Maou Ni – Chapter 33

The Relaxing Hot spring





I unconsciously let out a loud sigh as my body sank deep into the hot water.


I’m soaking in the newly built ryokan’s hot spring in order to test the temperature of the water. And it was quite amazing.

The bathtub was made of cypress wood and was large enough for two people to stretch their bodies out and still have ample space to move.

There was no roof above, so you could see the stars and moon shining in the sky. A dim lamp alone illuminated over the steaming water which reflected the starry sky.


The time here was synced with the outside world. The sun came out in the morning, and in the nighttime, you would be able to see the moon and countless stars.

At first, I had considered having this world be in a persistent night, but it would be very inconvenient, so I settled on having a proper morning, afternoon and night cycle.


“Ahhh, Shii, this is amazing.”


I said to Shii who was floating lightly on the water.

Shii was an avid lover of baths, often forcing her way in, whenever I happened to be in a tub.

I wondered if she didn’t get soggy from it, but Shii’s body was always very smooth whenever she got out of the way, so maybe being submerged in the water affected her metabolism.


“Older brother!”


Just then, the door to the bathing room slid open and in came Iluna.


“Iluna, you came? I thought that I told you to come in later on.”


“Ehehe, sorry about it.”


Iluna said with a mischievous smile.


…With such a happy face, I could not help but forgive her.


“Hey, older brother, wash my head!”


“Fine, fine. Now, sit over there.”




I got out of the bathtub and brought over another bath chair and placed it behind where Iluna was sitting.




“What, you seem to be in a good mood?”


I asked as I washed her head, Iluna nodded happily and answered.


“Yes! It’s been a while since we were together!”


…It was true, I don’t think I’ve spent much time with her recently.


…I supposed I could play with her in the grassland area in the near future.

A picnic might be a good idea. In that case, it may not be just the two of us, but we could play for the entire day.


That would be great, a picnic. I was starting to look forward to it myself.


As I was washing Iluna’s head and thinking of such things, the bathing room’s door slid open once again.


“Oh, Iluna, you were here too?”


“Ah, older sister!”


“Ahh, it’s Lefy… Lefy!?”


“? What, why are you making that stupid face?”


It was Lefy that came in next.


“Wha- why are you coming in as well?”


“Am I not allowed to enter?”


“No, not exactly, but…”


Age-wise, Iluna was perfectly acceptable, but Lefy was a bit much; in various ways. I would prefer it if she gave me a break, if possible. In various ways.


“Older sister wants to be with older brother too!”


“Tha- that’s not it! … *cough* I just thought I would allow you to wash my head once in a while. It feels quite good when you wash my hair for me.”


“Oh, huh, is that so. …Um, well then. Iluna, why don’t you get in the bathtub first?”




Now that Iluna’s head was washed clean, she cheerily agreed and went directly to submerge herself in the bathtub.

In her place, Lefy came down to sit on her chair.


What came into my vision was a beautiful, eye-catching white neck that peeked through the gaps of silver colored hair. From there my gaze automatically continued to her rounded shoulders and her curvaceous and womanly back.

Further below that was her cute and tight butt. Slightly above it was her dragon tail, wagging back and forth and from side to side, tickling my feet.


…Don’t think, don’t think.


I slowly took a deep breath to calm my rising heartbeat so that Lefy wouldn’t notice, and began to apply shampoo to her hair.

And then I used both hands to foam the shampoo and started to scrub and wash her hair.

Her sensitive hair was soft to the touch, my finger gently roamed towards the horns that grew from her head.




Audible sighs would occasionally escape Lefy’s lips.

It was oddly alluring and distracting for me.


…Do- don’t think, don’t think. Calm down, why are you getting so bothered. This is Lefy.


“…We- well, we’re done here, Lefy.


After I washed the bubbles from her hair, I said with a sigh of relief. I don’t know what she was thinking, but she just fell back into me, leaning her weight into mine.


Her body heat was directly transferred to my skin, my heart leaped into my throat.


“Wait, what are you…”


“Ahh, that felt good, Yuki. But for some reason your breathing is getting hard, are you alright? Were you perhaps taken in by my naked body?”


She looked up at my face from below, a mischievous grin appeared on her face.


What, she, she had noticed all along…!!


“Do- don’t be stupid. You think too much of yourself. As if anyone would get excited over your kid’s body?”


“Ah? Kid body you say!? How dare you, you were breathing quite hard just a moment ago!”


“No, no I wasn’t. My nose was clogged and my breathing just got a little heavy.’


“What kind of an excuse is that!?”


“Hey, older brother and sister. The water will get cold if you just stay over there, you know?”




After being admonished by a child, I and Lefy both wordlessly went to the bath tube and sank into the hot water.


“…Ahhh…it feels good… I had no idea that hot springs were this good…”


“Yes, it feels so good. Right, Shii?”


Shii bounced in the water as if to show her agreement.


“So, you like it then? I’m glad.”


For a while, the time passed in peaceful silence.


This really… Did not feel bad at all.


I’m not the right age to be a father… But perhaps this was what it felt like to be a father with children.


“…But really, why did you suddenly want to make a place like this? Though the scenery is pretty great.”


Questioned Lefy as she gazed at the view of the grasslands that was visible from the bathing area.


“Well, I was actually thinking about making a castle.”




“A castle. And as a first step, I created this grassland.”


“…Assuming that’s all true and you’re going to make a castle, why did that lead to making a hot spring and an inn?”


“It just kind of happened before I noticed.”


“…I, I see.”


Lefy did not seem to understand but nodded anyway.


After that, we stayed and warmed ourselves in the water for a while, when suddenly something started to move in the corner of my vision.




I turned my gaze in that direction, perhaps she had gotten sleepy from being warm. At some point in time Iluna had apparently fallen asleep, she was rocking back and forth in the water.


“Ahh, I guess she got sleepy. Come on, Iluna, stay awake just a little longer. We’ll take you to your bed.”




I took her hand as she sleepily rubbed her eyes.


“Sorry, Lefy, but would you help Iluna get into her clothes?”


“Uh, fine.”


“Shii…hey, Shii. Are you okay? What happened?”


As I looked, Shii’s body had stretched out and was no longer in its original shape.

It was very worrying to see her melt like that, but Shii did not seem to care at all. “I’ll get out in a few minutes!” she said as her body shook like jelly.


“Ah…don’t stay in for too long.”


I said with a somewhat awkward smile and left the bathing room along with Lefy and Iluna.


The three of us walked on, side by side, the pale moonlight gently illuminating our way.






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