Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 12 The situation

“Yuki… You.. I didn’t know you were that kind of a person…”


“I really, properly understand why you are misunderstanding but I don’t have the time to deal with you now.”


I put the girl on a futon, who I brought with me since she was still not conscious.


The throne room now had long desks and chairs in the corners and various stuff left unorganized and had completely become a living room at this point. Where did all the magnificence go?


Well, I guess it would kinda turn out like this since we are actually living here.


“Mm….? That girl, she is a vampire, eh?”


“So it seems.”


This is what her status looked like when I analyzed it.



Name: Iluna

Race: Vampire

Class: None

Level: 3

HP: 17/25

MP: 120/120

Strength: 40

Resistance: 50

Agility: 46

Mana: 72

Dexterity: 68

Luck: 412

Unique Skill: Blood suck

Skill: Cooking lv2, sewing lv1



Her name is Iluna.

Her status looks pretty low but I guess this is about right for a child.

Her skills seem very family-oriented. From her looks, she is probably 7 or 8 years old. Probably helped her parents or something.


Such a nice kid.


“Well, this is another rare thing you brought along with you.”




Is she talking about her race?


I had completely thought it would be pretty normal for vampires to be here but I guess that’s not the case here.


“Hmm. The vampires and succubi are usually good-looking so these past few decades, the humans over-hunted them to turn them into slaves, driving them to the verge of extinction. The children in the forest are pretty good-looking too but they have a nonaggression contract with the humans for what it matters. In contrast, the demons are totally hostile against the humans so the humans don’t hold back either. That girl too, was probably hunted as a slave and ran away.”



…The children of forest… The elves, as far as I know from the dungeon’s wiki.




It isn’t something I do not understand.


Even in the previous world, slaves were pretty common until recently.


In this world where the war is never ending, I guess it is not something unusual.


But–even if that’s the case, I am not okay with it.


…Humans, eh.


I am a former human and I am probably also living like a human now too, but I probably can’t get along with them.


While thinking that, I poured the remaining high potion on her wounds, and then heard a cute little voice.




“Oh, are you awake? Does it hurt anywhere?”


At first, she looked at me for a while but when she finally noticed my presence, she let out a shriek and went backwards.


“Ah, wa-wait, it’s not like I am going to eat you or something, no need to be scared.”


Well, even if I say that, if one were to see someone they don’t know right after they wake, they would obviously be cautious.

On top of that, she is just a kid. She must be pretty scared.


…What shall I do?


And at the moment, while I was thinking about what I could do–


My pet, Shii, who was dozing off on top of his exclusive cushion, finally woke up, got on my shoulder and stared at Iluna like it was saying ‘who~?’


Well, Shii doesn’t actually have eyes so I guess it would be better to say I feel like he was staring at Iluna.




Being surprised by Shii, it looked like Iluna was curious and kept looking successively at Shii and me.


“…You wanna try touching him?”


Saying that, when I held Shii towards Iluna, she timidly touched him with a finger.


As if Shii had judged Iluna to be his play partner, he jumped towards her and was being playful.


“Fuee?…. Fufu… ahaha, it tickles.”


Iluna also looked like she was not afraid anymore and was stroking Shii.


I guess I was saved by Shii here…


“I am Yuki. And he is Shii. And, that over there is Leficios. What is your name?”


“You.. what do you mean ‘that’?”


I actually knew her name but she might have gotten afraid if I called her by her name suddenly. So I reckoned I should start the conversation from here.




Looks like she was cheered up because of Shii, as she introduced herself happily. How cute.


“I see, Iluna… Ah, can you tell me why you were in that forest?”


“Ummm, I was being chased… by scary humans..”


“…I see.”


It was as Lefy had predicted.


“Well then, Iluna. Your hometown… do you know where you live?”


When I asked her about her home, she shook her head and said,


“…My home is no longer there… Father and mother… the next door uncle and aunty… Everyone died…” she started to cry.


“Ah, wait, wait, it’s okay, don’t cry, it’s okay. It’s all okay now.”


Although I didn’t know what was okay myself, I panickedly kept trying to console the girl who had suddenly started crying.


“Kukuku, you don’t even fear the supreme dragon but you get overwhelmed by a girl’s tears, eh?”


“Shut up.”


Giving Lefy, who was having quite fun behind, a sharp look, I turned to face the girl again.


And then, after letting out a small sigh, I put my hand on her head and said,


“…Don’t worry. The scary humans won’t come chasing you here. If you don’t have anywhere to go, you can stay here as long as you like.”


I mean, a being far scarier than scary humans is right behind me, right?

So this dungeon is probably the most safe place around.


“It is okay……?”


Wearing a somewhat anxious expression, she asked looking up at me.


“Yes, of course it is. If it is such a good girl like you, we will warmly welcome you.”


I was the one who brought her all the way here.


Then it is only natural for me to look after her till the end.

Besides, it doesn’t make that much of a difference if I need to provide for one more person at this point.


Or rather, it wouldn’t be human of me to just leave her like this. Oh, I guess I am not human, though.


“…But… the humans said we are not allowed to live.. And that that’s why father and mother and everyone died…”


“…Did they say it like that?”


She nodded.


For a moment there, something dark was swelling up inside my heart… but as I was in front of Iluna, shutting that away deep within, instead, I smiled at her.


“Stupid, there is no way that is true, right? I am sure everyone was just being a little mean because Iluna is just too cute.”




“Yep, really. After all, I don’t even think a tiny, tiny bit that it would be better if Iluna died. And so, Iluna, you too must not think that you should die, okay?”


“…..Yes, I got it, onii-chan!”


Her face lit up and she happily nodded. Yep, children should always be lively.

Onii-chan is glad you cheered up.


Then, maybe because she had cheered up, I could hear a gururu noise from her stomach.


“Now then, let’s have a meal first. Iluna, do you have any food you like? I can probably prepare it for you.”


“Ummm, that is…”


She looked up at me hesitantly and said,


“…I-I want onii-chan’s blood…”


—–Eh, what is this child? Yandere?


Or so I had ended up thinking for a moment there but soon remembered that she was a vampire.


“A-ahh, okay. That’s fine but is my blood alright?”




“O-oh, alright then.”


Hmm? I kinda feel like I am being told something rather abnormal but I feel a little happy. This is bad.


“Are you okay with that?”


Said Lefy suddenly, who was looking over the developments.


“What? Is there something wrong?”


Perhaps, is it that I will become a vampire too like it is told in those stories?


Well, I am not really human anymore so it does not really matter what I become at this point.


“No, nothing is wrong but…. Well, do as you please.”


The way she said that kinda makes me curious but I couldn’t possibly say no to Iluna who was now looking at me full of expectation.


She came rising up my body and bit my neck.


I didn’t really feel any pain… In fact, it kinda tickled.

It felt like when I went to a doctor and they took my blood with a syringe.


But, the problem is—–


Her sticking to me like this, sucking my blood feels kinda weird.


In short, I feel like I am doing something I should not.


…This is bad. I kinda really feel like I am doing something bad.


Calm down, me. Calm down. It’s okay, I am a person with a strong will. A person with firm will. It’s fine, I am a normal guy, who likes older woman so I am fine. It’s okay.


Seeing me telling that to myself, Lefy muttered,


“…Yuki, so you really are that kind of—”


“You are wrong, alright!? Just know that you are wrong!”








“Ah… Lefy, can’t you give her a bath?”


Being somewhat mentally exhausted, I asked Lefy.


Maybe because she is still young, she can’t properly suck blood, as she dropped some on her clothes.


She also probably worked up a sweat running around the forest so a bath would be good.


By the way, the bath was added beside the kitchen. A modular bath with a toilet one would find in an apartment.


The kitchen and bath are both made by the dungeon so there is an option to upgrade them as well. For example, making the bath insanely huge like large public baths.

It is something I want to add when I have enough DP.


“Hou? Yuki, you are telling me to work for free?”


Lefy said, giving a meaningful smile.


Th-this dragon… even at times like these…”


“…2 pouches of cookies.”


“Are you underestimating me? 3 pouches of cookies.”


“You’re forgetting one thing. Your sweets depend on whether I make them or not. Isn’t it better for you to not be greedy?”


Well, I have quite a lot of DP now it is fine giving her 3 pouches of cookies but I don’t want to spoil her.


“Guu, I can’t really be strong against you… Gah, I guess I have no choice.”


Expressing her displeasure wholly on her face, she reluctantly accepted.


“…In exchange, I shall also give you some cake after you get out.”


“A new sweet?! Understood!! Come, little girl, I shall show you how to use the bathroom!! This bath is exceptional, you know!”


“Yep, got it, Lefy-chan!”




“Cha-chan…..? Little girl! You need to pay your respect to elders! Don’t call me so frivolously!”


“Nn…. Lefy-onee-chan!”


“……Well, I guess it is fine.”


Ah, that is okay?





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