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Chapter 14 – Verification


“Coming to think of it… Hey, Lefy, come see this.” I called her.

While I was set on the throne, Iluna played around with Shii[1. The previous translator referred to Shii mostly as a “he”, but sometimes he used “she” for Shii. As far as I saw so far, Shii’s gender was not shown, so I’m going to refer to the slime as a female until further notice.] as she bounced around near me, the Fenrir was standing still while watching over them, and Lefy came close to see what this was about.

“Uhn? Is this about the status screen? I can’t see it.” She stated.

“Actually, I don’t need you to see it.”

I gave her a quick explanation about the menu.

“I see, so it’s the dungeon’s powers that allow you to create the wonderful things?”

“Indeed. Also, Iluna seems to be able to see this.”

“Uhm… I can guess what you want to ask, but I don’t know why she can see it. I can tell you the difference between me and her though.”

“What’s the difference?”

“You’re married with that girl.”

“… Eh?”

Leaking out a stupid sound, I turned towards Lefy before she continued.

“Blood is a very important part of the body, to take someone’s blood would be equivalent to having sex for a vampire. A few of them that have low moral values take it from anyone, but for most, it’s only done with someone they can consider a spouse.”

… Eh? What the heck?

“Bu-but blood is an important source of nutrition for vampires isn’t it? If they marry everyone they suck it from, just how are they leading their lives!?”

“What they need is blood, what had it doesn’t matter. Single vampires usually drink it from wild animals.
Well, the girl is still too young, so she probably wasn’t taught that far, but the act of taking blood is rooted in their instincts. Though I have no doubt you wanted that anyway, so things took a good turn, didn’t they?”

I was appalled by the information Lefy provided me with.

“Wh-why didn’t you tell me!?”

“Hm? You are a pedophile, so this should be something you have long wished for, I could see from your excitement when looking at my naked body.”

“I-I’m not aroused by children!!”

Sh-she made such a misunderstanding…!

At that moment, I suddenly became aware of something, so I hurriedly opened the menu of DP income.

If I want to, I can see all the details regarding the DP I earn, but… As I thought, Iluna is no longer providing me any DP, while Lefy still gives the amount an invading monster does.

Even goblin children that I once saw while I was outside give an income of 3 DP each.

In other words, Iluna is no longer considered an intruder, but a resident of the dungeon.

“Ugh… Even though things were going so well…” I depressingly commented.

“Why are you making this kind of statement!? You dare stay silent after I went through such efforts for your sake!?”

“I didn’t ask for your help on this kind of thing! You are not going to receive any sweets for three days from now!”

“What!? This is tyranny!! I refuse to accept it!!”

Ignoring Lefy’s noisy complaints, I heaved a huge sigh.

Iluna did not ask for blood since last night, apparently she only needs to drink it once per week, normal food suffices on the rest of the time.

Then for now… It’s time to procrastinate.

I’m glad Iluna likes me, but she is still a child, so these feelings are probably transient. Once she grows a bit more she’ll probably start saying ‘I hate you big bro!’[2. The previous translator used “Onii-chan” instead, I’ll try localizing terms whenever possible so you might see a little less of this.], though the thought of hearing that makes me a bit sad.

… We-Well, let’s avoid the issue until she becomes an adult. “Eh? Vampire customs? I don’t know a thing about those.” I’ll pretend like that.

… If she has feelings for me after she becomes an adult, then I’ll properly think about it.

* * *

After deciding how to handle Iluna’s case, I got my mind back on track and went out of the cave with my magic revolver in hand, to verify the performance of the new item, the new toy, at once.

Nature magnificently spread itself in front of my eyes.

This view always makes my heart beat wildly, though the thing I’m excited about this time, is what’s within my hand.

I’ve never shot a gun before coming to this world… Though I’m not sure if this can count as a gun… Let’s not get caught on the names.[3. A “Gun” in Japanese is written as 銃, while Revolver as 短銃 which basically means “Small Gun”, the protagonist is wondering if a “small gun” would count as a “gun”.]

I let the mana flow through my body and made it concentrate on the magical revolver.

Since it’s the first test, I carefully checked the status screen to let only 10 MP flow into the gun.

Then I aimed at a rock a bit ahead positioned myself, just like people do on movies, and shot.

With a light recoil, the gun made a sound as if a strong wind was trying to squeeze through a tight place.

Immediately after, I approached the rock and traced my finger through it to see the damage, the surface was lightly scraped with only 10 MP.

… The firepower is definitely going to increase if I put more mana into it, right?

Checking my status again, I prepared the next bullet by pouring my MP into the gun.

The results were the following:

10: Lightly scraped the rock.
100: Made a hole on the rock.
500: The hole goes all the way through the rock.
1000: A large cannonball was shot and made a huge blow on the rock.
5000: A laser beam was shot from the tip of the magical revolver, the rock was completely vaporized and the next 30 meters of the mountain were completely flattened.


I became completely silent when faced with this result… This gun is more impressive than I thought.

I was already in high spirits for the chance of shooting a gun, but this just made me feel even better.

Though this power… I think I won’t need 5000 MP… No, even 1000 is too much.

And even if the barrel was vibrating violently with 5000, I think that is not the limit of what this gun can do.

I actually wanted to go all out to see what would happen then, but I think it’s better to stop.

It seems to be possible to load multiple bullets at once if you stop the flow of mana and then start putting it again, so it’s possible to make the first bullet with 100 MP and the next with 1000 and so on forth.

This is quite useful, as you can put 10 MP on the first bullet and make your enemy think it’s no big deal, and then they’ll have a big surprise when the second shot has 1000 mana on it.

Though I could just put 5000 MP, or even just 3000, on the gun and it should be enough to finish most enemies.

Apparently no mana leaks from the magical revolver, even while checking with my mana eye, I saw nothing coming out of it.
Since it’s like that, I think it should be okay to leave some bullets loaded in it… However, if something happens that forces the leakage… It’s better to not leave any bullet loaded at all.

While I was just thinking of putting it on the item box, while wondering about the terrifying consequences that might come from its discharge, a large shadow came from the cave’s direction.

“… Did you finally open up to Iluna and the others? Thanks for the hard work[4. The exact word used is お疲れ様 which is a sort of word that can work as a greeting or as a way of saying goodbye after a day of hard work, in this context, consider it as a simple greeting.].”

What came was the Fenrir, the second monster of the dungeon.

The whole time I was inside, he seemed to remain right behind my throne, and even after I left too. He seems a bit tired now though, which is no surprise considering the ruckus Lefy was making because of her ban on sweets.

Sitting down, the Fenrir lowered his head with a murmur which seemed to mean “please excuse me”. He seems to have gone through a lot.

While I don’t know what he actually feels, I can have some vague notion of it, seems like I can understand a bit of what goes through the mind of the dungeon monsters.

Similarly, both Shii and this fellow seemed to have a conversation some time back, I’m pretty sure it works on a similar way.

Incidentally, this wolf is a male and was named “Mofir”[5. モフリル, as in, Mofuriru, or just Mofurir, I took the liberty to change it to Mofir. On a side note, Fenrir is Fenriru in Japanese, hence the “ru” at the end.] by Iluna.
It comes from Mofumofu[6. Mofumofu is… A word that sort of indicates fluffiness, it generally refers to something you might want to rub yourself in due to how fluffy it is.], and Fenrir, I confirmed that it was his proper name by checking his status.
Honestly, I felt sad for him, I was the one that told Iluna his race was Fenrir, but it might have been a bad idea… No, that’s not the problem.

I decided that I would just call him “Fir”.

“Right, you had some interesting skills, didn’t you? Could you show them to me?”

Fir had seven skills:

Unique skills: Godspeed, Everchanging Chains, Body Alteration.
Skills: Claw Arts[7. This uses the same kanji as Martial Arts, but with the “Martial” (technically “body” in Japanese) changed to “Claw”.] Lv 2, Ice Magic lv 4, Thunder Magic Lv 4, Crisis Detection[8. I’m thinking of changing this to Sixth Sense, thoughts? Feels pretty similar to me, though it’s not quite the same.] Lv 4.

I was curious about his unique ones, and when I told him about it, he nodded and activated them one by one.

Godspeed seems to be a skill that makes him so fast that I could no longer see his body.
The Everchanging Chains are summoned from Mofir’s surroundings and can be freely controlled by him, how thick and robust they are depends on the amount of magical power used.
Body Alteration seems to simply make him bigger or smaller, making it possible for Fir to remain at a normal wolf’s size, I’m happy with it because he could end up taking the whole throne room otherwise.


All those skills are way too cool, especially the Everchanging Chains, they have so much versatility.
They can be turned into a shield or even into a scaffold, and there should be no problem in restraining opponents with it either, seems like a really strong skill.

I want it too… But considering it’s a unique skill, I don’t think it’s possible, or at least not within a reasonable amount of DP.

Fir’s expression didn’t change much with the praises, but his tail started happily moving behind him.


As I watched it, a certain desire rose in me.

Unable to resist it, I opened the menu and bought an item at the DP catalogue, which I immediately threw forward.

“Fir, fetch!”


What I threw, was a Frisbee.

Fir seemed to feel conflicting emotions, but his instincts won and he ran, catching it midair, and then returned the Frisbee to me.

“Alright, now this!”

I threw the Frisbee with full strength this time, but Fir caught it and ran back to me.

“Wo-woah! Wait, stop it, gah!”

As he came back, Fir jumped and threw me on the ground with his full strength.

“Good boy, you did it.”

I grinned, stretched my arms embracing his whole body and caressed him with all my might as payback.

* * *

“Haa, haa… Playing with a Fenrir is a big deal…”

After playing for a while, I laid down on the ground while out of breath, he is too energetic and hard to keep up with.

I’m more of a cat person than a dog one, but the later are also cute when you play with them like this… He is not a dog though.

As for Fir, who was laying next to me, he recovered pretty quickly and immediately got depressed. It seems like Fir disgusts the behavior he showed due to not resisting his instincts. I think Fir’s pride was really hurt, though I think it’s not a problem for as long as he is having fun.

In any case, Iluna really got an amazing companion.

His skills are amazing, and when I checked the list of monsters that can come in the gatcha, he was the one at the top for that tier of DP.

There are still some above if you look at the higher tiers, but if he continues to grow he might as well become one of the strongest beings in this world, just like the Fenrir Lefy fought in the past.

“Fir, do you understand how the dungeon collects magical power?”

While still laying down, I turned my head towards him and asked this question, which he replied by shaking his body affirmatively.

“From this point above, it is all Lefy’s domain, but the area that spreads below this, is part of the dungeon, my domain. I’m steadily spreading it, and I want you to hunt monsters in the surroundings.”

If you put a pet to fight, it will definitely die. Fir however, started stronger than me, so he will be fine. It’s not a good idea to keep him idle, so he will earn DP for me.

I’m going to work you hard, so please do your best and become strong, then I’ll feel at ease.

“This is a really nice place, so you can enjoy life here, I can even help you hunting too. And I already think of you as my child, so make sure to come back, alright? Iluna will feel horrible otherwise.”

Your home is here. Fir seemed to understand what I meant and bowed his head deeply to me.

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