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Battle Station

Aran was more physically outstanding than Kang-Joon thought, and the teamwork problem was already something acknowledged. Only anticipated problems were revealed, and just those needed to be fixed.

However, Aran, having her flaws pointed out by Kang-Joon, was overwhelmed by a feeling of shame.

Cooperation was difficult to her since the past. Adapting one’s attitude to someone is itself difficult, and in fighting specially it was even more so.

Even if she formed a temporary Team, even if she needed to bring down four opponents alone in a tournament, she wouldn’t try to do anything through cooperation or collaboration. Although it was a known problem, it wasn’t fixed in the slightest. Speaking precisely she never really felt a reason to.

However, it was a little different now.

Wanting to receive Kang-Joon’s approval, while confronting the fake monster she realized. Although being eliminated was as it was just an elimination, if it was real battle those people would have genuinely died.

Because of her, people would die.

Kang-Joon progressed through those four simulations to at the same time induce them to realize it by themselves. Their own shortcomings.

And Aran understood. Because she avoided the enemy attacks Jiwon was beaten, shield dispelled and Armour Coat destroyed until being eliminated. She knew she shouldn’t do it but at same time couldn’t hold back the bad habits imprinted in her body. If it was an actual battle Jiwon’s head would have burst open, and Gina would have disappeared in a pool of blood with that sort of attacks.

She was a Knight, and, as such, could receive that sort of attacks even without an Armour Coat.

She had to stop avoiding and endure.

She had to be hit when she had to.

[C’mon, start again.]

Kang-Joon’s voice rang inside the main room, and the virtual monster was summoned once again. Aran held the practice Device in hand while looking at the slowly materializing daytime Dokkaebi[Recap]. Jiwon, and Gina too were the same.

The 5, 6, and 7th attempts ended in failure.
When the 8th turn arrived, Seo Aran alone was eliminated and the daytime Dokkaebi was Cleared. The finishing blow was a jumping strike by Jiwon with its Core weapon to the Boss’s head. Jiwon — body fairly flexible — moved nimbly like a cat, and was able to do a fantastic critical attack[2].

By the time it became 11pm they were able to clear the F Rank Boss without a single person being eliminated. Choi Gina grew fairly familiar with the Half-Trance, proactively making use of psychokinesis — becoming able to slow down the enemy’s movements to a certain degree. Although the one who appeared the least, Choi Gina was the one with the fastest growth.

In many ways, achieving a Clear in just a single day was itself something Kang-Joon specially admired.

[Battle result – All Survived – Clear]
[Finishing blow Player 3 – Jiwon]
[Clear time 4:33 sec]
[Battle rating B Rank]

Kang-Joon looked the Clear message satisfactorily, speaking against the microphone.

“You have worked hard. Let’s return for today and rest.”

Right now it was nothing but the first step, from here on the had to slowly advance forward, training like it was an everyday routine. At the moment all they did was Clear a Hard Mode F Rank Boss and nothing else.

“Starting tomorrow we will try dealing with the majority of the F Rank monsters.”

Today they were already worn out with exhaustion, as soon as they heard they had to do it again tomorrow everyone’s expression blackened. Kang-Joon was also a manager after all, and had no such thoughts about running this team members leisurely. Above of all, these people were Hero Management’s sole hunting Team.

And, as such, had to become sufficient to be able to be placed in battle quickly.


The battle Station possessed very outstanding effects in combat training, and Kang-Joon decided it certainly was an efficient method. Most of all, that kind of Battle Station free-use pass possessed substantial value.

Kang-Joon organized a training schedule. Briefly, training at the Battle Station during the day, and, at night, doing individual training for 3 hours. Choi Gina was ordered to become perfectly familiar with the Half-Trance, while Seo Aran and Jiwon were ordered to be able to be more precise with the pitching machine sudden attacks and the Core Weapon’s use, respectively.

Kang-Joon supervised that three’s training process. On contrary, to them it was hard to understand why Kang-Joon hadn’t complained of any of them.

Most of all, Jiwon followed Kang-Joon dutifully, doing what was told obediently. Jiwon knew without Kang-Joon it would have been soaking in dissolving solution right now or sent to a protection facility — something much worse than the lifestyle it had now. All of them had a reason to, Hero Management aside, follow Kang-Joon.

Seol Yeong was asked about some sort of jurisdiction zones as well as emergency actions groups dispatching, but she shook her head; it was still not time to Kang-Joon to be deployed in a real battle. Seol Yeong too didn’t want to lose precious Hunter in vain  trusting Kang-Joon’s words.

And, when the training had been maintained for about a week, Choi Gina came to see Kang-Joon during the Half-Trance training.

Kang-Joon was supervising Jiwon’s Core Weapon training.


“Yes. Ms. Gina.”

“I… will do that.”


“Administering the drug.”

Although she did indeed develop to a certain extent, Choi-Gina training had yet to become a big help. If all her psychokinesis did was slow the opponents’ movements its level would, at best, be below the F Rank lower limit. With a higher ranked psychokinesis, if the Magical Girl was summoned Choi Gina could, in the worst case, crush the enemy in pieces with pure psychokinesis.

Choi Gina could see with her eyes Aran and Jiwon’s abilities improvements increasing daily, while she couldn’t give any sort of help, feeling stifled alone disillusioned with herself. There was an ingrained guilt problem, and at times it seemed she couldn’t endure.

After all, they had to be deployed to an actual battle quickly to earn money, and Choi Gina had to absorb a vast quantity of Aether if she wanted to restore her reduced lifespan.

“Are you talking about the OD-3 solution injection?”


“Well… Then I will do the preparations immediately.”

The drug preparation was not overly complex. As soon as it was explained to Seol Yeong she — despite small concern — approved the expense. And presenting the ID card at the place where Energy Crystals solutions were used, some units of the OD-3 solution were purchased without difficulty.

And now,

Choi Gina was watching Kang-Joon who was preparing the solutions dosages. Having already gleaned in the Half-Trance to a certain degree, it was a situation where, if she were to take the drug, she would advance several steps immediately.

“T-Then Oppa will do it yourself?”


“Is that really okay?”

“Professional surgery places don’t have this sort of thing. Even at the time with Chloe I did the injections directly.”

In other words, those words were no different from saying in the world no one but Kang-Joon had carried out this injection. The others were in the middle of training, and there was no one but Kang-Joon and Gina in the apartment complex upper level rooms.

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Translation’s Notes:

Daytime Dokkaebi:

“In front of their eyes — with a red skin, reaching a height of approximately four meters, and carrying a giant wooden club in its right hand — stood a giant.”

Amongst the most prolific of supernatural beings in Korean folklore is the dokkaebi. Translating dokkaebi into the English word “goblin” can lead to misconceptions because in European folklore, goblins have a demonic or evil element to them; whereas dokkaebi do not.

OBs.: I will try to make those recaps whenever necessary. Most likely a character/place that I feel some reader might need a Recap of without having to search previous chapters (because ain’t nobody got time for that.)


Critical Attack:

The raws could be directly translated as ‘irregular attack’. I didn’t like how it felt. It did bring across its meaning fairly well but sounded weird.

I thought of irregular, special, and critical attacks. Critical sounded better and I can’t see it clashing with another term later unless the author really introduces a more rpg-esque critical attack (which I doubt).

BTW, this critical (irregular) attack is supposed to mean hit to a key region that makes serious damage (And I can foresee some crippling effects or the likes also happen). So, in this case an ethereal dragon claw to the face (or head if you wanna nitpick) probably counts as pretty serious (and cool) damage. Other examples might be eyes, joints, stuff like that.


“Then, in this process little to no preparation is indeed needed, however…”

The injection solution prepared by Kang-Joon was shining with a dim milky white color. As soon as Choi Gina thought of that fluorescent substance going through her neck she suddenly felt afraid.

“It really isn’t dangerous?”

“Awakens would be fine even swallowing a gourd of Aether. You won’t die with this sort of thing. Although people like me would… We will have to prepare something.”

“What is it?”


Kang-Joon impression was difficult as if embarrassed, speaking.

“This, the first time is accompanied by unfamiliar pain, so… a little embarrassing situation can occur.”

“‘Embarrassing situation’?”

“Involuntary excretion discharge might occur.”

Nothing but roundabout words, no different from saying one might end up dirtying their pants.


“What is that?”

“It’s an enema.”



The two gazed at each other for a moment in silence. Inside Choi Gina couldn’t tell what was this after all — A difficult and embarrassing situation or sexual harassment.

“You aren’t lying?”

“Once you give it a try you will understand whether it is a lie or not.”

Choi Gina took over the enema looking as if she was about to cry.

“I will excuse myself. Please contact me when everything is settled.”


Kang-Joon went out outside, and Gina stared at the thing held in her hand blankly feeling she had to this after all. Jiwon and Aran had to endure a great amount of pain in the process which they earned their powers — She knew that well. On the other hand, Choi Gina didn’t experience an ounce of pain in the process of awakening her abilities. Now the ones dashing ahead were the two, and she still had not become completely helpful.

Although she couldn’t know what the pain would be, she thought she had to endure it at all costs. She didn’t want to become someone’s burden because she couldn’t endure such small thing.


After the big event(?) was settled, Choi Gina was lying face down on a yoga mat with an expression mixed humiliation and shyness.

“Can I start?”


“Don’t move no matter what.”

Kang-Joon lifted Gina’s long hair. Kang-Joon was no doctor, and naturally didn’t have things like professional knowledge. When giving injection to Chloe in the past, on contrary, he was the one most afraid.

‘Here? Is it here?’

‘Uh, stab around the place?’

‘Isn’t this dangerous?’

‘Just apply it where you want.’

‘Will this really be okay?’

‘If it doesn’t I will die anyway.’


Kang-Joon really placed the injection as had been said. Knights, Mutants, and, of course, Awakens as well — after awakening — could be simply thought as having bodies very diferent from ordinary people’s. And, due to the many experiences he already had, Kang-Joon knew this injection’s side-effects were vomiting and vertigo and nothing else.

Originally the OD-3 was a reinforcement drug used for overdrive. Only now, the injection’s location was different. Kang-Joon touched Gina’s nape, selecting the injection place.

“Well… It’s around here.”

“Don’t be afraid… Don’t be afraid…”

“Here is probably the right place.”

“Do not guess this sort of thing…”

Regardless of what was said or done Kang-Joon slowly pushed the syringe’s needle.


Whether it was by the frightening feeling as it entered Gina’s limbs contracted and her body shook tremblingly. After the milky solution, caused by none other than the fluorescent substance, was fully injected Kang-Joon pulled out the injection.

“Haa, Haa… Haa…”

Gina’s whole body went limp. She dropped down like a wet towel, breathing in and out repeatedly with shallow, almost unnoticeable breaths. Kang-Joon’s part came to an end with this. Gina was splayed around as if dead, therefore, despite experienced, Kang-Joon suddenly felt afraid.

What if the OD-3 cervical vertebrae injection was only effective on those with unique constitutions like Chloe?

Kang-Joon felt a chill on his spine.

“M-Ms. Gina?”

If that was confirmed they would have made a fatal mistake, as it was Kang-Joon would have to flee immediately or obediently face the illegal police investigation that would most likely follow.

“D-Did you die?”

Kang-Joon spouted nonsense because of his nervousness. Slowly, although — seeing by her back very weak rise and fall — the breathing stabilized, Gina’s eyes had no focus, and saliva was flowing from her mouth.



Gina’s body, eyes blurred as they were, slowly floated in the air. And from inside those eyes themselves white light started to burst forth. Kang-Joon remembered this sight.


Gina’s body, now approximately 30 centimeters above the ground, was floating. And, like that, Choi Gina slowly opened her mouth.

“I need to… pee…”


As she was still not skilled with the Half-Trance, she was in an half-sleep and half-awake state at the moment.

And was sleep-talking.

Gina floated in the air, slowly sailing through the air moving towards the bathroom’s direction. It certainly was a rarely seen sight, and Kang-Joon let out a breath of relief without knowing how to express what was this in the end.

“What a mess.”

As soon as Gina opened the door, planning to take off her pants in the air, Kang-Joon kindly closed the bathroom door. Once she got used to this perfect yet momentary trance feeling Gina would raise multiple levels in a moment, able to take some sort of actions becoming fully helpful.


30 minutes later,


Choi Gina, due to aftereffects caused by the drug, was continuously throwing up her insides contents. Coming out after washing her mouth roughly before going in once again, Choi Gina vomited until nothing but bitter water emerged from her stomach.

“Uu… Uuuu… I am dizzy…”

“Sit down quietly and you will feel better.”

“Y-Yes Sir…”

Choi Gina flopped in the sofa wearing a near-death rigid expression. Right now she felt like throwing up her stomach, dizzy, and probably couldn’t properly see anything shown in front of her eyes.

“Still… I think I know… what sort of feeling it is…”

“Once you give it a try some more times you will be able to understand it perfectly.”


Hearing ‘some more times’ Choi Gina was caught of guard, releasing a high-pitched voice.

“Ms. Gina, don’t tell me you thought you would be able to grasp it in a single time?”

Kang-Joon opened the storage case, displaying inside at least 10 syringes carrying OD-3 solution inside.

“T-this isn’t what you talked about…”

“If I said you had to do it multiple times, you certainly wouldn’t do it.”

“I was tricked once again…”

Gina had made a great decision of braving through hardship once, but due to Kang-Joon’s lack of explanation it all became a joke.

“If we are to put all these together this is USD $10,000 of easily spoilt solution, so you must use them all. If you give up in the middle, all of them will be charged from Ms.Gina, so don’t think of turning tail half-way.”

“What?! No way…”

Gina, despite disoriented, rose from the sofa startled. Pressing her temples firmly collapsing in the sofa once again soon afterwards.

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