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Oppa : is for a girl referring to a slightly older guy / their actual big brother.
Unnie : is for a girl referring to a slightly older girl / their actual big sister.
Hyung : is for a guy referring to a slightly older guy / their actual big brother.
Noona : is for a guy referring to a slightly older girl / their actual big sister.

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HSManager – LCD Thread

Battle Station

[Battle Results – All dead, Defeat]
[Player 1 – Choi Gina : Death 4min 44sec]
[Player 2 – Seo Aran : Death 9min 21sec]
[Player 3 – Jiwon : Death 3min 30sec]
[Remaining enemies : Daytime Dokkaebi (Remaining HP 7%) ]
[Battle Rating F Rank]

It was able to analyze and issue a post-evaluation about who caused how much damage, or the circumstances regarding one’s death. In many ways the Battle Station was a place in which the simulations did their money worth. Everyone was downcast with the consecutive defeats. However, Kang-Joon didn’t comment anything.

“We should eat something first.”

This place was where new Hunter Teams did their training, so as soon as they came out the Battle Room they met people who were aware of Seo Aran’s circumstances, sharing some light greetings every now and then.

“Wow! Aran! It’s been a while!”


“How are you?”

“I am well.”

“Oh, ah… Have you eaten?”

“I am going now.”

“Ah… Yeah, have a nice meal! Let’s meet again later!”

Most of the people they met were glad only to depart with Aran’s dry responses while others simply nodded their heads as greeting, with the clear-cut responses and the lack of willingness in continuing the conversations displayed all too openly the majority of those were glad not have seeing each other in a long time ended disgruntled.

Everyone watched the cute child there and there were those who greeted it looking as if they found it endearing, and Jiwon, likewise,  diligently greeted them.


Of course, Hero Management was attracting all attention of the management industry these days like a second sun rising in the sky, and those who were aware of the news of a newly recruited Mutant’s presence there roughly guessed Jiwon’s identity.

The treatment given to Mutants was already less than ideal, and if it was a child involved in the murder cases in a Mutant breakout incident then, it was no surprise to be treated like the chicken by the cow — with sheer indifference.

Seo Aran was a familiar face among the Knights, while in Choi Kang-Joon’s case the rumours had more than enough time to spread to the people who were well-informed by now, and the people who had heard of Choi Kang-Joon could roughly guess Jiwon’s circumstances.

‘Then who is she?’

What those who passed by, specially the management officials, were paying attention to was Choi Gina. Thinking that if Choi Kang-Joon’s cast consisted of a Templar aspirant and a runaway Mutant, Choi Gina as well might be a talented Hunter worth keeping track of. However, as it was, looking at her she seemed simply like a woman in her mid twenties with distinguished and beautiful features.

Besides, seeing their crestfallen expressions, one could guess without difficulty the colossal failure in the Battle Room. This is a Battle Station, and making a mistake here meant nothing other than death in a battle, so it was often followed by the managements strong reprimands and sometimes issuing of penalties.

In the end, even if private  they were a company after all, and the Hunters here were training under their managers’ surveillance.

The managements’ trend those days was to run new Teams at the Battle Stations for some days if short, or a few week if long to build up teamwork. The majority which was then ordered to go out working in the field. it was, in various aspects, the speed of roasting a bean with lightning.

There were many cases where ‘training’ was the equivalent of being imprisoned in the Room, and skipping meals was but a matter of course. There were occasionally cases of Freelancer Hunters which were able to summon winds, clouds and rain before the contract becoming no different from slaves after them.

As such, Hunters were, in their majority, almost half-dead.

That was also the same to Kang Ju-Yeon who was in the middle of a meal in the food court.

“Haa… I hate this.’

For 3 whole days, she was training hard together with her new team members while getting only the minimum necessary sleep. Working hard with D Rank Hard Mode Clear as goal, she — together with a Knight and a single Awaken — was part of a three-man Team, training under a manager’s instructions.

A Knight, who had physical strength much more outstanding than others, felt this much fatigue, the additional fatigue the awaken had was clear to see.

He was at his wit’s end, and without even going through 3 spoonfuls ran to the restroom in order to throw up.

Until the contract was signed no matter what they did she was no different from a queen, now the manager only had eyes for his watch as if he was apprehensive.

If the expected amount of training wasn’t fulfilled it was, to the team leader, the same as a failure.

The down-payment was received, so in the future she had to move in accordance with the management’s commands, and regardless of much she earned the plain truth was the management had the initiative. However she was a headstrong person, and could endure this much.

And that was when she found a familiar face in the food court.

‘Seo Aran?’

A man, one quite pretty young kid which she couldn’t tell whether was a boy or girl, followed by Seo Aran and another woman. Kang Ju-Yeon was able to know at once that adult man was Hero Management’s manager from those widespread rumours. Although they were seated quite far away, she eavesdropped in their conversation concentrating her senses.

“What do you want to eat?

“Side-dishes[1] too.

“Can I eat a Tonkatsu[2]?”

“Tomato pasta.”

“Okay… Tonkatsu and pasta with side-dishes. Jiwon, should we order you a junior set?”

“Noooo! Something big, would it be bad if I eat something big?”

“I get it. Something big.”

Kang-Joon rose from the seat finishing the tally.

‘What the, they came here to fool around?’

Looking as they were they were no different from people who had come to visit a department store’s food court. The manager standing in front of Kang Ju-Yeon’s eyes continued talking without care.

“Finish your meal, take a 3 minutes rest then come to the room immediately after. Ms. Ju-Yeon, you are indeed doing good so far, but can you keep in mind your overeagerness in the future? Move with the idea of helping you teammates first once in a while. And Mr. Jikwon isn’t it too problematic to be scared now? It is augmented reality after all, what are you scared of? If it’s this way right now, what about in a real battle then?”

A Manager in the early thirties ate casually talking at length of work matters. Even if considered a prospect, she was still nothing but a C Rank Knight, her potential was seen by the company and selected — nothing but that. She would grow during the 5-year contract, and, because of that, would end providing more Energy Crystals as commission than the company’s initial down-payment.

The allure of money was ruthless, therefore, before she was employed in real battles she was pushed very hard. Although Kang Ju-Yeon was doing well, it seemed the Knight that came together with her, Kim Jikwon, was being subjected to a very severe talk.

‘Then why don’t you try being hit once!’

Fake or not, due to the operating psychokinesis the amount of impact transferred was not ordinary. Enough for a common person to break out in a thousand screams.

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Translation’s Notes:

Banchan – Side-Dishes:

Banchan is a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. As the Korean language does not distinguish between singular and plural grammatically, the word is used for both one such dish or all of them combined.

Banchan are set in the middle of the table to be shared. At the center of the table is the secondary main course.

Source: Wikipedia – Banchan


Tonkatsu – don-kkaseu:

Tonkatsu pork cutlet, is a Japanese dish which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. The two main types are fillet and loin.

Source – Wikipedia – Tonkatsu


However Kang Ju-Yeon didn’t took out that words, having her meal quietly. Rather than the manager’s nonsense she had no use hearing to, she was more curious about what the rumors’ Choi Kang-Joon was saying.

“Eat first, and after a cup of coffee we start again.”



Despite depending on the rank selected, the Battle Station’s fee could, basically, easily jump over $750 USD per hour. As such, an hour in the Battle Station was, in other words, a huge amount of money. However, Choi Kang-Joon, the one from the rumours, had an attitude as if he was coming to a tour, not saying a single word about work or related things.

“The diced radish Kimchi[3] here is really well done.”

Talking of nothing but trivial things. Without even dreaming Hero Management had obtained a free-use pass, Kang Ju-Yeon at that carefreeness felt an inscrutable rage boiling inside.

She was angry, unable to let it loose somehow looking at the manager in front of her, a glare in her eyes.

“As such, starting next time you should be a little more contained…”

“We understand so eat quickly. On contrary, the meal time is probably taking even longer.”

That was all Kang Ju-Yeon could say.


Kang-Joon took out his business talk after the meal, while drinking coffee sitting at a café. While Jiwon was happily having a milk-shake. In the café, the people who could drink coffee were only officials, including managers, but not Hunters.

“Why are you all so dispirited like this?”

Aran had a serious expression, and Gina was dropping her head forward.

“I think there isn’t anything I can help so…”

“I am not sure what I have to do.”

Although Seo Aran had once visited a Battle Simulation, as it was known, her teamwork was lacking. The type that, instead of cooperating with others grasped things alone, shouldering everything. Jiwon was a child who didn’t know properly what a fight was, and although Choi Gina was someone who could crush everything with her overwhelming ability, at the moment she could at most roll a — single — baseball about.

“Losing is something natural. Nothing to fret about.”

Kang-Joon spoke to them like that.

“When I became a beginner Hunter. After I joined a Team all I did was sightseeing for half a year.”


“How to fight. What fighting is. A process is necessary to get to know that sort of thing. In my case, if I made a mistake my life would be gone for, so I prepared like that, but with Battle Stations there is no need to repeat it, the training you are going through is exactly like a real battle. I mean, as of now you guys haven’t worked together once and were dropped in a real battle, if you had won I wold have no words left to say.”

Kang-Joon didn’t have many expectations, and like that, on contrary, the performance they had shown was, frankly speaking, beyond his expectations. Although Seo Aran’s teamwork was unsatisfactory she could endure facing off a Boss for 9 minutes, and Jiwon’s Core Weapon was very powerful. Also, Choi Gina, despite being in the middle of battling, was little by little gaining enlightenment in the Half-Trance.

Kang-Joon looked at each of the three people’s faces unhurried, setting up their actions’ guidelines one at time.

“Ms. Gina should be alright to keep your focus on being able to use the half-Trance during the battle like now. Jiwon you have a tendency of rushing in thoughtlessly, the best attack timing is precisely right after the enemy attacks. IF you have confidence you will break the enemy’s attack rhythm attack. Usually you should aim at the enemy rear side. Ms. Aran… well.”

Aran, as soon as Kang-Joon mentioned herself, placed both hands on her knees, staring at him nervously.

“You have an excessive tendency of not getting hit.”

“…Not being hit is a good thing, no?”

“If you was alone it would be like that.”

Kang-Joon indicated Jiwon and Gina.

“Ms. Aran doesn’t pay attention whether there is something in the enemy’s attacks trajectories.”

Seo Aran possessed an extremely individualistic battle style.

“At times, there is moments Ms. Aran must use the body reinforcement and endure the enemy’s attacks hits. I am talking of when a friend is on the attack’s path. However, when the enemy advanced Ms. Aran’s first action was to aggressively attack after avoid the enemy’s attacks. Keep in mind. When Hunting, a Knight’s purpose isn’t bringing the enemy down.”

Kang-Joon advised carefully.

“Tie the enemy’s feet, and keep track of the enemy’s attacks pushing them back with that. If you have to avoid in that situation take into account the Team’s overall situation, then carry it out. A Knight’s actions main objective is blocking the enemy’s movements while staying alive.”

Even though Aran generally survived until the end, that was because of Aran’s good movements and not-so-ethical abandon, completely disregarding her team members well-being.

If we are to talk in game terms, she was a Tank which didn’t carry a shield and whose interest was placed only in slicing the enemy, but that couldn’t do that well. As a matter of fact, if Aran had moved in harmony with Jiwon’s advances they would have Cleared it before.

However, Kang-Joon didn’t say that. Kang-Joon didn’t think pointing out flaws and harsh reviews made for better people. Those were excellent in eliminating mistakes.

But would make the subject passive instead. And there was no good reason to use such person, in hunting or anywhere else.

“Everyone should have gotten a sense of what sort of problems each one possess through this four experiences. Now go and try to fix the problems we realized with those yourselves.”


“Well… I will give it a try then.”

Seo Aran didn’t say anything with a hard expression.

As they departed the café in the Station and returned to the Room, when Jiwon and Gina went in, Seo Aran stood in front blankly, calling out to Kang-Joon.

“Mr. Manager.”

“Ah, yes. Ms. Aran.”

Aran stared at Kang-Joon with a serious expression. Aran’s impression was quite cold, therefore, it certainly appeared like a glare. However, Aran stared at Kang-Joon, dropping her head slightly afterwards.

“I am sorry for disappointing you.”

Aran lifted her head, and, after speaking like that, passed by Kang-Joon entering the Room with a ‘swoosh’.

Kang-Joon looked at that sort of Aran, scratching the back of head.

“You have not disappointed.”

There was no need to be disappointed about problems that were expected.

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Translation’s Notes:

Kkakdugidiced radish kimchi:

Kkakdugi or diced radish kimchi is a variety of kimchi in Korean cuisine. Kkakdugi is a popular banchan (side dish) enjoyed by Koreans and others.

Source: Wikipedia – Kkakdugi


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