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Suspicious Dance Party

“Can’t we use it for a different purpose…?”

“The OD-3 solution is for Awaken exclusive use only, and the Awakens at Hero Management are just Ms. Gina alone.”

Choi Gina had to make use of that injection’s solution completely. Making her wonder whether she wouldn’t really die if she were to be injected with all that many.

“And this is an Aether based drug after all. When injected with you will absorb Aether as result, your powers’ level rising as whole too whenever you do so — it would be killing two birds with one stone.”

“Uuu… T-That is too much…”

Kang-Joon, whether he could understand Gina’s inner turmoil, was smiling from ear to ear. While Jiwon and Aran, who had finished their individual trainings and returned back up, watched the beaming Choi Kang-Joon and Gina on the verge of tears while laying face down on the sofa, puzzled.

“Haa, today too was a very productive day.”

Choi Kang-Joon smiled, speaking like that. Seasoned people with Hunter experience each had an eccentric side, and Choi Kang-Joon was not an exception.


After that the schedule changed a little. Choi Gina ended now receiving the Half-Trance training using the OD-3 solution at night. And despite having no choice but falling in a half-corpse state every time going through it, Kang-Joon said if they did this training sparingly, on contrary, there would be no effects, being better to get down with it swiftly.

As such, naturally there were many times where Choi Gina and Kang-Joon were the only two present at night. Although Choi Gina couldn’t conceal her anxiety as it became night, chewing her fingernails and more, she did not refuse the procedure in the end. And the drug training’s effects did truly show themselves.

Choi Gina became able to — amidst battle — slow the enemy’s movements to a degree noticeable to the naked eye. Although incapable of killing or defeating the enemy, it was sufficient to make each creature sluggish under its imposing pressure. And with only that much Choi Gina already became sufficient help.

‘Is she a genius?’

Kang-Joon remembered even Chloe couldn’t grasp the Half-Trance at this speed. And even without that, Choi Gina was someone who mowed monsters down while cosplaying as a magical girl having no idea what Avatar even was. Her status as a genius already established.

Now they were working hard in order to Clear a C Rank Dungeon Hard Mode Boss. They had already become able to Clear a typical monster wave — with some difficulty.

This time their levels weren’t appropriate, and at the Hard Mode they couldn’t help facing complete annihilation putting up a desperate struggle.

The summoned monster was a giant spider that, with its agile movements and deadly poison, was a monster complicated to deal with in many ways. Choi Gina trembled at the start, saying there wasn’t absolutely any chance she could do it. Disliking insects from the outset, it was fortunate she didn’t pass out upon the giant insect sight.

And, at the seventh wipe-out,

“I can’t think of anything at all…”

Once bitten by its attacks a couple times one would enter a poisoned state, being eliminated directly. In addition, because of it increased intelligence, it attacked Choi Gina who was standing at the rear first. Seo Aran dealt with the enemy’s attacks, and — despite fighting back and evading at times — was eliminated being hit by its giant scythe-like legs sweeps and chops, and continuous biting attacks, while Jiwon didn’t need to be said. Aran spoke, looking at Kang-Joon fixedly.

“Show us a demonstration once.”

“Huh? Demonstration?”


Despite Aran firm expression there were fresh signs of a strong yearn .

“It is not something I can’t do, but… Even if you saw what I do there will be little gain. I don’t think it would be able to give any helping tips in particular, and…”

“Show it.”

Aran cut it off clearly, speaking like that. Kang-Joon and Aran interlocking gazes for a moment. The two, Jiwon and Gina, tilted their heads wondering why it had suddenly came to that, but were unaware of what meaning that could possibly have. Until Kang-Joon nodded his head.

“Well, sure.”

Even though he didn’t know what they could learn Kang-Joon wore the practice equipment, entering the main room. Whether Seo Aran knew the operation method, her voice heard from the control room soon afterwards.

[I will summon it then.]


[Hey Aran, just a moment.]

[Difficulty Level Change]
[Even being hit by a single attack will destroy the Armour Coat]
[Damage can not be inflicted without attacking weak points.]
[Enemy’s Health increased by 500%]
[Enemy’s Movement is two times faster.]

“M-Ms. Gina?”

[Hang in there Oppa!]

Choi Gina cried out with joy. A single action and the difficulty level was raised to the highest available. Mischief was probably only part of it, a feeling of revenge for all of Kang-Joon’s harassment present.

‘Was I too severe?’

If Choi Gina, who was usually kind, was like that it meant they hadn’t built up anything.

[Hardcore Mode]
[C Rank Boss]
[Giant Black Widow]

A huge black spider appeared,


And with a sound pounced headed to Kang-Joon with a tremendously outrageous speed.

“This really seems real…”

Seeing the spider’s charge Kang-Joon broke out in genuine cold sweat. However, separated from that, Kang-Joon slipped, diving under the incoming spider’s stomach, striking at the spider’s underbelly and escaping.

[Weakpoint attack!]

[50 damage inflicted.]

All things aside, Kang-Joon was a stubborn person with a competitive personality.




Moments later,

“What is this…”

Choi Gina was taking in the sight beyond the glass with a stunned expression.

“Wow! Hyung is really the best!”

Jiwon was jumping all over the place,  ecstatic.


Seo Aran was unable to take off her sight forgetting to say anything. A message appearing on the screen.

[Battle Results – Solo Play Clear]
[Clear Time 14:33 secs]
[Battle Rating PERFECT]

Kang-Joon, who scored the Clear and in fact wasn’t hit a single time, was sweating because of the non-stop rolling in the floor and the cold sweat brought by avoiding the enemy attacks. While, Jiwon aside, the other two words disappeared, watching Kang-Joon come out the main room as if he was a god.

No mind-boggling ability was employed and neither were superhuman movements displayed. Only changing places before the enemy attacked, always burrowing at its blind spots dishing out critical attacks without resting time. There was no psychokinesis, Core Weapon, or outstanding vitality based on an enhanced body. The task was simply accomplished with his body and the practice device he carried, nothing else.

The black widow which had no blind spots, moved quickly, and possessed completely unavoidable attacks when dealing with them found itself at loss facing Kang-Joon, unable to do anything. Making them curious of whether they were dealing with the same monster.

Despite seeing it with their eyes everyone was unable to understand what happened in the last fourteen minutes.

“Hyung! Here!”

“Ah, thanks.”

Jiwon brought a dripping wet towel and Kang-Joon wiped his sweat staring at the dumbfounded duo. Grinning.

“Simple, right?”

Aran and Gina thought at the same time.

‘I want to beat you!’

After drinking water, Kang-Joon laughed carelessly looking at Choi Gina and Aran rotting expressions.

“I am just kidding. Well… As I did this is, in the end, like a sort of experience based reaction. And, as you saw, not something one can teach.”

Kang-Joon didn’t proactively judge what he had to do in which situation and act. Moments to that sort of rational acting and thinking weren’t given during battle. When the enemy attack comes, which direction to head into or which gap to aim for wasn’t judged by the brain but body.

Like that battle was, in other words, no different from an ingrained habit or subconscious reflex, and in order to cultivate those hundreds and dozen of hundreds of continuous battles were needed. And, as such, Kang-Joon hadn’t given a demonstration until now.

Despite having seen it they couldn’t imitate. Seo Aran, Choi Gina, and, of course, Jiwon simply thought Kang-Joon was incredible, but held no thoughts about being able of imitating that sort of movement. With movements that didn’t go beyond a human’s limits, Kang-Joon avoided the spider’s two times faster attacks.

At the same time, to Seo Aran, Kang-Joon surviving until now was an incredible feat. Seo Aran knew Kang-Joon was a pure human — a Pure Hunter — a while ago. And was, like that, curious about what Kang-Joon experienced in order to obtain that sort of quick combat reflexes in the end.

Once you think of it, it was something irrational.

Were it those which became Mutants, Awakens, and Knights 10 years ago, even if they had to do the same Hardcore Mode as now they would be able to blast through it in a couple half-assed attacks. Without even needing to use the training devices. Maria, even attacking only with her reinforced body punches and kicks, would be able to inflict much more damage.

However, Kang-Joon took a very long 14 minutes, fighting while relying in the equipment. If the device was broken, it would be the same as having no means of combat.

It could be said others completed the course riding on a Porsche and Kang-Joon had to ride alongside on a light-weight car unlike them. Kang-Joon achieved combat ability was great at first sight, and at the same time shabby.

Aran felt she could indistinctively understand why Kang-Joon had quit the Hunter life. Defined limits, he had experienced his limits’ boundaries. However, Kang-Joon was chuckling.

Nowadays it was very common to address those who survived ‘strong’.

However, those who survived in the Hunter industry for 10 years as humans were difficult to categorize simply under a lone word.

“Then, should we start again?”


Jiwon answered energetically, and everyone advanced, going into the room with serious expressions. Kang-Joon’s voice ringing in the speakers.

[I have also done it, so everyone should give Hardcore a try for today too.]


Kang-Joon’s character was to pay back as much as he experienced.

[Then, you can do it.]

The Hardcore Mode black widow was soon summoned, and

it wasn’t a full 1 minute until complete destruction.

The members realized themselves that Choi Kang-Joon was a monster after all.


“Currently the Team progressed enough to be fully deployed to a D Rank Core situation. Once they become fully familiar with the equipment’s usage going so far as subduing a C Rank Core would probably not be unreasonable. All three of them are more than able of doing a person’s share.”

“So that is how it is! Mr. Kang-Joon is doing an excellent work as always.”

Kang-Joon reported for work at the company after a long while talking with Seol Yeong. The members were currently training at the Battle Station, and it was decided when the alloted time was over they would return together brought by Team Leader Song. Although originally it was expected for a manager to be stuck together at all times, Hero Management, as it was known,  lacked manpower.

Regardless of how easygoing they did things the company is a company, and checking the Hunter Team current status through the manager was natural . And, after hearing the report Seol Yeong took out the main point.

“There is an event hosted by the Management Association at this time.”


“It is easier if you think of it as just a simple party. And if two guests want information is sometimes shared. An excellent place to meet a lot of people. One might even be able to be entrusted with managing other large management declining branches.”


“What about Mr. Kang-Joon heading there together with me and getting to know some people?”

Management was, after all,  a personal connection business, and the more people known the better. Seol Yeong herself was determined in develop Kang-Joon. Kang-Joon’s ability to get things done was more outstanding than any among those she had seen, and with that degree she believed — without a doubt — he would become a big-shot incomparable with herself.

As such, if he learned slowly from here on out it would be beneficial to her and Kang-Joon alike. And Kang-Joon too had no reason to recuse.

” Sounds good.”

“The party is the day after tomorrow, so come together with me that day. The team members will be handled by Team Leader Song like today. Ah right, do you have any…”

Tuxedo? was what she intended to ask, but Seol Yeong closed her mouth. Kang-Joon was at this moment wearing brown denim pants, sneakers and a polo shirt. Besides, since the very first time, Kang-Joon had never — even a single time — shown his appearance adorning a suit.

“I have a suit. Well, I haven’t worn it, but…”

However, this was Kang-Joon who seemed to show no major concern to clothing, Seol Yeong didn’t find it very reliable. After all that was a place where, at times, formality was more important than what they had to say, and that formality was revealed though one’s outfit. Seol Yeong gazed at Kang-Joon intently, speaking as if making a big decision.

“I will buy some real clothes for this.”


“Mr. Kang-Joon worked hard so far and as you know couldn’t receive a bonus. This will be my present then.”

“Aren’t you squandering the company funds?”

“But it is a hundred percent private expense, though?”

“In any case, you should know the president’s money is the company’s money.”

“Why are  you so annoyingly obstinate even though I proposed to buy it? Shut it and follow!”


The slippery Kang-Joon was swatted in the back by Seol Yeong in the end.

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