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Suspicious Dance Party

Department stores luxury goods shops were an unfamiliar place to Kang-Joon. And, although he had a lot of money too, seeing a single suit’s asking price numbering at thousand of dollars had he shaking his head.

“Disgustingly expensive.”

Circling through the luxury goods stores together with Seol Yeong Kang-Joon summarized those numerous ‘superior products’ in a few words simply. While Seol Yeong laughed, full of enthusiasm.

“Those are strange words coming from a person who used 10 thousand dollars in a single injection set without blinking an eye. Aren’t all the suits here right now all cheaper than a low-end Armour Coat?”

Seol Yeong’s words too were right.

“Battle equipment which safeguards one’s life and a luxury whose only good are showing-off and self-satisfaction — the way they are measured themselves is different.”

Kang-Joon was a utilitarian person who spent money on items whose use were worth its value. An efficiency worth ten thousand dollars was expected from a 10 thousand dollars Device, however, Kang-Joon didn’t think  luxurious clothes’ matched the expectation they were granted with.

“Even then, the reality is most significant battle products these days are all, in their vast majority, being branded as luxury and status goods too.”

Well-know battling products had performance values lower than one would actually expect. It could be said their price was obtained mainly through the brand itself. Suit or hunting Device, when capital was involved, this sort of irrationality would be formed of one form or the other.

“Armour Coat parts are inserted into suits nowadays, with quite a few products sporting weak protective effects. Even the one with lowest price exceeding 100 thousand dollars. The best protective effects said to vary between the F and D rank. Selling well among high ranked individuals.”

Armour Coats’ uses weren’t exclusive to hunting only, and were slowly being applied even in everyday life. However, if one wants to possess proper defensive effects they would have to wear and get used to quite a heavy and not so easy to carry weight.

In fact,  Shield Bracelets — an  top-end hunting Device — were also sold more to rich people than Hunters.

The more a person had the more afraid of death they were. And, looking at it from a certain angle, it was a natural matter. Kang-Joon summarized that sort of worldly matters very concisely.

“That is insane.”

“It is!”

Seol Yeong agreed enthusiastically, the two glancing at each other smiling. Those weren’t Devices intended to be sold to simple Hunters.

The two entered inside a luxury goods store to select a suit according with their original aim. Seol Yeong reasonably picked suits likely to match Kang-Joon. And when they had bought everything from the light-grey tuxedo, dress shirt, shoes and neckties to cufflinks Kang-Joon was dead tired. As they wandered through the luxury store — for what was in fact a couple of hours —  Seol Yeong’s attitude, agonizing about whether to buy things time and time again as if she couldn’t bring herself to, trying this and that, trying everything once again, and throwing things away only to try them one more time later, left Kang-Joon aghast.

By the time the shopping was over the sun was already down.

“Isn’t this working overtime?”

“Someone who manages a Hunter Team 24 hours a day intends to quibble over overtime work now?”

Seol Yeong laughed leaving Kang-Joon unable say anything. The two of them carrying shop bags.

“We have bought everything, so we should try them on one time.”


“In my house. It will give us privacy too.”


“It seemed like you looked at me with a very rude gaze just now…”

“I have no idea what you talking about…

Although Seol Yeong scowled at him, Kang-Joon feigned ignorance. Seol Yeong’s house was a officetel[1] in Gangnam Station. A two-story officetel building too big to live alone, and very well-maintained. And despite faintly aware Seol Yeong was a well-off person, living alone in a big and sophisticated house like this was quite surprising to Kang-Joon too.

The sink didn’t have the messiness of when meals were frequently made, and the feeling of bleakness as a whole was strong. Kang-Joon looked at everything, and all he could think of was ‘luxurious’.

‘So Ms. President lives in a very expensive house with expensive furnishings.’

Kang-Joon’s appreciation was brief. His aesthetics were sorely low.

“I will be in the living room, so change clothes and then come out. Even though we tried them on, we have to try the full set-up. And come out wearing the shoes too.”

Seol Yeong pushed Kang-Joon in a room together with the bags, and stayed in the living room.

Kang-Joon changed his clothes according with Seol Yeong’s words, suddenly realizing the place he came into was Seol Yeong’s bedroom. No underwear were sprawled about, and the bedclothes, pillows, and cosmetics were all arranged neatly too. Whether a person was called to clean or she cleaned it herself, Seol Yeong clearly seemed to have a very organized personality.

And, while dutifully changing his clothes, Kang-Joon suddenly became aware of a certain smell’s trace.


It was not an aromatic smell, and, despite similarly sticking to one’s nose, its smell was slightly dry like dust or sand. Both of which were impossible in this tidy house, the exquisite smell’s resonance alerting Kang-Joon’s nerves.

Kang-Joon knew well this smell. The smell exuded by a refined Core; And a refined Core meant, in turn, a drug made with a Core as base. The smell’s source was the drawer below the dresser, prompting Kang-Joon to stare straight at it collecting his gaze shortly after.

There was no need to be concerned with others’ personal life. Kang-Joon changed his clothes slowly — His thoughts wandering at times.

‘No, well, it isn’t my business… Uh, but… Haa. I don’t know.’

“Mr. Kang-Joon? Am I imagining things or it looks like you are way too slow to change clothes? Shouldn’t it be proper to come out quickly when going in a woman’s bedroom?”

“Ah, I am changing right now.”

Seol Yeong mischievous voice reached his ear across the door, and Kang-Joon came out the door after hurriedly changing clothes. Seol Yeong, seeing Kang-Joon’s appearance, scanned him from top to bottom — and then from bottom to top — as if doing an evaluation.

“Why did you wear your clothes half-assedly like this?”

Without even arranging his dress shirt tail properly Kang-Joon looked like a hooligan.

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Translation’s notes:


A officetel is quite literally the fusion of office and hotel. a building which could be used as any of the two or both at the same time.

Easiest way to think of it is imagine a building with a lot of rooms. AFAIK, they are most commonly seem with a couple of stores in the first and second floors with rented apartments above.

Here is a foreign teacher take on them — What is a Seoul officetel? Sounds handy, right?


“Take off your coat.”

Seol Yeong, after taking off Kang-Joon’s jacket, arranged Kang-Joon’s dress shirt ends. Kang-Joon intended to say that it wasn’t appropriate, but because of Seol Yeong’s natural movements he simply remained stiff in place. Inserting his dress shirt tails in his pants waist Seol Yeong was startled all of a sudden, shrinking back slightly.


“Did you say something?”

“N-No… Nothing…”

Seol Yeong, because of her brightly blushing face, bowed her head down.

‘Oh my gosh! Why is this child’s body hard like this!’

Having lived in battle Kang-Joon’s body fat percentage was, naturally, extremely low, and Kang-Joon’s body was hard like a rock. Touching it, briefly as it was, had his entire body’s muscles pulsation transmitted to her hand.

Thus, on contrary, Seol Yeong was surprised by it.

‘How bold, did I go crazy? I must have lost my mind.’

Seol Yeong chanted heavenly mantras within her mind, finishing adjusting Kang-Joon’s clothes. While Kang-Joon stared at the absent-minded Seol Yeong, with his right hand holding a necktie.

“You don’t know how to tie a necktie?”


“Don’t… be proud of that.”

Seol Yeong tied the necktie to Kang-Joon’s neck deftly. Mumbling as if to take focus away of her red flushing face.

“Don’t ask. I will not say a thing.”

Saying she wouldn’t answer even if asked why a woman who lived alone knew how to tie a necktie.

“I didn’t plan to.”

Seol Yeong released a breath of relief hearing Kang-Joon’s words.

“You can really live off your glib tongue.”

“We have to live anyway we can. It is a tough world, after all.”

They mumbled to each other in the time the necktie was tied, and, after wearing the jacket and filling in the buttons, Seol Yeong stepped back three steps looking at Kang-Joon one more time.

“You look good.”

It was not empty praises, Kang-Joon matched the clothes well as if he could become a model. Tall and attractively height, toned body, and precisely wide broad shoulders — A well matched bearing that would have whoever saw turn their head once.

“Come and wear it just like this the day after tomorrow. Alright?”


“And this.”

Seol Yeong passed Kang-Joon a watch case. It was a considerably luxurious silver watch that, despite seemingly not new, had more than enough elegance.

“It’s been a long time, but it doesn’t have an old design, and there wouldn’t be issues even if a young person like Mr. Kang-Joon were to wear it.”

Kang-Joon wore the watch in his left arm. And the time apparently didn’t need to be readjusted.

“The suit was given as bonus, and the watch is a token of gratitude.”

“Yes, thank you. I like it.”

Kang-Joon wasn’t curious about the clock’s origin, and Seol Yeong didn’t take the trouble to explain. This simple watch held some meaning, and Seol Yeong wanted to give it to Kang-Joon. Just something that held importance in the past and nothing else, neither of them brought out any unnecessary emotions.

“Then off you go. Or you can stay if you want to eat before going.”

“If Ms. President is alright with it I will trouble you this time.”

“But,  I am not a good cook. I grew up pampered.”

Seol Yeong smiled mischievously speaking like that.

“So what do you do in order to eat?

“A personal chef comes and cooks when I call. He is Shilla Hotel’s[2] head cook, and my personal chef in his spare time.”

“This is the rich people’s world…”

As Kang-Joon spoke like that, Seol Yeong smiled radiantly.

“That is obviously a lie.”

Pumping her fist tightly while doing so.

“This time I got him too.”


It was a completely unexpected timing, so Kang-Joon felt he really was had this time. However, it was not an unpleasant thing, doing nothing but smiling while caught off guard.

“I only lie when necessary, you know? There wasn’t any reason to that just now.”

“Isn’t lying when you need it worse? Despite being a lie, lying without any second intentions is not so bad.”

Seeing Seol Yeong speaking like a adult Kang-Joon couldn’t help laughing.

“Come to think of it, I heard Mr. Kang-Joon’s cooking is pretty good…”


Seol Yeong’s eyes brightened.

“Don’t I have to know what sort of food my members are eating?”

With Seol Yeong’s unreasonable words, Kang-Joon gazed at Seol Yeong intently, releasing a sigh.

“I can’t do anything if you don’t have ingredients.”

“There are many in the fridge!”

Seol Yeong decided to push the cooking to the guest whom just stopped by. In many ways, Seol Yeong also had an odd side like Kang-Joon.


Two days later — Wednesday, in a hotel in Seoul.

Kang-Joon arrived at the hotel’s lobby together with Seol Yeong. Kang-Joon’s outfit was the one Seol Yeong hand-picked, and Seol Yeong was wearing a black evening dress with a brown shawl covering her shoulders. Her hair was elegantly tied in a french pleat fixed uniquely with a binyeo hairpin[3]. Unlike ordinary times, where she was frequently without make up, Seol Yeong was thorough in many aspects today.

As someone who enjoyed wearing sneakers she wore black wedge heels matching the dress she came with. Even then, seeing her walk skillfully, Seol Yeong didn’t look as if she was particularly unfamiliar with this sort of outfit.

On contrary, Kang-Joon thought that this was closer to Seol Yeong’s real appearance. Although not as approachable as ordinary times, this appearance displayed at this moment a natural elegance as if the clothes she wore were the right one’s for her body.

Parting her red lips, Seol Yeong smiled at Kang-Joon.

“You are not nervous, right?”

“All we are doing is meeting people in there.”

“Good. Then let’s go.”

The day wore on, and quite a lot of people were just now arriving at the party grounds and lobby.

“This party is funded with each of the 3 big managements’ investment. Honestly, even going in thoughtlessly and only eating delicious food would be sufficient.”

Although she spoke playfully, if it was for that sort of purpose there was no reason to come here from the start. Sharing a few greetings with some acquaintances they met, and boarding the elevator they arrived at the banquet hall where many people were already present.

Delicate classical music was flowing, and everyone’s figures were dressed up to their best with suit and dresses. However, as Kang-Joon looked, it was a little strange.

“Including tuxedos like that, do every people these days own dresses like those at home?”

“These people might have rented it. Even if they come with suits it doesn’t really mean anything either.”

The women’s dresses and the men’s suits looked luxurious even with a single glance. And the age group was fairly high. Seeing Kang-Joon looking slightly out of the loop Seol Yeong let out a small laugh.

“Eh, did I not say this was executive rank party?”

“Executive rank?”

“Yes, originally there is nobody from the management companies general staff; Only those above executive rank are able to attend. About three to five people,  at most, comes per management.”

“I am ordinary employee though.”

“In that case you are an executive starting today.”

Hearing Seol Yeong playful words Kang-Joon was dumbfounded.

Translations’s Notes:

Hotel Shilla:

One of the top luxury hotel from Korea (and the world). Here is some small parts of the Wikipedia page:

Hotel Shilla  is a South Korean operator of luxury hotels and duty-free shops. It is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The company is an affiliate of Samsung.

Hotel Shilla started operations in March 1979 at the direction of Lee Byung-chull, founder of the Samsung Group.


Byneo hairpin:

A binyeo  is a Korean traditional hairpin for fixing ladies’ teid up hair. Its main purpose is to pin the hair in place, but it also serves as ornamentation, and it has different usages or names according to its material or shape. Binyeos are divided into two kinds, a jam and a cheJams have a long body and ches have a ∩ shape. Binyeos are usually used by women, but they are also used by men to fix their sangtus (Korean topknots) in place.

Also, ‘French Pleat’ thingy means pretty much tied up hair for all of you peasants who know nothing of hairstyle.


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