I Am an NPC

Chapter 23


“So, how is it going? Have you had any discomfort form work?” Yan Xurao was leaning against the chair and looked at him. Although Xiao Tu was following him all the time, and he’s been reporting, they haven’t seen each other for days.


“Yeah, it’s going well. I’ve learnt quite a lot of stuff.” Emperor Shixi has been going out early in the morning and returning home late, as he’s been studying about the equipment. After getting more familiar with those people, he’d learnt quite a lot of things.


“Um, for the Yan family of this generation, there’re only me and you left. No one will stop you from entering the entertainment circle, it’s only that I’m not going to be supportive either.” When he’s halfway, Yan Xurao noticed that the facial expression of Emperor Shixi hadn’t changed, “but please remember that, you’re the second prince of our Yan family. Don’t make us lose face outside, but at the same time, no one can bully you either.”


Emperor Shixi tried not to laugh. Was Yan Xurao caring about him? He knew that someone had been following him all along, if it was another person, he might be offended, but not Emperor Shixi. He didn’t have much of a sense of privacy. Every time he went out, someone would be there welcoming him. If there wasn’t, there would be a guard hidden somewhere.  He’s been used to having somebody around.


“Don’t worry, I do know what to do!” Emperor Shixi squinted his eyes and waved, telling him not to interfere. He wanted to be with himself, and when the car became more stable, he was half-dreaming and half-awake. These days, as he was trying to make things clear, he had been hiding in his room researching. And he’s really exhausted.

“Yeah!” When Yan Xurao saw him like this, he reached out and asked him to sit on his lap. Seeing him obediently sitting there, he also changed his posture a bit to let him sleep more comfortably. Emperor Shixi opened his eyes and looked at him, when seeing that he didn’t move much, he lied down at ease, “sleep for a while, I’ll wake you up!” Yan Xurao touched his hair – it’s so smooth and warm. He touched him again, and the half-awake Emperor Shixi frowned and turned his head away.


“Um,” Emperor Shixi vaguely responded.


Yan Xurao smiled and looked at Emperor Shixi who’s asleep. He thought, this is my brother, my only brother. He touched his hair again, what a good boy.


“Xiao Nuo, wake up. We’re here.” Yan Xurao caressed his hair.


“Ok!” Emperor Shixi opened his eyes and sat straight up. When looking outside the window and seeing that they’ve arrived the bookstore, he asked, “are you coming with me or waiting for me here?”


“I’ll go in with you.” Yan Xurao thought for a while, it’s more important to develop a good relationship with his brother.


While they were talking, they had closed the door, “then let’s go.”

“Look, look, the handsome guy is coming again. Do you think it’s the one who’s been paying attention to us?” The two salespersons in the bookstore were whispering, one of them was pushing the other and was looking at him, “yeah, also, there’s another one. So handsome. My god, both are so handsome. What should I do? Which one should I choose?”


“You’re thinking too much.” The girl next to her glanced at her. Recently, this man often came to the bookstore. And he’d spend almost half a day there. He would check out a lot of books, and he often attracted people to look. Judging from his style and the clothes he chose, she knew for sure that she wouldn’t be chosen, and that’s why it’s something she’d never think about.


However, beautiful looks are always good for the eyes. Even by looking, there would be healing effects. When she raised her head, she immediately saw the two walking toward her shoulder by shoulder, it’s as if they had traveled through time to get in front of her. She was so shocked that she couldn’t speak. She only realized it after they left, and her look still lingered on them.


“Oh God, too handsome! One is cool, one is elegant; one is handsome, one is calm. Which one should I pick? Too handsome!” The people next to them have gone crazy.


She smiled and nodded, agreeing with what she said – the two were really handsome,  both were so good-looking that they could cause troubles!


“How come you’re suddenly interested in law?” Yan Yurao saw that Emperor Shixi had taken a lot of books related to law, and asked with confusion.


“Isn’t it a good thing to learn more?” It seems that Emperor Shixi was also confused, he tilted his head and asked. Yan Xurao was speechless seeing his innocent look. Okay, he’s not gonna ask anymore. He told himself, this is his brother, not his competitor, so stop doubting!


When Yan Xurao wasn’t pay attention, Emperor Shixi didn’t have any facial expression. He thought that to get into this world, the first thing he had to know would be the law. Only through doing this, he wouldn’t cause any conflicts with the production of the machinery of the state. He’s still not strong enough, so he could only avoid it.


After a while, Emperor Shixi tilted his head and looked at Yan Xurao, he called randomly, “brother!”


Yan Xurao was stunned. There’s almost no look on his face. After a long while, he said, “what?” Emperor Shixi sounded so gentle, and he was touching Yan Xurao’s arm casually, making him have goosebumps all over.


“Brother, please buy it for me!” Emperor Shixi was quite embarrassed. Thinking about the way Du Qing looked at Yan Xurao, and that he had to figure out the amount printed on those colorful notes…he’d almost spent all the money that manager Yan had given him. He’s short of money, as for bank cards…sorry, what are they?


“Ok!” Yan Xurao nodded with a blank expression, while holding a bag to pay, and he’s whispering, “he called me brother…he actually called my brother…”


His brother had lost his memory, and he couldn’t remember anything. As a brother, he had to treat him better, but how?


At this time, Yan Xurao’s eyes were aimed at a teenager holding a little boy’s hand. While they were walking, the little boy turned his head back and reminded, “little brother, don’t run around, you’ll get kidnapped! Let me hold your hand!”


The little boy opened his mouth and showed his mouth with a tooth missing, “brother, you’re so nice! I really like my brother!”


Yan Xuyu looked at them carefully for a while, and when he heard the boy’s words, his eyes flashed.


When he thought about reaching out his hand to Emperor Shixi and suggesting to hold him…this is really not something that he dared to say, he could only watch Emperor Shixi and kept silent.


Emperor Shixi looked at Yan Xurao while he was stunned – what is this guy doing? Was Du Qing’s expression so powerful that it even made a person’s brain paralyzed?


Since his thoughts were running wild, there wasn’t enough time to let go of Yan Xurao’s hand. Yan Xurao grabbed his hand and thought happily, “is this an acceptance? So, he wants a brother, right? Don’t worry, brother will treat you well…”


Emperor Shixi was led by Yan Xurao to the side of the car. The driver’s eyes were as large as having seen a ghost. My God, could that be the young master and the second master? Surely not! It must be the problem with his eyes! But he’s only 40, how is it possible that he has problems with his eyes already?


He looked around without making anyone notice, Emperor Shixi pretended to want to scratch his head with his hand. Yan Xurao immediately grabbed that hand and patted him, “don’t be silly. There’re a lot of people!”


Emperor Shixi was crying side. What’s happened with this guy? I’ve done nothing!

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