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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 37 Alishia Kingdom

Alishia kingdom.


It is one of the most prominent, flourishing countries in the world, located in the north-western part of the continent. Its population is also a head above the neighboring countries and it is also developing more in comparison. They are focusing most of their efforts on magic tool production and so if one was planning on buying the latest magic tool, they would want to get one from there.

Of course, since the Alishia kingdom is advanced in the development of magic tools, their military technology is also leading other countries and they are mostly leading the fight with the demi-humans.


And this Alishia kingdom’s current king is called Raid Glorio Alishia. He is a mediocre king but his reputation in governing the kingdom well is high and the public’s support for him is strong.


“Now is exactly the time we should make our move!!”


—-And now, there was a young man appealing to the king.


In front of the king stood his son, Ryuto Glorio Alishia. He is a very upright young man, with strong feelings for his country but… now he was just running idle with his passion.


“That won’t do. I will not permit being involved there.”


“Then you’re telling us to leave it be even though they have invaded us?!”


In response to the exasperated, young man, the king simply replied calmly.


An urgent report had been brought in front of them just a few days before.


It said that the border city, Alfiro, was occupied by the demon’s army for the time being.


“Even though they have indeed invaded us, they haven’t caused much harm. I have only been informed that some criminal syndicate has been crushed and that’s all.”


Even while the situation was quite serious, the reason behind the king’s composure was exactly this.


The situation had already been resolved and they haven’t received much harm. Just a criminal syndicate got destroyed.


Moreover… even if they were to take revenge, the opponent was just strong.


However, seems like Ryuto was still not satisfied by that and flared up at his father.


“It’s not a problem of harm, is it?! The fact that they have indeed invaded us is the important part!!”


In short, what Ryuto was saying was to be ‘assertively defensive’—that is to invade back. Before it’s too late, they should go for the attack. A slightly violent opinion.


For one of the cities of his beloved country to be invaded by demons who don’t have a fragment of reasoning in them, is what made him angry.


On top of that, he also had an ulterior motive.


This time, the place these demons came attacking from was the Demon Forest.


In that land, untouched nature spread out far and wide. Because of that danger, none of the neighboring countries tried to claim that land.


In other words, there must be a mountain of treasure there.


If they could get a hold of that place, they would most definitely be able to further develop this country. But his father, being afraid of a supreme dragon which no one knows whether it even exists, avoids making a move.


He is very well aware that the demons there are quite strong but he also thinks that their outstanding magic tools can fill in that gap. There should be more than enough chances of winning.


And so, he couldn’t help but think of his father’s cowardice as foolish because of not grasping the chance of further development right in front of their eyes.


The prince, who had thought of the supreme dragon as nothing but a legend, had that thought process.


“You still don’t know what kind of a place that is.”


“It’s one of the unexplored regions where the demons are very strong, right?! Even I know that much!!”


In response to his son’s insistence, Raid just let out a sigh.

The only thing which circled his mind was the color of disappointment, at the sight of his obstinate son.


Ryuto hated that expression of his father.


“Either way, I won’t allow it. And don’t you dare do anything rash. This is my order as the king.”


“Guu… I understand. I will withdraw for today.”


Saying that, the prince rudely barged out of the room.


Ryuto, who wasn’t even trying to hide his irritation while walking down the gorgeous corridor, was approached by a man.


“Ryuto-sama, what will you do? I think it would be difficult to do anything since he has given an order as the king.”


“… The king, knew nothing. And won’t be knowing anything either.”


“In other words, we go forward with the plan?”


“Yes. Gather the soldiers.”


“Understood. As you desire…”


Exchanging such few words, the man went away.


A dangerous will dwelled in the prince’s eyes.”




*   *   *





‘Zaa, zaa’ Sounds of firm footsteps on earth could be heard. Simultaneously, sounds of metal rubbing on metal could also be heard.

The armed group equipped with armor, lined up systematically and advanced through the long road.


They were the soldiers gathered under the prince’s name for this expedition.

Although that battle formation looked unified as a small group, it felt somewhat mismatched as a whole.

And that was because almost all of these soldiers were secretly given to the prince by the nobles in hopes of getting the rights to the new land for development.

As such, to increase their profits even if by just a bit, they sent out soldiers who were a bit characteristic.


“Seriously, why do we need to advance all the way deep into this mountain?”


One soldier grumbled to the man beside him.


“Now, don’t say that. We got paid quite a lot this time, after all. Although that just goes to show how dangerous this place is, we are all regular soldiers. We will probably not be abandoned that easily. It also seems that they have brought the latest magic tools.”


“Oho? Good work with that.”


They were all mercenaries hired by one of the nobles blinded by the land rights. They normally do burglar-like stuff for a living so they are bluntly hated by most of the officially hired permanent army soldiers. But as this was their livelihood, they were also quite strong.


“Besides, I also hear that there are demi-human girls over there, as well. If we properly kill them, there is a chance we could have them to ourselves.”


“Hehehe, demi-humans are quite healthy. I see, then I must work hard, huh.”


“Oi, oi, don’t go having an erection now.”


“Stupid, my ‘nether region’ isn’t that weak.”


Having such conversations, the men advanced.


—-They didn’t yet know.


That the place they were headed for was nothing but hell.

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