Chapter 30 – The Dungeon’s Newcomers


“So, big bro… Who are these girls?” Iluna crossed her arms while pouting, “I’m mad!” she exclaimed while trying to put an intimidating aura, she just came out as cute instead though.

“We-well… You wanted them freed and they wanted to stay, so now they’re here.” But for some reason, I was forced to sit on my knees to reflect on my bad behavior, apparently.

“Big bro, I might have been very happy when you rescued me, but… I don’t remember allowing you to have concubines!” She shouted.

“Eh? B-b-b-be-beg your pardon?” W-wait a bit! How did she get to this conclusion!? And you, newcomers, stop looking here with those pitying eyes and help!

“I didn’t know big bro was such a playboy, sis Lefy is fine, but anyone else is no good!”

“Wa-wait Iluna, you’re misunderstanding a lot!” I tried retorting.

“I’m not misunderstanding anything! Sis told me what maids are!” The new girls are maids, and… This led to that?

“… Miss Lefy, just what are you implying?” Leila asked.

“Isn’t that what a maid is?” Lefy replied, to think the misunderstanding started with her…

“It’s not! That’s prejudice that comes from your own biased views of society.” I retorted.

“It’s okay master, I understand. My body is not very well developed, but I’ll do my best to serve you for the sake of staying with lord Mofir!” Lyuuin embarrassedly commented while fidgeting.

“Hey, did you even hear what I just said? Your reaction doesn’t fit what I spoke!” I retorted.


Meanwhile, Leila just looked at us with a wide grin on her face… I left a long sigh out of my mouth.

* * *

“In any case, as I said earlier, I want you both to work as maids because all the housework was falling on me before, which was pretty tough.” After somehow appeasing Iluna and correcting the misunderstanding, I explained that they were not concubines, but workers of our Dungeon Corporation.

Our employees until this point were one Demon Lord, one Supreme Dragon, a little girl and two pets. Our job is to kill monsters, expand the dungeon, fool around and play together.

We don’t usually kill monsters much though, the DP income from keeping them alive is bigger in the long run, it’s just an emergency measure in case I urgently need DP. The dungeon has also already expanded considerably.

Our methods of killing time also increased recently, both Lefy and Iluna have already memorized the rules of the board games and are spending quite some time playing them. The newcomers will probably be able to participate soon enough too.

Also, Leila and Lyu are no longer using the slave outfits, they’re wearing proper classic, formal and frilly maid attire, which is something I bought on the DP catalogue. It truly has a lot of things.

While I explained various things about the dungeon, Leila suddenly tilted her head and asked. “Should I be your night partner?”

“Unnecessary.” Give me a break, we have children here. And I’m a man, your body would tempt me.

I coughed to pull the attention back to the topic at hand. “There are other details that need explaining, but I’ll talk about them as the opportunity arrives. You two will stay in the same double room as yesterday, are there any questions?”

We expanded the amount of rooms in the dungeon yesterday, I have been sleeping on the same room as Lefy and Iluna so far, but it would get too cramped with two more, and we could also have problems if two new girls got in the same room as me.


Lefy and Iluna didn’t say they needed some extra space for them, so no further alterations were made, I’m planning on making a big alteration on the dungeon’s design on the near future though, as I also want a room solely for myself… Any man would.

“Master, what is this?” Lyu asked.

“It’s a writing tool, if you press the top, a black thing will appear at the bottom and you’ll be able to write with it.” I answered.

“Wow… Such a convenient magic tool.” She said in amazement.

Well, it’s just an item from Earth.

“What about this my lord?” Leila also asked.

“It’s just a toy, as for how to use that… This is Lefy’s favorite one, so she can teach you once she wakes up, probably.” I replied while glancing sideways, Lefy was there, wrapped in a cushion and sleeping heavily, right after eating a meal… She recently worked hard though, so let’s leave her be.


“On another matter, what is the difference between a demon and a Demon Lord?” I decided to ask Leila.

After a moment of thought, she replied, “Ah, right… Humans sometimes refer to Demon Lords as the kings of the demons, we though, think of the Demon Lord as the owner of a labyrinth, one that had their existence molded by it.” What is a labyrinth though…? The dungeon?

“You mean it’s not a fixed race?” I prodded.

“Indeed, that’s what I meant. For example, if a goblin were to become the ruler of a labyrinth, they would no longer be just a goblin and would ascend to a higher race with its power, it would be a goblin based Demon Lord.” She continued.


I see, so me being an Archdemon is probably also because of my class of Demon Lord, my power also comes from being the owner of the dungeon.

“Leila is very knowledgeable, thank you, I’m glad to hear about it.” I replied gratefully, my knowledge of this world is too biased right now, so it’s important to hear other points of view.

“Oh, n-no, that is… I’m glad I could be of service.” Leila seemed flustered for some reason.

“Well, things are good for now, welcome aboard you two, and please feel free to ask me anything you might need.” And like this, two new employees joined our Dungeon Corporation.


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