Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 13 Let’s do gacha

Our new resident, Iluna, was a far prettier girl than I had thought.


With dazzling, blonde hair and big, light-green eyes, her face proportions are just right — making her look like a child idol. With just the right height, it makes me want to stroke her head.

Lefy did say vampires and succubi have charming appearances but isn’t she a head above the rest?


Iluna said they were all killed but seeing how she was left alive like this, maybe the kidnappers also thought the same thing as me.


The first time I saw her, I thought she was a lost child. But now when I see her with her getup clean and arranged, I can tell that in a few years she will definitely grow up to be a pretty girl whom men would die for.


Lefy also looks quite pretty in her human form so when they line up like this, people who don’t know them would probably think they are sisters.

Although they have contrasting hair colour and features…


“Onii-chan, what is this?”


After having spent a night here, as if none of the things that happened yesterday were true, she had completely healed and was now curiously looking around the dungeon asking questions.


“Hmm? ah, there’s a small, toy-like sword there, right? Try to pierce it in the barrel hole”


Iluna did as I told her, piercing into the various holes of the barrel with the toy sword and—.


“Waahyya – Onii-chan, something came out!”


After grabbing that which was flying towards her, she looked towards me with a happy expression.


As you can imagine, she was playing with the “pop-up pirate”.


Living in the dungeon is convenient and nice but you would end up having a lot of free time.

I tried getting out something light and fun which even Lefy could play to kill time.


Well, that Lefy stopped playing with it right after it came flying towards her face, though.

I was sitting on the throne cross-legged, which had now become quite comfortable, and was watching over Iluna pleasantly, while confirming the menu items as a daily task.


The DP income seems to be quite good.


I do plan on keeping the expanding work up, but at this rate, it doesn’t seem like I would be lacking DP unless I needed something really expensive.

I succeeded in stabilizing it pretty quickly.


…..Then, I could try this a bit, right?


I slid my finger to the “Gacha” button.


I had not used it before since I needed to use DP for other purposes but now I have some space to breathe.

I actually wanted to try doing this. I mean, it looks so interesting and what not.


…Yep, verifying things is important, after all.

I guess I will examine the ‘gacha’ function which I have not used before.


And so I tapped on the gacha button and opened up the page.


The items were simple, only being four options of 100, 1000, 10000 and a 100000.

The probability of getting a rare item would most likely increase if I spend more DP. I would like to see what comes out of it but it doesn’t seem to be that nice of a system.


Since the top two are kinda a bit too much for the moment… Alright, I will go with the 1000 one then.


And then, when the DP was consumed, just like when Shii appeared, light particles formed and concentrated at a single point —


“…this, is this a pistol…?”


What appeared before me was a gun that had a similar shape to a type called Derringer but about twice as big and had an additional cylinder.

No, when it’s like this, I think it would be better to call it a different type of revolver.

It had an engraving on the surface and a pattern going round the gun’s body to the grip, giving off a nice feel.


Magic revolver: Fires magic instead of bullets. The power can be varied with the amount of magic supplied. Number of bullets: 7.


“Oh, ohhh….”


Checking out the details with the analyze skill, I instinctively ended up letting out a voice of amazement.


This is pretty damn cool.


If this was an FPS game, I would want to get it even if it meant spending a lot of money. That’s how cool it looks.


…I really wanna try shooting with it but I will hold that off for now. I will probably have more to test, after all.


Even still, my luck seems to be pretty good.

This magic revolver really does seem like a jackpot so it might probably be a rare item.



Let’s keep going at it like this.



—–Now that I look back on it, it probably would have been better if I had stopped there.



Tanashi, sardine, soap, wooden cup, cord, salt, soap, wooden spoon, hemp string, plush toy, tapper, lid , fancy doll, plastic bag, cord, pot lid, pan lid, key holder, pencil, lid of a pot -.


….After that, I got ahead of myself and spun the wheel many times, making a mountain of garbage in front of me.


Everything which came out were stuff I could get within a 100 DP.


Thinking I would surely get something good the next time, I kept on spinning it — ultimately resulting in me burning out.


…I had completely forgotten.


My luck value is even lower than that of a slime, the weakest monster among all monsters…


The first hit was also probably a trap to make me use a lot of DP.


What a terrible gacha, I was completely played.


Darn it, darn it…. Why did I get so many pot lids? I don’t need just lids that much! If you are gonna give me something, at least make it something I can use.


When I was lethargically sitting back on the throne, looking at the pile of garbage in front of me, Iluna came asking,


“Onii-chan, what are you looking at?”


“…Ah, this.. This is a menu—–eh?”


There when I tried to reflexively answer Iluna’s question, my brain which had stopped working finally started.


“…Iluna, this thing I am looking at.. Can you see it too?”


“That transparent plate? I can see it!”


….What does this mean?


Lefy could not see it so I had completely thought it was something only I can see but…


“Onii-chan, I also want to try doing that thingie!”


“Hmm? Ah, ahh, alright. But only once.”


I don’t have much DP left because of all that spinning either.


“Yayy! Thank you, onii-chan!”


Iluna came running towards me and sat on my lap.


“Which one should I press?”


“There, this one.”


As I said that pointing towards the gacha button, Iluna replied ‘Got it!’ and pressed it



And then—


“Ohh, ohhhhh–?!”


“Wahh, beautiful”


Tons of particles of light far greater than during my time came gathering at one point.


Wha-what’s going on?!


It seemed like the light was not creating shapes but–a vague outline of something with four limbs and a tail was forming.


And eventually, the light particles stopped contracting, leaving a–



—a big body.



The hair-like thing covering its body was dazzling like snow.

The nails at the tip of all four limbs looked unbelievably sharp. Enough to even break a boulder.

From its eyes staring right this way, one could feel sagacity. Giving off an elegant vibe as a whole.


It was a wolf. About one head taller than me.




To that result, I was entirely dumbfounded.



Name: None

Race: Fenrir

Class: Wolf King

Level: 1

HP: 1810/1810

MP: 5452/5452

Strength: 607

Durability: 685

Dexterity: 784

Magical power: 872

Dextery: 890

Luck: 140

Unique skills: God speed, chain of perpetuation, physical transformation

Skills: Nail techniques lvl 2, ice magic lvl 4, lightning magic lvl 4, danger sense lvl 4

Title: The Demon Lord’s underling



…Umm, the race is displaying Fenrir, though…


Isn’t Fenrir that… That wolf which comes up in legends? So it isn’t a legend here, eh… It actually exists…


Now that I look at it, aren’t it’s stats a bit too high? I am just a bit higher…

I’m already losing in agility. It also has all these weird skills… It had just born but it’s title is ‘Wolf King’, too…


“Waahh, such a big wolf!”


Letting out shouts of joy, Iluna got off my lap and went towards the wolf.


“Ah, hey, Iluna!”


While feeling kinda scared within, I panickedly went after Iluna.


But it seemed like the Fenrir properly recognized us as it’s master and coiled up on its feet and drooped its head down.


“There, there!”


“Really, Iluna… it might have been dangerous, you know?”


“It’s fine! After all, I don’t sense the slightest evil from him!”


Evil, eh… is it possible that vampires have a skill like that which helps it identity the other party?


And at that time, Shii who wasn’t really doing anything, came and stood before the newcomer Fenrir probably thinking something like ‘I am the senpai so I must teach him stuff!’ and started something like preaching.


And Fenrir too, was not getting offended by being told by an overwhelmingly lower class monster and was silently listening to what Shii was saying.


“…You… you called upon something quite outrageous…”


Lefy, who was lying low till now, was probably woken up by the noise and came looking at Fenrir with a dumbfounded expression.


“As I thought, that, it’s pretty strong?”


“Pretty strong? It’s not just that. It’s still a child but when it grows up, it will be at the same level as me. I did fight with one a long time ago and it was quite bothersome. I don’t want to face that again.”


To make even Lefy say that much…


Also, to think it’s still a child with that size… it might be quite troublesome when it grows… mainly because of the room size.


“… Even so, with that kinda wolf in front of them, Shii and the little girl are pretty chill. They might be quite the big-shot themselves.”



I think so too.

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