Chapter 22


During this period, Emperor Shixi always spent the whole day in the crew, and he quickly learnt everything surrounding him. At night, he would return home and cultivate in the “Everlasting Heaven and Earth”, also to organize things that he learnt in “Tu Shen”. He believed that cultivation was not as easy as it seems, and he didn’t believe anyone would be generous enough to really share publicly what they’ve learnt. Therefore, he could only use it as a reference. Fortunately, he hadn’t started learning yet, as he’d already found some errors in it.


“Xiao Xi, here you are!” Su Jianmo greeted Emperor Shixi. These days, he intentionally tried to keep a good relationship with everyone in the crew. If Emperor Shixi wanted to please someone, no one would be able to refuse.


“Xiao Xi, good morning!” Gu Chuxue played the female leading role. However, that’s a film of men, and the actresses’ roles wouldn’t be as important.


“Good morning! Lady Gu, how come I think that you’ve become prettier?” Emperor Shixi flattered her.


“You really know what to say.” Gu Chuxue grinned and was happy since she was praised. On top of that, it’s such a handsome guy who did.


“Our brother Xi is such a good-looking guy. And he knows what to talk about too. Later, when you’ve become more famous, don’t forget to help me.” Someone graduated from the cinema school spoke. After the audition, he was one of the few candidates left. There were not many people left. The person was called Wang Jie. He had been busy helping the crew these days, and he’d sometimes approach Su Jianmo to chat with him for a bit.


“See what you’ve said. It’ll be intolerable if brother Xi isn’t famous!” Gu Chuxue really looked high upon Emperor Shixi. Given his looks alone, it’s impossible not to get famous. And before he got famous, it might be a good idea to flatter him here and there, and to help with the relationship a bit. All in all, aren’t they all doing the same in the entertainment field? Everyone has to depend on their face for money, and no one is more superior.


Su Jianmo and Emperor Shixi were listening to them talk. At first, when hearing Chuxue say so, Su Jianmo agreed and nodded, “Chuxue, if Xiao Xi doesn’t get famous, then it’s your fault!”


Although it’s meant to be a joke, it’s quite obvious that he’s on the side of Emperor Shixi. He hoped Chuxue could help Emperor Shixi in the entertainment field. As for juniors, he hoped to help as much as he could. Moreover, Emperor Shixi was good-looking and he had potential, it’s only a matter of time for him to be famous.

“Hey, see what brother Su has said. We aren’t even sure who will help whom in the future!” Chu Chuxue picked up her script, looked at them and smiled. She looked very elegant at that moment.


“Miss Gu, brother Su, I feel kind of embarrassed with what you’ve said.” Emperor Shixi changed the subject without a trace, “so when can we start shooting outside?”


“It’ll be soon. Your parts will mostly be outdoor. And you’ll be the first one to go to the stage. You’ve seen quite a lot recently. So, what do you think? Do you have any thoughts about it?” Su Jianmo looked at the time. Since not everyone was there yet, such as the director.


The topic was being switched, and it was slowly becoming a life topic. Wang Jie found that he couldn’t really join anymore. He looked at Emperor Shixi, then turned and left.


After talking for a while, Emperor Shixi admired Su Jianmo even more. He’s such an elegant gentleman. With him, Emperor Shixi had a pleasant feeling, just like a warm breeze blowing on his face. Su Jianmo looked at the time and said, “Xiao Xi, I’ll go for my makeup now. Catch you later!”

“Right, go on. I won’t bother you then!” Emperor Shixi watched him leave, and he went on with the stuff that he hadn’t finished researching the previous day.


When he was halfway, he heard a few students from the cinema school chattering. Although other people might not hear them clearly, Emperor Shixi did.


“Well, he’s only good at flattering. I am not good at talking, if I were, I would be chosen too. And I wouldn’t have to think of pleasing the others!” Obviously, it was Wang Jie’s voice. However, he sounded quite different from the way he spoke to Gu Chuxue. He now sounded more offended.


“Hey, now that you mention it, I remember seeing Emperor Shixi getting off from a black car this morning. Apparently, it’s from a rich guy. Do you think he’s from a rich family?” The other person asked in doubt.


“From a rich family? Is someone from a rich family trying to compete with us for the role? Wouldn’t he be too bored? I think that he was actually…hehe!” Someone was laughing with dirty thoughts. It’s like everyone else instantly knew what it’s about, and they started laughing too.


Emperor Shixi couldn’t care less about these people. In the end, these people exist everywhere. However, he suddenly found it to be ironic, since he thought of his third and fourth brother laughing behind his back.


It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, Emperor Shixi said in his heart, only that he’s looking at Wang Jie with extremely sharp eyes.


Once, Emperor Shixi was someone who would kill his brother to get his throne, and the reason was unknown. That was for something trivial, the third and fourth prince laughed behind Emperor Shixi’s back. As for them, he’s just a bastard dreaming of his throne. When Emperor Shixi heard this, he was determined to seize everything they had. Didn’t they want the throne? Fine! He took it.


And for now, as long as Emperor Shixi wanted, none of them would be able to develop well in the entertainment field. He thought to himself, as long as he’s there, he’d be more superior than anyone else!


Emperor Shixi sneered and left. Well, all these were just excuses, he just wanted to play a bit.


After Emperor Shixi left, Wang Jie turned his head and looked. “What?” The person next to him asked.


“Nothing, I just suddenly feel cold!” Wang Jie touched the back of his neck in confusion, then let his hand down again.

At the end of the day, Emperor Shixi finally fulfilled his need for the research. He said bye to everyone and left the crew with satisfaction.


A car stopped at the roadside. When seeing Emperor Shixi stepping out, it drove slowly toward him. Yan Xurao pulled the window down, and said in his usually cold voice, “come on in!”


“How come you’re here?” They haven’t been seeing each other often these days, and Yan Xurao had never been there.


“You have been going out early in the morning and coming back late every day, Manager Yan is worried about you!” Yan Xurao glanced at him, nodded and asked the driver to leave. Then, he lowered his head to read his documents again.


“Don’t read anymore. It’s not good for your eyes when you read in a car.” Emperor Shixi took away his documents. He’s been reading quite a lot, and he’s made some useful notes as well. For those that weren’t useful, he’d just discard them. Overall, he found Yan Xurao quite good.


“Give them back to me!” Yan Xurao raised his eyebrows, this kid is surely getting braver.


“No!” Emperor Shixi disregarded his coldness. His eyes were even flashing when looking at Yan Xurao angrily, and he found it fun, “come and buy some books with me.”


“Oh, so you realized that you actually have to study?” Yan Xurao was speechless. He looked at him, and Emperor Shixi acted like he wanted to hide the documents away, so he could only let him be.


Emperor Shixi put down the documents. Seeing that Yan Xurao had no intention to fetch them back, he smiled. The reason he did it was because he wanted to test Yan Xurao’s limits. He wanted to see his limits to his brother. That’s why he started to do more things off-limits. However, Yan Xurao only made him more confused – didn’t he want to solve the issue once and for all?


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