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This chapter you will see Jiwon calling the girls as ‘Unnies’ (Meaning something akin to big sister but not so simple). I decided to try using those in this chapter to see how you guys feel.

My opinion is Big Sister/Older Sister sounds weird while Unnie meaning can be inferred through context and usage. I need to get a grasp for those things…


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Battle Station

Kang-Joon instructed the members on the basics first, all of them had their own strengths and were engrossed in making the most of their capabilities. And, when four days had elapsed and they could considered as proper teammates, a call from Seol Yeong arrived.

[Mr. Kang-Joon, it would be better to guarantee they can work as a team before starting working properly, right?]

“Yeah. That why they are going through the basics for the time being…”

[What about going to a Battle Station?]

“When you say Battle Station…”

Although Kang-Joon had heard of it a few times most of the information was still unfamiliar to him. However, Seol Yeong slowly explained.

Initially a technology of United States’ military, with the technology of using augmented reality for combat being made open to the public, Battle Stations were appearing all over the world like mushrooms after a summer rain.

Battle Station was a place which adapted the augmented reality system for the use in battles. Although the facility fees were very expensive, there was nothing like it regarding a Hunter Team combat training. There were no risks involved, and it enabled for the development of teamwork figuring out what the problems might be firsthand, therefore, in many ways, it was a place Teams which were giving their first steps as well as those who were just starting to establish their teamwork came to ‘rehearse’ a live battle.

Few full-fledged Battle Stations were created in Korea, with three in Seoul and a single one in Busan — A total of four. However, looking at their increasing momentum these facilities would certainly continue to multiply.

In the end, it was not that much different from a game, and although as of now only Hunters and management officials could make use of it due the high cost, as that phase gradually passed it was more than capable of being used as a source of entertainment.

[Originally, the cost to use was extremely expensive and too much of a burden, however, didn’t we receive the president’s award this time?]


[So, instead of receiving additional benefits that were all the same I’ve been looking through everything, and thought being given free-use to a Battle Station seemed like the most beneficial thing.Then I  requested it and the government officials allowed.]


[Un, because of that, from now on we can use the Battle Station whenever we please.]

They didn’t receive a simple reward that would lose its value, and neither did Seol Yeong try to obtain many things at once — it was a fair compensation. Although it was Kang-Joon who had done all the work, Seol Yeong was able to make good use of the opportunity, obtaining a very sizeable privilege.

Monsters made real through the augmented reality would appear in front of one’s eyes, and those who went in would have no problems vanquishing them using the fake devices utilized in the Battle Station.

Kang-Joon arrived in the Battle Station’s location situated in Seoul outskirts bringing all his party.

“The world is really moving forward…”

The 20-something young man who had to mature too early could not help letting out an amazed voice seeing the enormous Battle Station building.

More than receiving any substantial benefits or being granted a certificate, in some form Kang-Joon felt he had completed his job.

“Wow… This is what you were saying…”

“Unnie! What is this?”

Choi Gina and Jiwon seeing the sophisticated interior had their mouths wide open unable to close it. Equipment they had never seem before in their lives, vast interior, and, most of all, with the enormous influx of capital the Battle Station’s building itself was enormous, spanning the equivalent of multiple baseball fields to begin with.

“Ms. Aran has already visited a Battle Station?”

“There was a facility in the Temple. Although was smaller than this.”

Seo Aran expression wasn’t that of someone coming across something for the first time. An employee approached them not long later, guiding them somewhere after talking with Kang-Joon for a short time. Heading to the Battle Room Seol Yeong had reserved.

“Is it fun, unnie?”

“It hurt slightly in the beginning.”

Hearing one could be hurt Gina, Kang-Joon, and Jiwon all tilted their heads.

“Can we be injured while fighting with holograms?”

To Gina inquiry Aran still replied with the same impassive expression.

“A Battle Room is an installation made with Cube Crystals as base.”


“And as such uses mechanically generated force fields. It is a little complicated to say…”

Aran said simply.

“You can think of it as an artificial  implementation of a psychokinesis attack.”

“Then… that means…”

“If you are hit, the pain is genuine.”


“It is alright. It is not enough to kill someone.”

With Aran unconcerned words Gina’s complexion became white with fear.

“Before we went through the enhanced body procedure, there were children whose arms or wrists were fractured… That was about it. There will be no problems once you got the hang of it.”

Hearing Aran’s indifferent words Gina was almost worrying herself to death. Then she set her sight at Kang-Joon.

“A-About this…”

“Make sure to not be hit and you will be fine.”

However, Kang-Joon was an even more unprincipled bastard.

While Jiwon had no interest in those words or whether it would hurt or not, simply listening to the people’s vigorous shouts every time they would pass through each Battle Rooms with shining eyes.

The Battle Room was divided in a control room and main room. The monsters were controlled from the control room, and the main room was the place where the confrontation would take place.

“This an C-Class Room, able of summoning monsters between the F and C Rank. Today you are allowed to use it freely until nighttime. Please keep in mind all the warnings stated, and feel free to call me if there is any emergency or problem.”

After that the employee went back having explained the process of how to operate and use everything one time. The main room interior was quite broad, roughly an 230m2 wide space. Although nothing had appeared in view yet, thanks to the dark brown walls and the ceiling’s white lights the surroundings were quite pleasing to the eye. Kang-Joon read the warnings conspicuously attached to the control room’s walls slowly.

[Attention! Do not use Aether devices used in real battles!]

[This facility has been made of Cube alloy and as such is very solid, but is not invulnerable against intentional damage.]

[Usage by Awakens and Mutants above B Rank is prohibited.]

[All damage to the facility and/or property responsibility as well as compensation are to be shouldered by the customer.]

If there was a single mistake was to be made it was self-explanatory what sort of unimaginable compensation this super-advanced facility would ask for. Kang-Joon stared at the three people with a serious expression.

“Do not get careless even if all we are doing is practicing, and especially you Jiwon, be careful not to smash anything here.”

“Yes, hyung!”

Each individual received fake Devices and Armour Coats. And, after the equipment was operated as it was explained to Kang-Joon, the three entered the main room. Kang-Joon equipped a headset, speaking in the microphone afterwards.

“Can you guys hear me well?”


Everyone nodded their heads. In the screen what sort of monsters as well how many could be summoned appeared, and the three personnel who had entered at the moment were indicated. Kang-Joon had no attraction to games in the first place, and he didn’t have many memories of having interacted with them either, doing nothing except stare at the messages that appeared in front of his eyes without reaction.

[Battle Station System operating]

[The Room’s interior is equipped with the latest Energy Scanner.]

[Hunters and Knight classes deal combat damage when hitting the enemy with the practicing Devices.]

[Mutants and Awakens deal damage measuring the energy amount when hitting the enemy with their special abilities or brutal force.]

[This is a C-Class Room. There is a risk using special-abilities or physical force exceeding the B Rank doing critical damage to this installation.]

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[Set the difficulty level]
[Very Hard]
[Hell (Must have the Station Master’s certification)]

Deciding the difficulty level was very important. Kang-Joon looked at the screen which had appeared on the huge monitor, hesitating for a moment.

“If it’s too easy there will be no fun.”

[Manager oppa?]

Gina’s frightened voice was heard.

Kang-Joon pressed the [Hard] button forgetting the fact his words were heard by everyone.

[Hard Mode]
[Armour Coat’s shield value decreased by 30%]
[Shield regeneration  decreased by 30%]
[Irrespective of the Shield remainder, if attacked by 5 enemy hits the Armour Coat will be deemed destroyed.]
[Enemies’ movements are 0.5 faster, and health is increased by 50%.]
[Enemies’ movements will be added with a component of unpredictability]

[Select the summoned monster’s type and numbers.]

In front of Kang-Joon’e eyes a list of numerous monsters together with their 3D images appeared in an instant. Monsters from F to the C Rank were lined up, including Boss Monsters too. Kang-Joon’s selection so far was displayed to the people in the augmented reality main room.

Seo Aran watched the flashing ‘Hard Mode’ notifications inside the room expressionless.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“What is this…”

Jiwon didn’t know what was going to happen, releasing light blue and dense mist from its body. At the same time Kang-Joon was browsing through the list choosing one. With his voice echoing inside the room.

[I don’t have much to expect after all. It is just the start, so let’s take it easy.]

Choi Gina couldn’t become part of the fighting force now nor in the immediate future. And as such, the ones engaging in the fight would be Aran and Jiwon.

[It would be too stressful if many of them were summoned, no? A little bigger fellow will do.]


A portal opened in the air, and from there something’s appearance was slowly revealed.


As that Monster walked forth the ground shaking was very much real. And although it was nothing but a construction using mechanical force fields, as soon as the real monster appeared in front of their eyes the fact was there was only one thing the team members could think of.

‘Is that really fake?’

The monster in front of their eyes was tremendously realistic. And Aran too had completely no idea the augmented reality technology had developed to this extent. Despite not wearing any equipment that hologram monster was represented with such details one could see the creases in its skin.

“Ah, so this is the american technology…”

Kang-Joon too watched that sight from the other side of the tempered-glass, releasing a surprised sound.

Excluding Kang-Joon — due to augmented reality a message was displayed in front of everyone eyes.

[Hard Mode]
[F Rank Boss]
[Daytime Dokkaebi[1]]

In front of their eyes — with a red skin, reaching a height of approximately four meters, and carrying a giant wooden club in its right hand — stood a giant. Aran observed the practicing Device, releasing a breath of relief. No Aether needed to run through it, and it was no different from a decorative sword with matching weight only.

Even if it was a F Rank, a boss was summoned suddenly.

[Is this much too easy?]

Kang-Joon was saying that sort of senseless words quietly.


The Dokkaebi released an odd cry, lunging at them. Gina’s body froze, unsure of whether to head somewhere and bring forth The Magical Girl’s — certainly overkill — power,  Seo Aran gritted her teeth rushing at the Dokkaebi,

“Wow! It’s very big!”

while Jiwon was in the middle of admiring it.


The result was a crushing defeat.


“Ah, my head is ringing…”

“If only I had done did it for a little bit longer!”

Seo Aran put up a fight, and Jiwon layered its Core Weapon around its body pouncing at the daytime Dokkaebi. It succeed at times landing some effective hits in place, while Aran squeezed in the enemy gaps making a few bold attacks.

However, Jiwon’s erratic advances were the problem. Jiwon pounced randomly crossing through Aran’s movements path, hesitating for a moment. As such, the Dokkaebi wasted no time and scored three consecutive hits, destroying the Armour Coat. Eliminating Jiwon with the fourth attack delivered.

And in Aran’s case, although she avoided the attacks well she moved in the gaps and blind-spots in order to continuously attack, and due to that the aggro transferred to Choi Gina, who was still in her body, and with a couple hits the sluggish Choi Gina was eliminated.

And although Seo Aran, who was the last one remaining, avoided the Dokkaebi’s attacks quite skillfully she overtaxed herself in the end searching for attack points and hits, receiving continuous attacks after being knocked down and was eliminated.

Hence, it was a complete wipe-out.

If it was an actual battle Choi Gina could have used the Avatar, and Seo Aran could have used the body reinforcement and endured longer, while Jiwon could have used its Mutant abilities fully and they could have finished it somehow.

On contrary, the Battle Simulation was in some aspects more difficult than a real battle, however, it was just practice. And as practice one had to be perfect so they could be more than perfect in a real battle. Like that, Kang-Joon felt it valuable to increase their practice intensity a little.

At the end of the battle, the Dokkaebi remaining HP hovered at roughly 30%, most of the damage dealing done by Jiwon. It was based simply on the estimated energy amount, and in fact Jiwon’s attack ability was very impressive. Kang-Joon didn’t criticize the 3 people.

[Actual battle data results assembled, abilities averages arranged.]

Kang-Joon looked at the statistics of the personnel inside the room displayed on the monitor, thinking it indeed seemed like a real game. Through the console the shield values and attack power could be adjusted to match their actual capabilities.

[Setting each personnel capabilities in accordance to their actual ones. If there is no abnormality, this data will be used as default value henceforth.]

[Player 1 – Choi Gina]
[Attack Power : 10] [Shield : 100] [Health : 10] [Special Attack : 1]

[Player 2 – Seo Aran]
[Attack Power : 20] [Shield : 100] [Health : 200]

[Player 1 – Jiwon]
[Attack Power : 40] [Shield : 100] [Health : 100]

In Seo Aran’s case, taking into account she would be able to endure many hits thanks to the body reinforcement the health numerical value was raised above the default, and, in Jiwon’s case, it was deduced through the average measurement of the Core weapon energy values.

Of course, If on was to use high-quality Aether Devices or Armour Coats the attack power and shield values would increase, those were values one could depend entirely. The practice Devices basic damage is fixed at 10, that meant Choi Gina’s attack power was, in other words, the weapon attack power itself.

In Seo Aran’s case, because of the muscle strength she had the damage was boosted.

At a Battle Station it was possible to obtain quantified values like this. And Kang-Joon suddenly realized this facility was a considerable step forward in various aspects.

An actual battle wasn’t a world where one would perform an attack with 40 attack power and would deal 40 damage, in many ways, as it was, it was close to a fun way of grasping the basics. Most of all, Kang-Joon attention was in Gina’s special statistic which no one else had.

‘Don’t tell me a small bit of psychokinesis was used in that situation?’

He was caught off guard unable of understanding anything, at the room Choi Gina, even while doing something else, used a very small amount of psychokinesis which was detected and expressed here as a quantified value. Although Choi Gina was currently in the brink of a mental breakdown, as Kang-Joon thought there was no need to think like that at all.

In this brief moment, Choi Gina herself had achieved a small progress.

“Let’s try it 3 more times.”

At the Hard Mode the amount of impact wasn’t that big, giving only an impact sufficient enough to cause one’s brain to buzz slightly. Kang-Joon didn’t make any rash changes, summoning the same monster once again.

Naturally, the remainder 3 times results were also defeats.

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Translations’s Notes:

Dokkaebi – The Korean Goblin:

Amongst the most prolific of supernatural beings in Korean folklore is the dokkaebi. Translating dokkaebi into the English word “goblin” can lead to misconceptions because in European folklore, goblins have a demonic or evil element to them; whereas dokkaebi do not.

“The dokkaebi are creatures with supernatural powers and they possess both positive and negative characteristics. They like to make humans happy but they can also bring misfortune. To put it simple, for Koreans a dokkaebi is similar to a leprechaun for the Irish.”

Source: Cryptids Guide – Korean Dokkaebi

There are multiple versions of dokkaebi, which come in different shapes and sizes. They have features including horns, bulging eyes, a big mouth, long, sharp teeth, a hairy body and long claws. Dokkaebi are typically night beings, but you might find them out during day when it is foggy and rainy.

However, in our case, the ‘daytime Dokkaebi’ signifies the creature is above its kin, more powerful and able to ignore such restriction and thus, could be indeed considered a Boss monster. Which now that I think of it might be the rule to be categorized as a boss Monster — Being the strongest being of your ‘species’ regardless of power per se.

Another good link with more Korean folklore info (with slight focus on their drama adptations) can be found here:  Korean Historical Drama – Korean Folklore (goblins and other beings)


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