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Battle Station

As most would have it, the kinds of abilities the Hunters possessed didn’t break many laws themselves. And with time, Hunters, who kept the monsters at bay, received a special treatment legally despite being seen as part of society.

It was not an uncommon thing for young children to dive into hunting, and Kang-Joon too went to the Academy at 15, starting Hunting since he was seventeen years old. Of course, although Jiwon did indeed seem like a young child not much older than 12, that wouldn’t become a big issue either.

In the industry, the most important thing wasn’t age, but skill.

Hero Management’s and Jiwon’s contract was different from regular ones. In this case Hero Management Inc. itself became Jiwon’s guardian, and, as such, various procedures needed to be followed and team leader Song, who did nothing but sleep, was the one to take charge of that process.

Jiwon, different from the other two, would, from now until when it became an adult,  work while taking Seol Yeong and Hero Management as the ones legally responsible for it.

Although there were many cases where young children were exploited due to unfair contracts when they became Hunters, Seol Yeong didn’t do that sort of thing.

And after seeing Jiwon’s ability for a while, her expression became peculiar.

“Well, it is fortunate it is an ability that doesn’t weights on one’s mind.”

Among Mutants there are people who sprouted tentacles from their limbs, the majority which were usually disgusting or extremely gruesome. Abilities which deformed their bodies were commonly seem, and there were occasionally cases where those unfamiliar would throw up at the sight.

Jiwon’s ability looked more mysterious than unnerving, and rather than an ability originated from its body had an atmosphere similar to a Awaken’s.

The sight of a blue mist rising from its whole body was certainly unique and mysterious.

Without any place to stay Jiwon ended living in Kang-Joon’s apartment complex. But despite all that Seol Yeong couldn’t hide her small discomfort having to bring a young child to work, even if that child was a Mutant.

However, if things were to be questioned closely Seo Aran too was underage. And Hero Management was lacking one person to begin with, therefore, although a young child they had earned a Mutant possessing outstanding potential.

That day, Choi Gina and Seo Aran, who were still in the middle of training, were introduced to the child Kang-Joon had brought. They were 3 from now on and would become and go into action as a Team. All of them had a meal, mixing both a greeting and a meet-together.

“Without me it’s probable you two have being eating nothing but delivery food once again…”



“Do you know which job doesn’t allows overweight? Hunter.”

Talking of things like that. Of course, in Seo Aran’s case she was unaffected, but Kang-Joon pointed to Choi Gina.

“Ms. Gina, you have certainly gained a couple pounds?”

“T-That is too much!”

“Too much and has to stop, you know you have to exercise regularly.”

Although saying so seemed like an exaggeration, gaining weight was something they couldn’t ever permit as it was an issue concerning their survival. In the case of Mutants there were many cases where food intake was unnecessary, however, Jiwon ate food with relish. It was just, there were completely no wastes generated. Rather than an Mutant, it was as if it had become a creature completely different from a human.

“It is delicious big brother!”

“Ah, yeah.”

“Big sisters should eat more too.”

“Yeah, Jiwon must eat a lot too.

The problem was, in the woman’s case, Jiwon suddenly started to address them as ‘unnies[1]. However, although confusing in many ways, everyone was going along with it. It was as if everyone had gained a cute and lovely child as younger sibling, so there was nothing to dislike. And although Aran watched everything with the same taciturn expression, she herself hugged Jiwon suddenly without warning not longer later when watching TV.

She seated Jiwon atop her lap with her sight on the TV. The method of expressing it was not that good, but it was clearly an attempt of showing affection. Although Jiwon lacked common sense at times, the procedures aftereffects, if they were only that much, were rather low.

Negatives feelings like anger or sadness had disappeared, and the problem of always taking on a slightly happy attitude could be seen as fortunate. Jiwon watched TV held inside Aran’s arms as if it it all was a dream.

From here on out they could always stay like this, until a special task was assigned at least.


Starting now the Team composed of all 3 people was organized, and the very first thing Kang-Joon did was hold a counseling with Jiwon. Although the two shared many talks through their 2 week-long stay in the Military Camp, they had no talks regarding Jiwon’s abilities. On contrary, rather than the person with the ability itself Kang-Joon had much more knowledge.

“Your ability, BlueHeart, is the result of a plan of remodeling the human race.”


“It was a crazy plan to enhance the Human species itself creating a new type of human being.”


“And as such, you have now become something intrinsically different from a human being.”


Obviously, Jiwon didn’t understand a single thing he heard. Only tilting his head with an innocent expression. And Kang-Joon promptly gave up his intention of explaining anything.

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Translation’s Notes:


Remember that Jiwon addressed Kang-Joon as Hyung, which mean older brother when the speaker is male? Now he is using Unnie, which means older sister when used between GIRLS .

That is where the confusion comes from. Who thought Jiwon was more boy-ish (like me) are out of luck. Jiwon gender remains a mistery…


“You was inserted with a heart different from an ordinary person’s heart. Right?”

“Un, I remember that.”

Shoving a monster’s heart in a human being, a plan to make someone display strength like that of a monster.

“At any case, in the past I have once found and destroyed underground Mutant Pots from those crazy bastards from Acula, who carried experiments similar to that. Well, that sort of story isn’t necessary… What I meant to talk of is your ability. Which sort of ability you can display.”

“Which ability?”

“To begin with, can that blue fog you sprayed make your body stronger?”

“Un. But it is very tiring.”

It was similar to a Knight’s body reinforcement. Although the method of employing the Core Energy was different and it showed a little more destructive focus, the Core Energy ‘matter’ could be laid around, enclosing the body.

“Among the S Rank Monster there is one called AlphaDragonoid.”

A Boss Class monster, a draconian-type monster sporting light blue scales across its entire body. A Higher-Monster with very quick movements able to make use of Core Energy directly.

“You was probably transplanted with that monster heart.”

Kang-Joon had observed the ability several times, and judged it as such seeing how something akin to a huge dragon claw was formed in Jiwon’s hand whenever that form was activated.

“Then I can use that monster’s abilities?”

“Yes, I remember that bastard reinforcing his body just like you, and he could also shoot a Core Breath from his mouth.”

“Core Breath?”

“Yeah, blasting an energy blast through the mouth. Do you understand what a ‘laser-beam’ is?”

“W-Wow… I don’t what that is… But it sounds very cool!”

Jiwon was a child that lacked common sense in more ways than one, and hearing Kang-Joon words he clenched his fists tightly with shiny eyes.

“Owaaaaa! It didn’t come out…”

Trying to use it once, however, nothing but a little blue mist was vomited slightly from its mouth. The scene of a child pouring blue mist from their mouth in front of one’s eyes was quite a freaky sight.

“The total amount of Core Energy you have is still too low, even if you are a Mutant you still have to absorb Cores expanding your internal reservoir little by little in the end.”

Put simply, the potential is excellent, but saying Jiwon was still at a ‘low level’ wasn’t wrong. Even so, it will eventually become possible to use the AlphaDragonoid’s abilities in a wider scope including Core absorption. And not even Kang-Joon could gauge properly what sort of potential BlueHeart still possessed.

Kang-Joon watched Jiwon, who was snickering like an idiot, saying casually.

“I have no intentions of telling you what is right or wrong, or whether murder is good or bad. However, promise me only this.”


“Do not carelessly kill people. Understood?”


Even though it was nothing but an oral promise, Jiwon replied strongly. There were many cases of Mutants with twisted personalities, but Kang-Joon saw that among those Jiwon could be considered a pretty decent guy.

With this the Team would possess a varied assortment. Capable of arranging stable as well as basic formations. And most of all had a Mutant with many applications, while possessing all the attack power they might need which was what Kang-Joon appreciated the most.

Defense and vanguard: Seo Aran
Main attacker: Jiwon, Peculiarity: High defense level with Core Energy release
Assistance and rear support: Choi Gina, Peculiarity: Able to use Avatar in case of emergency

Seo Aran had outstanding well-rounded capability, and the other two team members — despite still being inexperienced — could, in a certain form, be considered hidden cards. Kang-Joon checked each of the three abilities one by one nodding his head smiling as if he was satisfied.

‘The world is unfair as always.’

A world where talent is everything. Even if you put in all your effort, if you don’t have Talent you were bound to fail. Being a Knight required talent, being a Mutant required talent, and being a Awaken too required talent.

Kang-Joon, without any sort of talent himself, went through numerous dangerous moments in order to survive. However, to him that sort of life style was from now on a thing of the past.

If you can’t obtain talent, you can raise talented people. With money, energy crystals or anything else they might need, the team members whom he employed could be cultivated easily. Kang-Joon’s plan was progressing in a fast pace, and now, at this moment, the most important piece had fallen in place.

Although not at a high level, all of them had enough potential — worthy of becoming high-ranked. On contrary, If he met an already high-ranked Team it was probable he would be the one bossed around.

Rather, Kang-Joon thought it was fortunate to meet a Team composed of newcomers with remarkable talent. They were greenhorns, and had no choice but trust and follow after him.

With the Team formed they didn’t throw themselves in the field immediately. Basic teamwork had to be built and adjusted first. If they were deployed as they were right now it was impossible to tell whether they would get in each other ways and if accidents such as friendly fire would happen.

During the 2 weeks Choi Gina and Seo Aran had not laid idle, and Seo Aran was quite adept with the body reinforcing. And having trained for about 2 weeks, Seo Aran displayed her mastery over the baseball pitches.


Together with a light sound the baseball shot at Seo Aran’s body bounced off.

“Good. The training clearly produced results.”


“Ah… Do it…”


Choi Gina with half-lidded eyes was rolling a baseball in the floor from a distance away, mumbling. It was a facial expression of someone who had touched on the feeling of the Half-Trance state.

It was still not at a point it could be used in a real battle. However, it was an important first step nonetheless. Choi Gina shook her head, recovering her mind soon after, dropping her head as if sullen. During the 2 weeks Kang-Joon was gone the best results she could reach was moving a single baseball, and that too with great difficulty naturally.


“You are making fun of me… Sorry.”

“No, it is really amazing. Not using drugs and doing this much in a month. Originally the start is the most difficult step. In the future, it will alright if you gradually build upon that feeling.”

Kang-Joon did not seek to console her, being sincere. Although Choi Gina showed a confused expression as if there was nothing amazing about rolling a baseball with psychokinesis, Kang-Joon carried a soothing smile.

“Ms. Gina is certainly talented at this, and is doing quite well. You don’t have to show that sort of face.”

“Thank you…”

Choi Gina who had become crestfallen recovered a little vigor hearing Kang-Joon words. While Jiwon was watching all that trembling with excitement.

“W-What about me? Please tell me to do something! I bet I can do it well!”

Burning with confidence with an expression overflowing with enthusiasm. Although enthusiasm in excess is bad in many ways, it is much better than not having any.

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