I Am An NPC – Chapter 21


Emperor Shixi took the script and his eyes were flashing, he was wondering, what if there is someone in this world like him, also cultivating somewhere? It’s only that they had different styles. What was required for the cultivation in the “Imperial Earth Secrets” of the Emperor family was blood, and it required the inheritance of the blood of excellency. That’s why their next generations always turned out to be the impressing ones. For “Everlasting Heaven and Earth”, it required the cultivator’s spirituality, and that’s what it’d take to ensure the ecological operation of the Heaven and Earth’s space. Emperor Shixi had realized that what was cultivated in “Tu Shen” was the God’s spirit, they were thus three different styles. He had no idea that all these were fabricated, instead, he was really impressed by how almighty this all seemed to be. What an achievement to spread this power of cultivation widely! Therefore, he wanted to learn eagerly as well, but he had to wait until it’s nighttime, since there were still quite many people around.


The filming of “Tu Shen” was divided into exterior and interior scenes. One had to travel outside if an exterior scene was needed. Li Yao had already decided on the venue, and since it wasn’t time for that yet, they chose to shoot the interior scenes first. Therefore, they didn’t really follow the sequence of the shooting, and they didn’t do so according to the script. Very often, people didn’t know what they were doing until everything was edited.


Once the shooting started, the atmosphere of the whole area instantly changed. It was initially noisy and all, and everything suddenly got quiet. Emperor Shixi quietly waited aside, and he became increasingly confused – what is this entertainment circle actually? How come everyone looks like an actor? But Su Jianmo seemed to have so many followers, in the ancient times, although actors still had admirers, they could be forgotten easily by the rich people. In the modern times, however, they’re highly appreciated and often followed by a lot of fans.  Just like in the ancient times, merchants were the lowest class of people and they were even more inferior than the farmers. However, they’re very much respected and looked upon in the modern days. Some might even have a higher status than the officials. Such a societal scenario made Emperor Shixi completely confused.


Wouldn’t it be the biggest joke ever if he, the Emperor, became an actor?


But when he came to think about it, this is the continent of the strangers. One day, if he could conquer and unite them, who would still want to know about his origin? Here, the statuses of actors and merchants were so high, it just means that they needed to survive and adapt to the world as well. Oh, by the way, what was Emperor Shixi actually thinking about? Don’t try to look for an excuse when you just want to learn more about this stuff.


There was a handsome guy next to these people, it’s such a beautiful scene and so nobody urged him to leave. Since no one said anything to Emperor Shixi, he followed these people as well, and even offered to help them.


“Come on guys! Mr. Su never had an NG, he’s really the Heavenly King, he took every shot smoothly in one go.” One of them gave a signal to the others to look at Su Jianmo.


“Well, of course! Without that ability, how could he become the Heavenly King? Nowadays, these young girls and boys all want to be in the entertainment circle, but they are too lazy to acquire more skills. Instead, they just follow blindly those hidden rules. What a bunch of sickos!” One of them started complaining.


Emperor Shixi followed them. The scene that they were shooting now is about the MC Fan Litian being dragged back to the Qingshan sect by his master, Qing Fengzi. In the Qingshan sect, there were a lot of apprentices, and Qing Fengzi didn’t really care about Fan Litian. In the world of cultivation, those who are powerful are the most respected and this is the iron rule. Being insulted or abused is very normal. However, Fan Litian didn’t really seem to realize this.


In fact, Fan Litian was panicking inside. He didn’t understand much about cultivation. He was just relying on a negative sentiment to carry himself forward. That’s why what Su Jianmo had to express often contained a lot of details, for example, the way he looked at people and his facial expression.


The Qingshan sect was divided into the inner and outer sects. Since the master, Qing Fengzi felt pitiful toward Fan Litian when his parents died early and that his village was destroyed, but Fan Litian wasn’t a gifted person, he had to stay in the outer sect most of the time.


In the outer sect, there were usually people who didn’t have much spirituality or who came from poor families. Some came from famous families, these young people often looked down on people as they had a powerful backup. Every month, they were offered a lot of spiritual stones and spiritual medicine. Being engaged in cultivation is like fighting and struggling with the Heaven and everyone else on Earth, and the sect distributed these spiritual stones and medicine every month, and after being distributed to everyone, there was not much left. If they still had to give the remaining stones and medicine to those of a higher hierarchy, where could they find the time for cultivation?


In the realm of cultivation, the strongest would be the most respected, and inside the sect, everything was strictly controlled. The apprentices of the inner sect could give orders to those of the outer sect, those ordinary servants had no ways to reject the apprentices of the outer sect.


Fan Litian sighed, he held the spiritual stone in his arms and said, “I don’t want to exchange.”


The other man understood immediately that he wanted to refuse, the smile on his face instantly froze and was replaced by furiousness.


“You don’t want to exchange. Don’t you know any better? A small servant wants to fight against his boss, I suppose that you’re tired of your life? I cared about your feelings, that’s why I mentioned the word exchange, if I didn’t, I would have just ordered you to give me all.”


This person tried to grab the stone immediately, while Fan Litian just endured the beating without letting go of the spiritual stone. This was his hope, there’s no way he’d surrender! He wouldn’t forgive anyone who tried to destroy his hope. Fan Litian’s way of look was like a beast, but that man hadn’t noticed.


The young man of the outer sect instantly hit Fan Litian’s chest with his fist, the servants who were watching next to them all looked pitiful and angry when they saw this arrogant apprentice going frantic. They seemed to realize that someone’s going to lose his life on the spot.




Under the punch of the man, Fan Litian was like a kite with its line broken, and instantly flew straight out.

The man walked over to him, pinched his hand, and took the spiritual stone from his hand. “Nasty boy, how tightly you held it.” Then, he grabbed Fan Litian’s hair and slapped on his face. “Don’t let me see you ever again!”

Fan Litian closed his eyes and gasped. It was very noisy around him, yet no one dared to check out on him. No one seemed to notice whether he’s crying or laughing.


“Cut!” Liyao was sitting behind the camera and gave a thumbs up to Su Jianmo, “just one take! Jianmo, it’s awesome!”


Su Jianmo took the bottle of distilled water from his assistant, then walked slowly to the camera. He was looking at the preview, “so, how was it? Was it good enough? If not, I can do it again!”


Rong Yunhe was standing there, looking gloomy. Since Su Jianmo started shooting, he had been standing there to watch. No wonder he’s the Heavenly King, he’s just too amazing. But he thought, one day he’d be able to surpass him!

Emperor Shixi held his arms and suddenly felt that Su Jianmo was no longer himself in the screen, he’d become Fan Litian. He had become another person through the screen, and out of it, he would change back to being Su Jianmo. Anyone knew how to act, for Emperor Shixi, he had been taught since he was small that he should never reveal too many of his emotions. However, for this acting thing, it seemed all so new and interesting to him, since a person can just become someone else!


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