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Chapter 16 – Wings, Please Lead Me To The Sky (Part 2)

Both me and Lefy left the cave while Iluna stayed watching the house.

“Uuh… I can’t bear the sunlight.” Lefy exclaimed.

“Coming to think of it, you barely left home these days.”

The only times I remember her leaving, was when she begged me for a very expensive sweet, so I asked her to get some DP for me in return… She is living as a NEET.[1. Not in Employment, Education or Training.]

It’s weird that she doesn’t gain any weight though, Lefy eats a lot and does no exercise, yet her body is still pretty thin… I suppose it’s because she is a dragon.

“On that matter, is your territory fine? You haven’t visited it in quite a while.” I asked.

“I secured that area because I could get some high quality honey on it. I can eat better things now, so you can do whatever you want with the territory.”

You ended up here for this kind of reason…? I was stupid to not make it part of the dungeon.

Looking at her with an exasperated gaze, I thought of saying she was absolutely hopeless, but I shrugged that thought out with a bitter smile. Then, I made my wings reappear.

“Oh… You have pretty good wings…”

I didn’t know how to feel about it, but Lefy was looking all over my them.

“Well, they’re usually a bother, so… Ah, wait, stop, do-don’t touch! It tickles!”

Lefy didn’t seem to care and kept on moving her hands through them. Apparently the wings felt as if they were made of magical feathers when touched.

When I finally got away from her, she pouted and gave up on it.

“To think they’re such splendid wings… You should keep them out all the time.”

Splendid? These?

I personally think some bird-like feathers would be better, but I suppose dragons have a different sense of aesthetics.

“Your wings are a lot prettier though?”

When I first saw Lefy, her figure truly embodied the very definition of splendor and majesty, an image fitting of a legendary dragon. Her wings left a deep impression in my mind.

Well, this majesty was already completely destroyed by Lefy’s selfish and spoiled everyday behavior.

“… Tha-that much is obvious! To-to think one such as you would try making advances on me!”

Lefy doesn’t seem to be used to praises, so she got pretty embarrassed… Wa-wait a bit, those weren’t pick-up lines!

Pl-please stop that reaction, if a beautiful girl makes such a cute reaction, I won’t know how to reply!

“… Well, you see, that is, I mean, of course there is no way your sugarless wings could possibly compare to the ones of someone as great as me, the supreme dragon would never have any competition on how incredible her wings are. S-still, if yours are a bit close to be remotely okay to me, th-that is good enough, right?” Lefy flusteredly replied.

“I-is that so? Tha-thank you.”

I didn’t quite get what she meant with the first analogy, but I think she was praising me?

“I-it’s a great honor to be praised by me, you better feel grateful!”

Lefy seems to have gone back to her normal, and then, forced a cough before continuing.

“… Well, let’s leave that as is, you have a Mana Eye, right? Activate it.”

“Roger that”

As I nodded, Lefy made a beautiful pair of silver wings sprout from her back, they glittered and reflected the sunlight, completely opposite to my own black wings.

“Are those… The wings of your dragon form?”

“No, they’re imitations made of mana, well, their function is basically the same.”

Truly, I can see that they are composed of magical power when looking with my Mana Eye… And thinking of it, their size is obviously different.

“Yuki, do you have anything else to say?”

“Oh, ah, uhn… The-they are beautiful wings just like a scenery illuminated by moonlight.”

“Wrong, this kind of words don’t suit you at all, you’re talking without meaning it.”

Th-this fellow… Lefy grinned while looking at me… I was caught.

“Well, come over and take a good look.” She said while giggling.

Immediately after, a dense amount of mana started swirling through her wings… Is she pouring magical power into them?

As soon as I thought that, Lefy flapped her wings and jumped high into the air.

Her jump was elegant and admirable, which made me remember that dignity of a supreme dragon she showed before.

“Ooooh…!” I shouted with joy.

Because my wings are made of mana, I thought I had no need to do this kind of thing.

“Did you get it, little chick? Try doing the same.” Lefy exclaimed.

I nodded and starting circulating my magical power through my wings.


My wings flapped, they finally felt as if they were a part of my body now.

… Got it.

What I was trying to do, was pedaling a bicycle that had never received any oil, it would never go well.

“Alright! Jump up just like that!”

Just as she said that, I moved my wings with full force, and then, my body felt as if it was floating. Simultaneously, the wind moved fast enough that it seemed as if it would cut my cheek.

It was only then, that I realized I was flying.

“Uooooooooh!! Wait, how do I stop!?”

I kept going higher and higher, the ground was getting farther at a tremendous speed, it was very scary.

“You put too much power on your wings, remove some of the mana.” I heard Lefy’s voice from behind me.

Following her advice, I removed some magical power In a panic.

I got somewhat useful to manipulating mana recently, so I was able to make the adjustment immediately, which made me able to control my flight, though it was still a bit clunky.

“… Incredible.”

As I could finally enjoy the scenery from up above, those words unintentionally leaked from my mouth.

The sun and the clouds feel so close, I can see a majestic wilderness down below, and while I am pretty used to it already, right now it looks completely different. The impression gets deeply engraved on my body.

I thought it would be great to see this from the sky, but it turned out to be a lot better than I expected.

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” With a proud look, Lefy came near.

I understand the feeling though, this kind of sight is something you would want to brag about.

Lefy called out to me while I was entranced by the spectacle.

“Alright Yuki, come with me, let me show you what is a real flight. If you can endure it that is.” Lefy provoked me while grinning.

“Huh? What’s up with that? Didn’t you say I was going to become one of the strongest ones in the sky?”

“Ha! Absurd! A chick like you still has a long way to go, this is what being the strongest is like.”

“Ah, wait!”

Lefy suddenly started accelerating, so I put more mana on my wings and chased after.

We both flew together for a while, but what was just a casual stroll for her, was, for me, a very high speed flight that I could barely keep up with.

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