Chapter 32 – Remodeling the Dungeon (Part 2)



Once I had beaten Lefy at cards, perhaps to a childishly thorough degree and put the angry girl to bed, I was able to leave the throne room and go out to the caves for my true purpose. The remodeling of the dungeon.


What I wanted to implement now was the addition of a new floor.


“Now, what kind of…”


I slid my finger in the air and continued with the controls.


The floor I was going to add on this occasion was a grassy plain.


Yes, with the mysterious power of the dungeon, I was able to add such new areas.


As a concept, I was thinking of having the base field as the grassy plain and have several types of options added to it.


I paid a not quite cheap amount of DP and added the grass-covered area between the caves and the Throne Room for a start.


“Ohh…. It really is a grassy plain.”


You would be met by this field of grass as you exited the caves.

It was no winter country for sure.


There was a lone door installed in the caves.

Actually, it had been there before, but now once the doorknob was turned and the door was opened, you would be greeted by the sight of grass spreading out before you.



In spite of being inside of a cave, the great sky stretched as high as you could see, and the sunlight shone on the fresh, green grass.

A gentle wind would occasionally blow, making the grass sway and caress my cheeks.

And in the midst of the softness of nature, stood something far off in the distance. Was it the door connecting to the Throne Room?


I don’t know what to say… I should be used to it by now, but this really is a mysterious power. It was fascinating.


I made my way towards the door. It had such a strong presence as it was the sole structure in this level field of grass. I checked to see what was inside, and it led to the Throne Room just like I had thought.


As Iluna and the other newcomers looked at me oddly, I once again turned around and went back out into the grassy field. This time I went around to the back of the door, but there was nothing there besides the same door.


…I was kind of moving like a chimpanzee who was looking at a mirror for the first time, and that was exactly how I was feeling.


I wonder how far this continues. It’s like an entire world was just created here.


Thinking about this, I took some time to just walk and hop around and finally discovered that there was indeed a proper boundary. There was an invisible wall like the ones in video games that prevented you from going out any further.

Size-wise, it had a radius of about 5 kilometers with the door to the Throne Room being in the center. The sky went up for perhaps a full kilometer. I had hit my head when flying in the air, and while it wasn’t painful it was definitely a surprise.


I’m happy, it was bigger than I had thought. However, it was apparently possible to expand the area even further, so I decided that I would widen it if I ever started to feel like it was too small.


The next thing I did was to access the option settings.

Ultimately, a flat open field of grass looked quite lonely… I could add rivers, mountains in the back… Oh, I’d want a bridge for the river as well. I also would like a cherry tree too. I really like cherry blossoms.


…Seeing this scenery is starting to make me want a Japanese-style building…

Ah, maybe a ryokan. I’ll add that. Wait, wait, I would want a hot spring too then. It’s been confirmed to exist here. Given the choice, I’ll have an outdoors one. I also want a pond in the yard. I’m still not sure if they should be called monsters, but there were koi fish in the monster list, so I’m going to add some of those as well.





A single inn stands by the riverside.


The interior had an old, modest appearance that created a nostalgic atmosphere. And from the veranda, you could view the lake and a single, beautiful cherry tree that filled your heart with a sense of calmness.

The fields of grass stretched out as far as you could see, and the gallant mountain ranges could be seen in the far off distance.


“…Well, it’s not too bad. Yeah.”


I sighed, and as soon as I returned to myself, there was an impressive, picturesque hot spring house that could have been from any luxury hotel completed right next to me.


Everything looked a lot more atmospherically cozy than I had originally intended… But, it’s alright. I meant to build a separate Demon Lord castle later on anyway. For now, this more modest place would do.


That’s right, I am the Creative Demon Lord. I only built this so everyone could have a more relaxing place to rest. This has absolutely nothing to do with being arrogant and adding too many things or wasting DP, that is not the truth at all. This is all according to plan.


Yes, this inn is the first step of my new journey as Demon Lord, it is an important foothold towards my ambitions. Hahahahahah!!


I had no idea what I was talking about.


“Master, lunch is ready! Uh, ohhaa!? Wh-, where is this!? It’s supposed to be a cave… Also, since when was that house built!?”


So said Lyuuin as she came to call me after finishing preparations for lunch. Her face peered from behind the door to the Throne Room.

By the way, that door was right next to the ryokan. Because I had the foresight to build it in this location.


You would think that adding this kind of floor would make it difficult to leave the caves, but that was not really the case.

What I noticed after trying different things was that, like the doorknob in Howl’s Moving Castle that changes the outside scenery every time it is turned, the Throne Room’s doorknob could now do the same thing. You just needed to hold the doorknob and change the setting and then you could connect to a door that leads out of the cave directly from the Throne Room.



However, only persons concerned with the dungeon could use this feature. So if Lefy, who was still considered an invader, or the two newcomers wanted to leave, they would need me or Iluna to turn the doorknob or it would not connect to the outside. It was a little annoying, but it could not be helped.


“Hey, Lyu. lunch huh? I’ll go right away.”


Until now, the cooking had been my job. So I was incredibly grateful.

Now Leila was cooking all of the meals by herself, and because she was very skilled with her hands, she was quickly able to learn how to make dishes from my past life. It made me start to ponder on how girls were really good at this kind of thing.


Lyu was… Hmm, well, she was trying her hardest with the work, and that was fine in a way.


“Uh, um…. Master, are you not going to give an explanation for all of this!?”


“Eh? Ahh, that’s… that thing. The mysterious power of Demon Lords, you know.”


“I’m sorry, master. I do not understand at all.”


Of course, you don’t.


“Well, to be honest, I don’t understand it myself, why am capable of these things. I can do it because I can. That’s all that I can say. But more importantly, Lyu, are you getting used to being here?”


I really wasn’t able to explain anything myself, so I quickly changed the subject.


“Ah, yes. Well… I feel kind of strange. I thought that my life was so completely finished for good when I became a slave, but now, I am being allowed to work here like this.”


“Haha, well, life is full of strange happenings.”


Hell, I came to another world.


“But I am glad that I was able to come here. The food is good, the beds are clean and there are a lot of interesting things to do. And more than anything, Mofir is here too!! Oh, speaking of which, when is Mofir returning, master!?”


“Eh, uhhhh… I don’t actually knoooow. That one can be quite elusive after aaaaall.”


“Master? Why are you talking so monotone all of a sudden?”


Fir seemed to have decided that he would not do well with Lyu. I don’t think he would get close to her unless I called him.


“Hey! Master, hurry up and come! The food will get cold and… There’s grass here!? What is… Hey, Yuki, did you do something weird again?”


“Weird? How rude. This is one great step for the prosperity of my dungeon.”


“Well, whatever then. Anyway, you two need to come back quick. Or I’ll just eat everything without you.”




We replied without much enthusiasm and returned to the Throne Room after Lefy.

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