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Chapter 24 – An Unexpected Accident

I could hear the sound of liquid moving through her throat.

A heavy breathing melted my reasoning.

I felt her heat through my skin while my body was burning, at the same time a sweet smell fills my nostrils.

“Haa… it was delicious. Thank you big bro!”

Iluna drank my blood until she was satisfied, then wiped her mouth and gave a blooming smile, however, a bit of blood was stuck on the corners of her mouth, making it a devilish and bewitching grin.

“… Yo-you’re welcome.” Though I said that, I was actually averting my eyes due to how much mental strain I was suffering.

This happens every time. It’s not that Iluna drinks too much blood to the point I feel tired, I’m actually glad to help her… Her actions keep shaving my willpower though.

I’m not a pedophile! I have no such thoughts about her…!

“I’m happy I can drink big bro’s tasty blood.” Iluna said such a selfish thing while smiling, it seems Lefy is influencing her a bit.

“Is there any difference in the blood’s taste?” I asked.

“It’s completely different!” Iluna raised her whole body while exclaiming that, she’s so cute. “Your blood is very tasty! And I’m left with a very pleasant feeling after drinking it!” She complemented.

“I-is that so… We-well, I’m glad you find it that delicious.”

Please don’t say anything about it to others though, I’ll get arrested.

“Then, I’ll go play outside!” Iluna proclaimed.

“Alright, but there are monsters out there, so don’t go too far. And come back before it gets dark.”

“Yees!” Iluna cheerfully replied while leaving. However… Even after night fell, she did not return.

* * *

“Fir, did you find her?” I asked him as soon as he entered the room, but Fir shook his head in denial.

Damn, I thought it shouldn’t be too overprotective, but I messed up… Was I too naive?

Fir got closer and chewed on my clothes while Shii snuggled with me. “… It will be alright.” Their presence calmed me down a bit, so I took a deep breath to clear my thoughts… This situation won’t get any better if I get taken by anger.

“Sorry Fir, I interrupted you, please continue.”

* * *

Iluna was apparently kidnapped by humans, Fir was chasing after her smell, but he sensed the odor of people.

Also, Fir saw a horse carriage near the end of the forest, so he decided that it was better to come back in a hurry to report the situation.

It was a good decision, even if Fir is strong, I’m unsure if he would be able to rescue Iluna in case they reached a human village.

At least she wasn’t attacked by monsters. The current situation is terrible, but since Iluna was kidnapped… I can save her.

Originally, Iluna was a slave that somehow managed to escape, and was then picked up by me.

In other words, she fled from someone. I can’t be certain, but this is probably their fault.

After checking the map once, I saw that Iluna didn’t go far from the dungeon’s territory, they never went too deep into the forest.

Lefy told me that this area wasn’t explored by humans, for them to enter such a dangerous place and take Iluna away… They were confident she was there. Only the ones she escaped from could know that.

They must be very obsessed with the possible profits of selling her, or maybe the buyer was already decided?

If it’s the latter, there are chances she will be out of reach by tomorrow.

“… Lefy, where is the nearest human habitation?” I asked.

“There is a place to the Southeast, about two hours away.” She answered.

… Two hours?
That’s closer than I thought… No, it’s a reasonable distance if we go by flight.

… This must be a f**king joke.

They will regret the day my child was taken from my hands with their death.

I took a humongous great sword out of my item box, I made this one a bit after the flower blade. It has a simple shape, but the weight and thickness are more than enough to kill someone.

This weapon was made with a level two usage of Bestow Enchantment, I called it Purple Blade. The skill gave the ability to put enemies under the status effect ‘Poison (Weak)’. While it says ‘Weak’, the effect is based on how much mana I put on the sword, I did a few tests and the poison can become strong enough to instantly change flesh’s color to purple if I put enough magical power on it.
I look forward to what will happen when I can use effects above the ‘Weak’ category.

“Fir, come with me, I’ll need you to track Iluna’s smell. Shii, I know how you feel, but I’ll ask you to stay home, wait for me and I will definitely rescue Iluna.” After calling them out, I turned to Lefy.

“… Lefy, I beg you, would you please come too?”

When I said that, she just shrugged her shoulders.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it obvious? That little girl is already part of the family, so… Follow me, I’ll show you something nice.” Was her reply.

“Ah? What are you-?”

“What are you waiting for? Come with me, Yuki.”

Without understanding what she wanted, I followed her out of the cave… Soon enough, I realized there was something floating on the sky.

Not just one thing, many, they kept on increasing rapidly and would soon cover the whole view… Their identity was, a horde of dragons.

They aren’t sub-species like wyverns, their strength is clearly as big as their bodies. Taking a look at the status of those dragons, they seem to be as powerful as the strongest monsters on the West of the dungeon.

“This is…”

“So, what do you think of my followers? I heard we needed to search for Iluna, so I gathered a workforce. The purpose changed, but I think it would be good to give those foolish humans a taste of what real power is. Their numbers should be enough for that, shouldn’t it?” Lefy said that while grinning.

This is… When I noticed Iluna was gone, I actually kept silent about it. To think she did all this while I worried…

“Lefy… You are a good woman”

“It certainly took you a while to realize it, aren’t you a bit too slow?” She said while giggling.

That’s right… She has always been good.

“So, Yuki. Let’s go pick our little sister up?”

“I’m counting on you, partner”

Lefy laughed cheerfully in reply.

Just you wait Iluna, I will definitely save you.

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