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Does Red Also Runs Through A Blue Heart?

Seeing him move between joy and sorrow with each of Kang-Joon’s words one would able to understand the Director’s talent with words from miles away.

“Mr. Director, this too is for Mr. director best interests.”

“What are you saying?”

“Do you know of Gauss Pharmaceuticals company incident?”

“If it’s that… No way…”

Although information concerning BlueHeart was almost non-existent, Gauss Pharmaceutical company incident was famous.

Gauss Pharmaceuticals, a multinational enterprise, where the enterprise’s head as well as executives were all murdered due to some sort of terrorism. The reason for why it was so was unknown. There were rumours saying it was a vengeful act carried by Mutants who had escaped, and many said it was a systematic and violent way to keep their opponents in check between rival enterprises.

However, the phantasmagorical rumors roaming through the business circle were completely different.

Gaussian Pharmaceuticals was operating a secret illegal Mutant Pot, and the terrorism act was a retaliation related to that. It is uncertain what Gauss Pharmaceuticals experimented with and if the Mutant Pot was genuine. And whether all that was indeed the truth was still a mystery.

However, the circumstances of Gauss Pharmaceuticals operating an Mutant Pot were quite certain. Gauss Pharmaceuticals possessed new technology far ahead of its peers, and that technology source was unclear.

If it wasn’t operating an enormous number of illegal Pots, such accomplishment would have been impossible. As Gauss Pharmaceuticals’s executives were murdered the researches data were gone with them.

The director saw Jiwon’s regenerative power which surpassed a thousand. Although a full-fledged investigation was carried in the US — where their headquarters is located — the fact the investigation results were never made public was very unusual.

Because of all of that the Mutant technology had regressed some steps. It was unknown whether they could make that sort of Mutant if they had Gauss Pharmaceuticals’ missing technology.

Hearing Kang-Joon’s words the director understood Jiwon was completely different from an ordinary specimen. Most of all, if it was a problem related with that mysterious terrorism incident and Gauss Pharmaceuticals, it wasn’t something to mess with.

“You… How are you certain of that?”

“I am not…”

Kang-Joon spoke like that still without an ounce of concern.

“What I said might be a lie. It could be a simple bluff. However, isn’t it a little strange?”

Although he didn’t glare looking at the director in a relaxed manner, to the director the gaze was pressuring as if it was trying to pierce through his soul.

“Have you ever seem an Illegal Mutant Pot that was so clean and well-organized like that?”

The reason was the majority of illegal Pot were very dirty, messy, and inadequate. But, when looking at this incident’s scene pictures, although many parts were destroyed, that underground facility was very tidy. Valuable medicines were stockpiled, and only the data was lost, with the medical supplies and equipment they had composed of the best products available.

“The judgement is something to Mr. Director to do.”

In the end the initiative rested with the director. The director still had the authority of releasing or having Jiwon detained in this facility. While the manager in front of him, Choi Kang-Joon, was threatening the director with a completely unrelated topic.

A cruel terrorism case involving Gauss Pharmaceuticals, and the specimen which might be the outcome of that.

A situation where an incredible information could be obtained. It was, clearly, a very big prey, however, nothing was know about what would happen upon swallowing it. Putting aside how the retired Hunter and manager in front of his eyes knows of that group’s connection with the terrorism at Gauss Pharmaceuticals…

The director suddenly realized.

This person was formerly a Hunter and possessed an extremely detailed knowledge of the dirty things pervading through the Mutant industry. Had an extremely deep understanding of how the Mutants who were captured were traded by hundred of millions, and each and every one of the disgusting acts committed with the stability test as excuse.

Although I don’t now why he is a manager,

although I can’t understand why he would be here…

“You… Impos-”

“Now, be careful about guesses and dangerous misunderstandings. I want to say just one thing…”

Kang-Joon cut off the Director’s words as if he knew what he would say. Only throwing a few words.

“I am hungry and all I can think about now is whether I can grab something to eat.”

It were words that didn’t have anything to do the situation. Kang-Joon brought that sort of topic sucking at the coffee’s straw with absolutely no class.

“I will wait for a positive answer.”

Kang-Joon held the coffee exiting the conference room. The director felt as if he had seen a ghost. There wasn’t ever any concrete threat. Neither was there a word about killing him. However, inside that atmosphere the director felt he had died and returned back to life an unknown amount of times.

If Kang-Joon words were correct, Jiwon was a specimen that they couldn’t carelessly touch. He couldn’t tell which part was truth, and which part was a bluff. A simple manager being related with Gauss Pharmaceuticals’ terrorism incident was something exceeding beyond nonsense, rubbish that couldn’t be trusted.

However, when considering the various circumstances, Kang-Joon’s words couldn’t be completely taken as bluff. If the extremely well-organized underground Pot and the incredibly outstanding experiment’s regenerative power were to be taken into account it was believable.

The chief was the one in charge of KML, a laboratory who worked under the government, and, as it usually is with those which worked in the government, he too understood well the methods to survive.

When giving cards where victory was uncertain, folding was always easier. He didn’t have an adventurous character. And had too much at the moment to risk now because of an adventure and greed for achievement.


They were detained for a whole week in the military facility. Eventually, because of the ‘real’ stability test, Jiwon had to go to through some tests. All who occurred under Kang-Joon presence. Followed by some checks about mental state and what sort of ability Jiwon could display.

Although some problems were found with the results, the director had no choice but issuing a ‘safe’ assessment in order to send out Kang-Joon and Jiwon as quickly as possible. Rather than curiosity, all he thought of was sending the dangerous manager and Mutant duo out quick.

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Every problem caused by the Mutant in the future would be handled by Hero Management, and with Choi Kang-Joon signing-in as guardian taking up the legal responsibilities the two were able to leave the military camp.

Jiwon looked at Kang-Joon and the guards posts in turns as if it couldn’t believe it. While Kang-Joon led Jiwon. The two didn’t talk much within the military camp.

Jiwon couldn’t remember much, and Kang-Joon wouldn’t say anything first if Jiwon didn’t ask. Jiwon tried hard to keep up, walking beside Kang-Joon.

And once they had exited the military camp, Jiwon spoke as if making a confession.

“Big Brother.”


“The truth is I remember it all.”

Jiwon had consistently played dumb about every crime, saying he couldn’t remember anything when meeting Kang-Joon for the first time. While Kang-Joon spat out with a sour look hearing the abrupt confession.

“I know.”


Hearing Kang-Joon’s answer Jiwon couldn’t find any words to say. Dropping its head forward while murmuring.

“Am I not a person?”

Kang-Joon stared fixedly at Jiwon speaking like that. Hesitating for a moment. It certainly is different from the notion of ordinary peeople. Mutant, Knight, Awaken are all — by biological standards — not humans.

But, if you ask if they are a person, it makes things a little abstract.

“If you are thinking about that sort of thing, you are still a person.”

“I don’t understand.”

“People who have become monsters don’t think about that sort of thing at all.”

Believing oneself to be a person, or even acknowledging to not being one. Continuously questioning whether they are still a person or not, was proof they had yet to lose their humanity. Jiwon was young, it couldn’t grasp specifically what Kang-Joon’s words meant. But it realized faintly Kang-Joon’s tone was laced with deep sorrow.

Jiwon, while fully conscious, killed the people who had committed those sort of atrocious experiments to him. Carrying a feeling of guilt. Kang-Joon didn’t say those bastards deserved to die. Those sort of words were unnecessary.

“Why is big brother helping me?”

“I am not really helping you though.”

Kang-Joon stared at Jiwon intently. Although it was difficult dealing with children in many ways, Kang-Joon thought the ability Jiwon possessed was worth making use of even if that flaw was to be put aside. Although it was a regenerative power, the potential it possessed was formidable.

Kang-Joon formed at incredibly wicked smile, looking at Jiwon.

“Now, shouldn’t you foot the bill?”

Kang-Joon didn’t know whether his actions now were even more despicable than the director’s. However, Jiwon was pretty clever, and could roughly understand what Kang-Joon words meant. There was no memory, but that didn’t mean there was no knowledge, Jiwon knew what a Hunter was. And accepted the fate of becoming one. Whatever happened it would be better than lying down atop an operating table like a corpse, living being poked with a syringe. Whatever Kang-Joon did, it would be insignificant compared with all the things he had gone through.

Jiwon looked at Kang-Joon smiling innocently.

“Don’t I have to eat before paying the bill?”

“Look at this little bastard.”

Kang-Joon seeing Jiwon laughing with a ‘Kukuku’ broke out in a bitter smile.

“Then, should we go eat something delicious first?”

“Yes, big brother!”

Before the two went back, they decided to find somewhere with good food to eat.


Hero Management as the one who did the biggest contributions to the presidential decree’s operation was rewarded a special award as well as a medal of merit. Seol Yeong received the award with a blank face as if it was all an unimaginable thing, while Choi Kang-Joon, the one had made the actual contributions to the situation, had yet to show his face.

Due to that Hero Management debut to the world was nothing short of a complete success.

Of course, that was all but empty looks and it was still the same as before.

The existence of an illegal facility in Hwaseong’s underground, where people were cut open and forcefully made into Mutants, brought shock to many people.

[The corpses in the illegal Pot in Hwaseong were unexpectedly found to be from people without Korean nationality. Currently, the police as well as military are carrying out an investigation…]

As always, there was no one who thought this incident would be would be completely uprooted. Able to do nothing except hope that sort of misfortune wouldn’t befall over them.

And, after a truly long time, Kang-Joon reported for duty in Hero Management.

“Mr. Kang-Joon! Are you alright? Was you hurt somewh-”

Beside Kang-Joon a small young child a little over 130 something tall was looking at Seol Yeong from Kang-Joon’s side with wide open eyes.


Jiwon greeted energetically, smiling seeing the startled Seol Yeong.

“I am Jiwon!”

Kang-Joon placed his hand on Jiwon’s head while smiling.

“I brought a new Hunter.”

“Ah, this child can’t be that…”

“Yes, Mutant.”

“Doesn’t this violates the Labor Standards Law?”

“If it is laws, whenever Hunters as well as Hunter employment are concerned, Hunters are all an exception.”

Hearing those words Seol Yeong stared at the small child for a while, feeling an emotion she was unable to describe. While the adorable child was looking up seol Yeong inquisitively.

And, what Seol Yeong did was simple.




Seol embraced Jiwon, stroking his hair carefully.

“So young and yet how much hardships…?”

Seol Yeong’s eyes were completely wet with tears. Then she glared at Kang-Joon yelling suddenly.

“Mr. Kang-Joon! Please, give me a little call if you gonna do that! It was too, too shocking! Suddenly hearing you were in a military zone detention, do you understand how anxious I was?”

At that words Kang-Joon replied with a nonchalant expression.

“I had good food and was treated well.”

“The food was delicious.”

“… Sigh, really…”

Seol Yeong had a feeling the child which had entered was somehow similar with Choi Kang-Joon. Thick skin like this wasn’t something generally seem on children. Seol Yeong could only smile helplessly seeing Kang-Joon was still shameless as ever.

“You worked hard this time…”

And, as if it was a customary thing, the appreciative words were not left out.

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