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Chapter 28 – Conclusion (Part 2)


“I am really sorry about this occurrence, please let me apologize for it.”


We were in a mansion right now, it was frugal, but didn’t have the bad taste the previous one had. Me and Lefy were sitting on a sofa, while the lord of this city, Raylor, sat in front of us.

He seemed very tired, the mansion guards kept on trying to point their weapons against us, so he had to stop them time and time again… I sympathized with him.

“You are Raylor, right? Do you know who I am?” Lefy started the conversation with a very cold tone.


“O-of course, I’m very aware of it.” Raylor was clearly tense, even though he tried hiding it.

“Since you’re the lord of this place, I assume you know of the agreement your kind made with me.”

“Agreement?” He tried asking.

“I did not give you the right to speak. Back when the world was in turmoil, lots of fools thought they had the right to try attacking me. I got tired of them so I decided to just get rid of humanity, your king back then hurriedly bowed down and promised to not allow anyone to interfere with me anymore, while I kindly agreed to not wipe them out because of it.”


I-I see, that’s diplomacy through pressure.

“However, you worms kidnapped a part of my family, a daughter for me even. This bunch of trash broke their promise with a being as great as me… Tell me trash, how will you compensate me?”

“B-but this all came too suddenly.”

“Why should I of all people care for humanity’s circumstances?”

“I… I understand.” He was looking absolutely pale while dripping cold sweat, I felt sorry for him being this intimidated by someone that looked like a middle schooler.

“Well, there isn’t anything I particularly want, but this man might have some demands, so make sure to follow them.” Lefy said that and winked towards me… Did she do all that to make completing Iluna’s request easier?

“Wha-what’s wrong with you today Lefy? You seem unusually competent.”

“What’s up with this tone!? I’m the Supreme Dragon, the Supreme Dragon I tell you! Show some respect!

… That said, the conversation isn’t over yet, so please take this a bit more seriously, Yuki.”

“Got it.” I replied.

The lord seemed completely dumbfounded at our exchange.

“In any case, this man will be the one to wrap this up.” She turned towards me. “Your turn now, Yuki.”

“Uhn… Well…” I killed who I needed, and even needed to be stopped by Lefy when I was taken over by my anger. This is easy in comparison, I took a deep breath and then made sure to look as intimidating as I could before exhaling.

“First of all, as Lefy said, your matters do not concern us, so do not interfere with us again. Otherwise… I’ll be sure to kill.” For I absolutely won’t let anyone ever harm Iluna again.

“U-understood, we will no longer step into the Haunted Forest.” Haunted Forest? Is this the name of the place we live in? To think it had such a name…


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“Also, hand over all slaves of the city, not only those on that house I destroyed, but all of them. And if you don’t…” I pointed up to remind him of the dragons right above the city.

“… Will that be alright?” Really? He doesn’t seem even a bit reluctant.

“Are you okay with it then?” I prodded.

“Understood, we’ll make the necessary arrangements immediately, will you need a carriage?”

“Uhn… Lefy, can we put them atop the dragons?”

“As long as there are no more than 300.” She answered.

“Then… A carriage will be okay, bring them here.” I hope there won’t be 300, I will be in trouble if there are this many.

“Understood, please wait over there while we rescue them. Come with me Aruto!” The city’s lord bowed to us and left the room with the person he called.

To think we made so much preparation… The ending of our assault ended up being somewhat anticlimactic.

* * *

“… They’re gone.” Raylor mentioned as he saw the dragons flying away from the city, taking a deep breath, he leaned back on the chair and sat down in relief.

It was horrible. As soon as I saw the dragons coming, I worried about the possibility of the Supreme Dragon being involved… To think I was right on mark.


It was unexpected for her too look like such a pretty girl, but the power she had was definitely the real deal.

Raylor was originally a soldier, he gained prestige in the battlefield and gained his title of lord as a reward. In war, anyone that can’t analyze the skill of the opponent doesn’t live long, so Raylor learned the skill quickly.


And with it, I understood the difference between them. ‘Analysis’ was only able to show how big was the difference between me and her, my whole body trembled more than at any moment it ever did in battle… If I had slacked for even a second, there is no doubt I would have fainted.

And the man next to her, with hair as black as darkness itself, an eye just as dark, and the other as vivid as blood. The rest of his appearance wasn’t very remarkable, but it was enough to leave a strong impression.


He may not be a dragon, but his presence was certainly threatening, “… A demon Lord?” perhaps a new dungeon was born in the Haunted Forest.

And his attitude towards the Supreme Dragon… He was also followed by another legendary monster, a Fenrir. Even if the Supreme Dragon wasn’t here, this city would definitely take considerable danger.


My whole body was shaking… It was fortunate that both parties were calm, because when he got angry, the city might have been destroyed if not for the Supreme Dragon’s intervention.

Somehow though, we were able to have a civilized discussion.

“To think of the trouble that pig caused…” I still remember the face of the man that caused all this, it’s a good thing he and his business were completely destroyed.

Slave trade and illegal trade of other goods, all while being highly protected by the nobility, which made them completely immune to law, forcing me to look away from their actions.



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Considering that the pig was gotten rid of, and no damage was caused to the city, this event might have actually been a good thing.

Thinking of these things, Raylor leaked a bitter smile, because things might be good now… But the problem is what comes after.

Recently, a country has been disregarding the threat of the Supreme Dragon and started sending forces through the Haunted Forest.

For now, I’ll need to send my own troops against them, because doing nothing is the same as putting my foot on the grave.

No matter what, I have to stop them. Because the Supreme Dragon is no longer the only threat in that Forest.




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