Chapter 29 – Returning Home


“Well, what do we do with these children now?” I pondered.

We just came back to the dungeon, I was a bit afraid of leaving it unattended, so I blocked the entrance with a huge rock, this was already put back in the item box though.


Around twenty ex-slave girls are next to me, they’re all trembling while looking left and right, wondering why were they brought here.

Iluna isn’t around because she was too tired by this whole ordeal, so she went to sleep with Shii, who was very happy to have Iluna back.

“Did you actually think on what to do now?” Lefy asked me.

“Not at all, I don’t have a clue.” I answered.

“… I was hoping you didn’t plan as little as it looked like.” Lefy sighed, I could see where she was coming from though.

“Well… Do you… Do you all have a home to return to?” I asked the girls.


They seemed somewhat frightened, but started murmuring with one another after I asked, before long, a girl with sheep horns answered.

“We-we do, great Demon Lord. Most of us were captured and brought away from our families, so a place should exist for as long as they didn’t move away.”

“Alright, understood. I’m surprised you know I’m a Demon Lord though.”

“I-I could notice because of the quality of your magical power.” So she can judge it because of something like that? Impressive.


“Well, this is interesting, but I think we have other things to worry about right now… Lefy, can the dragons take them?”

“No problem.” She answered and called a dragon near with a single wave of her finger… I wonder how did she train them to be this obedient.

“A while back I just taught them who is in command.” She said as if she read my mind.


“Well, everyone, if you wish to go home, just tell the dragon and they’ll bring you back to it.” As I said this, hope suddenly spread through the eyes of the ex-slave girls.

Those girls were the only slaves we could find because the country of that city we visited is in war, so all adult women and all male slaves were forced to go battle.


Also, it seemed slavery was actually illegal, so their capture and sale was all done by organizations like that pig’s, which led to only having around 20 girls in a city of that size.

That’s why the request of freeing all slaves was accepted so easily, I felt a bit weird for having no trouble in granting Iluna’s rare selfish request, but let’s just be happy about it.

“I-is it really alright?” One of the girls asked.

“Of course, there is no problem, please go back to your homes and find your loved ones. Just do tell me if you have no place to stay, alright?” I’ll be troubled if too many needed to remain here, but one or another should be alright.

They looked between themselves for a while before turning towards me and bowing. “We are of different races and our circumstances are different, but our feelings are the same. Thank you for your mercy, Demon Lord.”

* * *

“So, only you two remained?” I turned my head to the two girls that were still here, as the rest was already carried away by the dragons.

“My upbringing has always told me to return the kindness I received, so I would like to serve you if possible.” The girl that said it had sheep horns and grey hair that went down to waist, her body seemed to be in good shape… Rather, some parts of her body weren’t properly covered due to the clothing she was using, so I didn’t know where to look. This girl also seemed to give an older sister aura.

“G-great Demon Lord, a-about the lord Lord Fenrir?” The other girl had dog ears and a tail, her hair was short and of brown color. Her figure was closer to that of Iluna and Lefy, so it’s easier to look at… In any case, they certainly chose only beautiful girls to capture as slaves.

“Aah, yes, what is it?” I answered.


“The-then, If it’s not too much of a bother, cou-could I also help with his chores or something!?”

“Eh? Oh, it’s okay, but… Is there any matter with him?” I answered while caressing Fir’s fur.

“Ah, you see, Lord Fenrir is a god for werewolves! To serve the god that freed us and defeated our captives would be something anyone would wish for!”

“I see…” I’m getting a bit worried, it seems another person with a strong personality arrived. “Seems like you’re a god now Fir.”


Fir made a small noise while putting a bitter smile on his face… Well, it’s an understandable reaction.

“Ah, right, I’m Yuki, she’s Lefy and he is Mofir. I’ll introduce the ones inside later, but what are your names?” I asked them.

“My name is Leila, what can I do for you?” The sheep girl, Leila, said while calmly bowing her head… I’d prefer if she raised it soon though, I’m seeing something I shouldn’t.

“I’m the werewolf Lyuuin-Gilou, please call me Lyu!” The dog-eared girl, Lyu, gives a feeling similar to a baseball club manager trying to cheer her team.

“Well, we can talk more later, I’m sure you’re all tired, so let’s go inside.” I told them.

“Uhn… You are… Inside this cave…?” One of them asked.

“I understand what you mean, but the inside is better than it looks, so go ahead.” The two seemed still worried, but went inside, Lefy was about to come in too, but I stopped her. “Ah, Lefy…” I started

“What is it?” She answered while looking me up and down.

“I just… Wanted to thank you, you saved me today.” I continued.


She staggered for a moment before opening up in a teasing smile. “Is this about the time you were rampaging so I had to hold you down like a baby?”

“Agh… Thinking about it, please forget this ever happened.” I told her with a bitter expression, but she just laughed.


“You know, Yuki.” She suddenly stopped giggling. “I have been alone for quite some time, this world was dull, everything was pointless.” I didn’t know what to reply.


Lefy is the Supreme Dragon, she has been living for who knows how long… Her memories must be filled with an overwhelming loneliness.

“Recently though, I met a certain man that filled my world with pleasant colors, each day is fresh, funny, lovely… So please, Yuki. Paint my world with even more lovely colors.” Lefy said this with a tone that seemed to imply it was a joke, but I…

“Ahh.” Could only reply with that, I just nodded.



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