Chapter 26 – Conflict in Alfiro


“My lord, it’s terrible!!”


Raylor, the lord of the city of Alfiro, was waken up in the middle of the night by one of his servants.

“… You’re noisy, what is it? Did monsters attack or something?”

“Th-that’s right!! Around one hundred monsters are coming from above the Haunted Forest!” This woke Raylor up on the spot.

“So it has come to this… You said the monsters came from above, are they wyverns then?”

“N-no sir! They’re dragons!!”

“What!?” This threw Raylor off balance.

Dragons are the strongest race of monsters in the world. Even adamantium class adventurers, who can defeat a thousand enemies by themselves, need a group to defeat a single one of those.


To think a hundred of them would come at once, it’s the worst situation possible. If it’s not handled properly, this town, no, this country will collapse.

“Summon all guards and adventurers on standby! Now!! Put the city in state of emergency and start evacuating the civilians!”

The servant moved out carry Raylor’s words, bustle quickly spread through the manor.

Getting out of bed, the lord took a single glance at an item on the bedroom. A report saying there was something amiss with the Haunted Forest.

Because of that, Raylor increased the city’s forces out of caution, but… How would this be enough to fight that? Hopefully they would be able to buy enough time to evacuate the civilians.


He came to the conclusion that his life might not last further than this day.


With those thoughts in mind, Raylor went out of his room to take command of the situation.

* * *

Under the moonlight, a horde of dragons charged forward. They were very organized, as if it was a single creature altogether.


It’s a bit weird to see such strong monsters being so well-behaved, but that’s probably because they are scared of Lefy.

Even if they are prideful, and superior if compared to everything else in the world, they aren’t even close to Lefy, so their ego is crushed and they submit.


Meanwhile, Fir is running at high speed down there, not being left behind by us even though we’re flying.

“I see it!”

With enhanced sight, that cannot even be compared to a human’s, I saw the city in the horizon. It’s a lot bigger than I expected and the walls are incredibly tall.


Even if it’s already evening, the lights are all lit and heavily armed people are busily moving around the walls.

We’re still pretty far, but… I think they’re too late to try capturing us.

… It’s my first time visiting a city on this world though, I wish the circumstances were different.


While thinking this kind of things, Lefy summoned her wings and flew nearby from the head of a dragon.

“Yuki, if someone like me crushes this city Iluna will probably end up dying in the chaos so please go rescue our little princess!”

“Got it, please make sure the dragons don’t rampage then.”


“You don’t need to tell me that!”

After being reassured by Lefy’s reply, I dived into the city while dodging spells and arrows, quickly landing within it. Immediately after, Fir jumped from a rooftop he easily climbed, just like the city’s walls, and started sniffing.

“Fir, can you find Iluna’s smell!?” He nodded in approval and then pointed his nose towards a direction.


“Alright, take me there!” I put my arm around his neck and jumped on Fir’s back as he started running.

“Out of the way, I won’t stop!” Some soldiers tried standing in our path, but we ignored those mobs. The only thing that matters right now, is reaching Iluna.

* * *

Like that, we quickly arrived at one of the city’s districts. In front of us there was a large building that was clearly bigger than all others, it was probably owned by a powerful person.

Is this… Is this the place?

“Gaaaaaaaaaah!” With a loud shout, I jumped from Fir’s back and broke the building’s door with my sword.

“What is this?” “Who the hell is that!?” The men inside shouted.


Ignoring them, I took a look at the surroundings as I went inside. The place seemed like a shop furnished with decorations of terrible taste, it had a second floor above and the stairway up was illuminated by a fancy chandelier.

Some men were preparing to escape while dragging some girls through chains. Iluna is not among them… I could hear my teeth grinding against one another.

These guys… How much do they want to anger me?

“Damn you all!!” One of them shouted, those guys clearly want to get rid of me.


They violently pushed the girls, that looked like slaves, into a backroom, took out their weapons and came towards me at once.

But if you attack me like that… I’ll kill you. This is fine though.

The first man that got near me was raising a mace, I swang my sword casually and his head flew away, making him fall on the ground with a pool of blood.

The other enemies staggered and turned pale while releasing some dull sounds, I didn’t miss this opportunity, so I dived towards them and attacked with my sword, using as much power as I could.

Some of them reacted in time and raised their defenses, it didn’t matter though.

The ones that couldn’t defend lost half of their bodies, the rest was blown off to a wall because of the slash’s strength.

This is one of the reasons I chose a great sword. I can use this kind of brutal attack without any special gadget.

“Die!!” Those that weren’t hit tried to make use of the gap after such a large strike to get rid of me… Unfortunately for them, I’m not alone.


Fir came from behind and tackled the man, he could not react to my partner’s speed and died with his upper body being crushed by Fir.

“Tsk, this guy has a monster on his side! Bring that here!” A man that looked like their leader yelled something and his underlings went inside and brought a crystal ball with them, they all started some sort of operation around it as well.

“… Is that a Magical tool?” Just as I said that, the ball shone and Fir suddenly staggered, though he got back on his feet right after, even if with a bitter expression.

“Are you okay buddy?” Fir shook his head to say it is fine, but he looked sick. I instantly turned my eyes towards the crystal and used my analysis skill.

Jamming Crystal: Disturbs the flow of mana from nearby monsters and makes their movement slower, efficacy depends on how strong the monster is. Quality: B+.

This effect… I see, so this is how that garbage entered the Haunted Forest, they had this kind of tool. I thought it was strange they entered such a dangerous place to capture Iluna while being such weaklings, but they could do it because this crystal ball is amazing.

Their leader started sneering, though he didn’t hide his angry expression and started ordering his henchmen.

“This f*cker… It’s a bluff! This item is worth as much as we paid for it, the Jamming Crystal never failed and stopped all monsters we’ve seen! Kill them!”

These guys… Didn’t they see how many I already killed? Or is their stupidity so high that it’s impossible to understand this much?

“It’s okay Fir, stay there.” I told my partner who was about to go after them. My mana started flowing as I prepared my spell.

“What!?” Their astonished leader could only say that when seeing my Water Dragon.


“Go!” With my shout, the spell activated and swallowed the enemies in a single moment, they have no techniques that can save them from the insides of a dragon, so they quickly drowned and were chopped into pieces by the water flow. Before long, none of them moved anymore.

* * *

What was left could only be portrayed as a depiction of hell, organs scattered through the room and everything was died red… I felt nothing from watching it though, no strange feelings from killing this many humans. It seems I don’t consider myself the same as them anymore.

“… Well, it’s convenient.” As I have no hesitation in throwing all this garbage to hell.


I crushed the magic ball with my sword, then threw it away.

“… Fir, what about Iluna?” He made a saddened expression and denied, the smell of blood made it too hard to track her.

Well, if I start killing every single person of this group, sooner or later we’ll find Iluna’s whereabouts.

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