truck full of regeneration inhibitor if they intend to do a proper surgery.


“Stop the operation! Stop!”

Suddenly the one in charge of the Hounds Unit kicked the operation’s room door, going in shouting.

“What are you doing?”

“Director, end the operation right now.”

He shouted severely at the Director with an urgent expression. This was the Hounds Division, an almighty military Unit which had freed itself from all military hierarchy. Hearing those words the director looked at him bewildered. The commander of the Hounds Division, Major Kim Kyung-Joon, was breathing roughly while speaking.

“Remove all the equipments in the operation room right now!”

The director couldn’t even begin to guess what the heck was going on. Although the Major was mumbling about how the Union might come or how it might result in an international affair, he couldn’t understand a single thing he heard.

Jiwon, against all odds, came down from the operation table, and was assigned an area in the barracks with Kang-Joon who had volunteered as guardian. Starting now every interrogation would be carried orally, and Kang-Joon would be accompanying Jiwon in the interrogation room.

No violence will be used during that process. Kang-Joon was lying down while watching the TV placed in the barracks, while Jiwon was looking up at him with sparkling eyes.

“Uncle, what did you do?”

Kang-Joon glanced at Jiwon. It was uncertain whether the child would be able to understand even if it was to hear about the issues concerning human rights.

“Those are adult matters. And I am not an uncle.”

“Then what should I call you?”


Kang-Joon stared fixedly at Jiwon. Although it could indeed be considered as pretty, it possessed an appearance that couldn’t be certainly judged as a young boy or girl.

“You, are you a girl or a boy?”

“I don’t remember.”


Kang-Joon wasn’t particulary caught off guard. It was just cases like this where those who were suddenly thrown in having to experiencing the pain in the middle of the experimental process lost their memories were common. Those who didn’t know what or who they were were common. A situation where they wouldn’t be able to recall anything and asking them to try to think of it would do no good.

A hollow, empty shell.

Without memory or past, a state where they ended becoming simply a blank slate left out of reality.

“Hyung or Oppa[1]. Which one would you like to call?”


Jiwon smiled innocently, replying.

“Hyung!” (TL.:  Big Brother)

“Okay then.”

“Will big brother also do surgeries?”

“I won’t make that sort of thing.”

“What then?”


Kang-Joon set his sight on Jiwon. It was a condition already far detached from an ordinary life. Kang-Joon had confidence in taking Jiwon and going out of this facility safely to begin with. However, he had only thought about getting hold of an illegal Mutant, if it was this sort of young child things would be a little different.

It wasn’t a sentimental decision based on moral principles such as it being wrong to send a child to a dangerous place.

First of all,

children were annoying. Difficult to control and easily frightened. Colleagues having to argue with a child while hunting with their lives at stake? Nonsense.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to eat a lot of delicious things!”

Hearing such words startled Kang-Joon. Jiwon simply wanted to eat something delicious and because of food had all but stopped thinking about what he would be subjected to. Kang-Joon looked at that sort of Jiwon and showed a wry smile.

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Translation’s Notes:

Hyung and Oppa:

Both words means ‘Older brother’. Easy peasy. Nah just kidding, things aren’t so simple in Korean.

Hyung(형) is used by males, while Oppa(우빠) is used by females.

The key point is those words aren’t meant to be used only between siblings. It is a pretty common respect/closeness/endearment thing. If the person isn’t really a real senior and you are a little close and no other address takes precedence people will most likely refer to them as Hyung/Oppa. (Obs.: Precedence as in ‘Teacher’ beats ‘Big brother’ kind of thing).

Remember Koreans are pretty rigid on this respect thing. Which makes this all kinda of a rule and kills a little of the magic. Are people calling me ‘big brother’ because they really think of me as such or just because I am older? I, as a non-native, am quite bothered by such thoughts.

Except kids, although I was never addressed as Hyung or Oppa, being called uncle by young kids always made me smile (although I am not even that old!). No matter how much of an imp they might be they always look super adorable. (Except my real nephew – that guy aint cute at all)

Ah, following the same rules we have:

noona (누나) = males speaking to older females

unnie (언니) = females speaking to older females

dongsaeng (동생) = BOTH little sister and little brother.

Yu-dongsaeng(여동생) = Little sister. Mostly real sibilings.

Nam-dongsaeng(남동생) = Little Brother. Mostly real sibilings.


“That isn’t what…”


“Mr. Choi Kang-Joon, permission to enter.”[2]

“No need. Speak from there.”

In response to the sound outside the door Kang-Joon replied half-heartedly.

“Doctor Lee Dae-Wun requested for a meeting.”

“Who is that?”

“He is the director of one of the Mutant clinics run by the government.”

“I get it.”

Kang-Joon slowly rose from his seat. While Jiwon tilted his head staring at Kang-Joon.

“If someone enters and asks you something do not say anything until I come back.”

“Yes! Big Brother!”

Jiwon answered spiritedly. Although he couldn’t understand why that was so, it seemed Jiwon held a favorable impression of Kang-Joon.

‘No, it should be like that with everyone.’

There was never really an instance of Jiwon displaying hostility at someone.

Kang-Joon was guided by a soldier going to the place Director Lee Dae-Wun was in. It wasn’t an interrogation room this time but a military conference room, and an iced americano was prepared.

“Hello. I am KML(Korean Mutant Laboratory)’s director Lee Dae-Wun.”

“Hero Management’s Choi Kang-Joon.”

Kang-Joon seated himself after offering a mild greeting. The director offered the coffee, and Kang-Joon accepted it. Director Lee Dae-Wun saw Choi Kang-Joon’s attitude was very unique and that he was not someone who lost his calmness like most civilians when entering a military facility.

“Haha, I heard you main occupation was Hunt-”

“Okay, take out the main point.”

Kang-Joon had no thoughts about staying comfortably for long in this facility. He didn’t know whether a matter would occur any moment setting him in a crisis suddenly, his goal was to quickly go out after handling just the tasks he had to. The director raised a brief frown being interrupted mid-speech, but his smile returned again soon after.

“Are you that specimen’s guardian?”

“That is part of it.”

“We will send it back after a simple test at the facility.”


“After that, what about handing over that specimen to KML? The basic human rights are indeed strictly protected by UN, but how dangerous would be to do so even for a specimen that has already lost control once? That sort of thing would be itself a violation of the human rights. If you do hand over the suspect to KML, we will do a full genetic factor as well as power measurement, and if it judged safe we will return it to you. As the one in charge of the inspection, it would be good to keep in mind it would be difficult leaving this facility if you don’t have my consent.”

Nothing but nice-sounding words no different from a threat. In order to bring Jiwon and go out of here his permission was needed, being observed by Union or whatever there was no need to say he would never send Jiwon back to start with.

“Once you accept my proposal I am willing to give you a small thank you note. I can’t even guess how dangerous making use of a prototype Mutant in the field is…”

‘Do you intend to enroll a Mutant who might be a defective product as a Hunter in the field?’. It was that sort of words. In addition, he expressed his willingness of resorting to bribes. Kang-Joon looked at the director smiling. And, taking that as a signal of acceptance, the Director displayed a matching smile.

However, what emerged from Kang-Joon lips were completely different words.

“I don’t know if you heard, but I was a Hunter before I became a manager.”

“Ah, yes… I have been told it was like that.”

“It’s not only in Korea where Mutants are illegally raised, the same can be found in many parts of the world. Whether they are discovered and apprehended by the police or military, or Mutants who escaped, aren’t they all experiment specimens to begin with?”

“Yes, yes. It is indeed like that.”

“Do you know those subjects are being traded in hundred of millions? Sold to the Mutant industry or laboratories through illicit means.”

At that words the director complexion took on a shade of pale-white.

“Ah, t-that… it’s the first time I hear it.”

“The illegal experiments in living beings are carried in the underground research facilities and only their results are snatched away. If we were to talk only about money, billions of dollars are saved, is only that what those hundreds of millions of lives are worth?”

Kang-Joon took a few gulps of the coffee, speaking as if telling a joke afterwards.

“The subjects who are secured safely in the laboratory or Mutants who escaped from there are, usually, among those who die from allergic seizure, shock or blood poisoning during the stability test. No.”

Kang-Joon looked at the director, whose complexion had become ashen, muttering.

“Are ‘said’ to have died.”

The director was unable to say any words.

“People who are the end results of illegal experiments are said to do die just like that? All while the press continuously writes about those Mutants Pot’s hygiene conditions dangerous standards making use of a single adhesive tape as bandage or how in those dirty facilities only a single syringe is used again and again, it’s strange. The subjects who remained unharmed even when using a scalpel with dried blood clots are said to meet sure end when given a clean experimental environment. Is it not strange? And when they are said to have died during the stability tests all that is said by everyone are things like ‘Hm’, ‘Yeah’, ‘It was like that’, or ‘Poor people’.”

Kang-Joon rolled the coffee in his mouth, savoring its scent. The truth was Kang-Joon wasn’t, in fact, really fond of coffee.

“Those subjects are sold to pharmaceutical companies or laboratories unable to do anything, being dissected alive. Only the laboratory changed, having to go through exactly the same things. Until they die. In truth, it is unknown whether to those people surviving was really a fortunate thing.”

“That, why are you telling this story after all?”

“Do you really not know?”

“It is the first time I hear of it, I can assure that.”

“Then it must be one of the two.”

Kang-Joon looked at the director whose vigor had already been suppressed, smiling.

“Either you have being living a unfulfilling life until now, or you are lying.”

“I, as a researcher, have never done a single thing I should be ashamed for!”

“Were you not going on and on, using words such as ‘specimen’ or ‘making use’, speaking as if haggling over an item?”

Repeatedly using ‘specimen’ whenever mentioning Jiwon or ‘make use of’ in the field, the director spoke that sort of words treating Jiwon as if an object.

“Mr. director.”


“Are you currently seeing that child as a person? Are you not mistaking it for a something like a data disk? Did you not say, right now, you was willing to give money if it was to be sold?”

Kang-Joon didn’t get angry, talking with a serene voice. However, the director’s fingertips were quivering.

“If we were to understand more of the knowledge about mutants we would be able to protect much more people. Monsters are still a threat to the world, if a new species of Mutant were to be created people would be able live much more safer than now! Why would that be a bad thing?”

“Speaking of the public’s benefit, rationalizing your own immorality because of the lack of logic is a very common way of solving all problems.”

“W-What are you…!”

Unable to refute Kang-Joon, having it all pointed out the attitude the director carried transformed, his white terrified face reddening slightly. Being humiliated or having their flaws laid bare wasn’t something people would like regardless of time or place.

“In the end, is that itself not an acknowledgement of Mr. Director’s intention in selling Jiwon for money or of killing it as a sacrifice for a new thesis?”

Suddenly trying to justify those acts placed himself in a difficult situation, being no different from admitting it. Hearing that words the director didn’t speak biting his lips repeatedly.

“This is a huge slander. No one would ever believe it.”

“And if people do believe, what would happen?”

“It seems you want to understand why we have laws for. Should we do as you wish?”

“Well, then you will need to repeat the dialogue we had today in the court.”

Kang-Joon had no thing like a recorder.

“‘I am willing to give you money so hand over the Mutant’ — is that how your testimony will be like?”


Kang-Joon could see,  he might not be able to ascertain the KML director’s skills but his proficiency with words was severely lacking.

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Translation’s Notes:

Military Antics:

While checking whether the permission thing indeed happens in the army as all the movies I have seen seems to imply (must happen as just entering people rooms with asking for permission is rude) I found this PDF about military custom and courtesies. Quite lengthy but had some interesting things, like this part:

Another ancient military custom dictates that you should always walk or sit to the left of your seniors. For centuries men fought with swords, and because most men are right-handed, the heaviest fighting occurred on the right. The shield was on the left arm, and the left side became defensive. Men and units who preferred to carry the battle to the enemy, and who were proud of their fighting ability, considered the right of a battle line to a post of honor. Therefore, when an officer walks or sits on your right, he is symbolically filling the post of honor.

I honestly found it an interesting read so I decided to share.


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