Chapter 23 – Character Roster


Dungeon Residents:

Race: Archdemon.
Class: Demon Lord.
Job: Dungeon Master.
Role: The Protagonist of the Story.
Remarkable Characteristics: Has wings made of mana, but keeps them hidden while not flying because they are a bother.
Personality: Has a strong will, but frequently loses his cool
Origin: A Demon Lord that came from Earth, isn’t very affected by his previous life.
Weakness: Is very embarrassed about his Mana Eye due to its red color.

Race: Ancient dragon.
Class: Supreme Dragon.
Nickname: Lefy.
Remarkable Characteristics: Stays most of the time in humanoid form, has silver hair.
Personality: Is pretty knowledgeable, but extremely childish.
Likes: Sweets, but kept it a secret to maintain her image until Yuki found it out.
Relationship with the Protagonist:  Makes him give her sweets from the human world everyday, he became somewhat full of himself after finding her secret though.

Race: Vampire.
Remarkable Characteristics: Is still a little girl, but is pretty clever, has blond hair.
Personality: Very innocent. She, together with Shii, gives a soothing aura to the dungeon.
Favorite Food: Yuki’s blood.
Relationship with the Protagonist: Yuki is very scared on how to behave around her once she reaches adulthood.

Dungeon Monsters:

Race: Slime.
Role: Pet.
Remarkable Characteristics: Yuki’s first dungeon monster, very cute, is the dungeon’s best cushion.
Likes: Naps.
Relationship with the Residents: Yuki, Iluna, and sometimes Lefy like sleeping atop of her.

Race: Fenrir.
Gender: Male.
Nickname: Fir, comes from Mofumofu.
Personality: Usually nervous.
Relationship with the Residents: While he is a legendary monster with potential to become as strong as Lefy, he is treated as the one with the bottommost position of the dungeon.
Functions: Being Iluna’s and Shii’s playmate, hunting on the dungeon’s area outside the cave.

Side Characters:

Reyes, Lowie and Griffin: Adventurers from the nearby city, the very definition of side characters, maybe they’ll get some chance of appearing again.

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