Maou Ni – Chapter 34


The Daily Life of the Newcomers.




“Hhhhh… I’m tired. Lefy always takes things so seriously.”


Lyu said as she plopped onto the bed in the room, she was still wearing her maid outfit.


The bed felt amazing. It was so soft, it enveloped you when you laid in it.

Up until now, she had only ever slept in beds that were not much different from wooden boards. She would usually wake up with her body hurting all over. But this was the kind of bed that was likely to blow away any of the previous day’s fatigue after sleeping in it.


“Hey, are you fine with your clothes getting wrinkled?”


“Oh, that’s true.”


Having been rebuked by Leila, Lyu started to take off the maid outfit.

Delicate, yet womanly curves made up her now exposed body.


The magical beings, beast folk, and the demi-humans were currently on friendly terms.

The reason for that was because they were all seen as ‘human failures,’ and were oppressed for being heretics. If they decided to fight amongst each other, they would very likely find themselves annihilated by the humans.


The people of the forest, the elves alone held ‘the secret arts of the forest’, which were capable of dealing a painful blow, if the humans ever tried to antagonize them. And so they were protected by a mutual state of non intervention. But all of the other races were still exposed to the humans lust for domination. The fighting had continued for a long time; hundreds of years even.


The situation was bad.


The magical beings, beast folk, and demi-humans, each had superior abilities compared to humans on an individual basis, but they could not compete against the overwhelming number of humans that were united. The humans would come at them, sending ten for every individual, a hundred for every ten of them.

The battlefront was being pushed back little by little. On top of this, the human’s technology was advancing every day. Lyu had heard that they were inferior in numbers for the past 10 years,


In such a situation, whether you liked it or not, it would become necessary for those who are standing in the same camp to work together and be on friendly terms.


“I know it’s a bit late to ask, but how did you come to be here anyway?”


“It was due to a debt…”


As she began nonchalantly, Lyu began to put on the cutely designed pajamas given to her by the master, all while looking at her.


“That’s just the public reason right? Because, aren’t you from the sheep horn clan?”


Because there were many types of clans amongst the magical beings and beast folk, there was a custom to say what your clan of birth is after your name. It was because each clan was seen as its own community.

For Lyu, the Gilou that came after her name was just that.


But In spite of such customs existing, this girl had not addressed herself with her last name.


This was simply due to the fact that there was only one sheep horn clan.


The biggest distinction of the female only, sheep horn clan was that they were all scholars.


Their clan was known to be brimming with curiosity. They were the kind of researchers, who once their attention has been drawn, will obsess over that thing to the point of forgetting to eat or sleep.


This was famous among the magical beings, it was well known enough that even some of the beast folk, like Lyu were aware of it.


Well, I doubt he knows about it though.


“You do know that I am incredibly grateful? I had seriously thought of giving up on life when I was forced into slavery. But, in spite of most Demon Lords being drunk on power and mindless brutes, I was able to meet an intelligent and level-headed Demon Lord here. So in that case, wouldn’t it be a waste if I did not use this opportunity to explore the labyrinth and these people known as Demon Lords?”

“Uh, I guess.”


Her usually nonchalant colleague had suddenly made a tight fist and had an intense look in her eyes. Lyu looked at this, thinking, “Ahh, she is one of the sheep horn clan after all…” and smiled.


“And so, did you learn anything?”


“No, the only thing that I know is that the Demon Lord holds some mysterious power, also he is a quite funny person. Also, he takes good care of his younger sisters and Lefy.”


“Ahh… Well, that is the kind of person Master is.”


If you were to describe him in a word it would be ‘mysterious.’


He would use tools that no one has ever seen or heard of as if he were a professional, he would use magic on a grand scale and look unaffected by it, but at other times he would have no knowledge of something common, something that even a child of the beast folk would know.

He would laugh, become angry, be sad. His personality was carefree like a child. Well, it was mostly inconsequential things that made him show those ranges of emotions, but there was still something refreshing about seeing him like that.


And for some reason, being around him felt good, like sitting in the sun, it made you feel warm.


That was the most mysterious thing for Lyu, that she would feel such a sense of comfort in spite of having not known him for very long.


Well, even if that were not the case, people did not loudly pester her here, she was a maid only in name and could generally do as she pleased. Sometimes she would be forced to be a playmate, but it was not a problem as she found that job quite enjoyable. The only thing that troubled her a little was that he hated to lose, and would repeatedly want a rematch.


And the food was also good, there was a relaxing hot spring, the bedroom was amazing, she was working under the highest conditions. She was a little sad that she had not seen him recently, but at least Fenrir, who was the reason Lyu had wanted to be here in there first place, was here.


If she boasted about this to her friends back home, they would likely gnash their teeth in pure jealousy.


“Don’t you think, that Master would not be especially angry if he knew the truth?”


“That may be true, but I want to know about this labyrinth and the Master as they really are. And so, I think it would be better to keep it a secret.”


Well, what she was saying was understandable.

Not many people would act in the exact same way if they all of a sudden found out that they were being watched.


“And what about you? The Gilou clan, aren’t they the head family of a tribe known as Warwolf? I heard a story a little while ago about the chief’s daughter running away from home. Are you, perhaps the chiefs…”


“Aghhh!? Tha-, that’s a secret!!”


Lyu frantically waved both of her hands about in order to stop Leila from talking.


“Hehe, I won’t tell anyone. But if you tell others about me, well, my tongue may slip.”


“I, I  understand! I promise that I won’t tell anyone, so you can’t tell anyone about me, alright!?”


As her colleague looked flustered, Leila couldn’t help but wonder about it.


“But what about you, why are you so intent on hiding it?”


“Be, because… It’s embarrassing. That such an unrefined girl is… The chief’s daughter.”


Leila laughed when Lyu said this in a hesitant voice.


“You are feminine enough, I think that you are very cute.”


“Wha, cu- you think that I’m cute…”


“Now, we have an early morning tomorrow, and it would be very rude of us to wake up later than the Demon Lord. So let’s go to bed now.”


So saying, Leila stretched out her hand and turned the room’s lamp off.


“Uhh, I feel like you’re trying to avoid something, but… Good night.”


“Yes, good night.”





What Lyu refers to as ‘magic on a large scale’ is the time that Yuki added the grasslands area with the dungeons features.

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