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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 38 Invasion

At night.


Iluna had already gone to sleep, the two maids had also gone to their rooms and, since I was bored, I was playing a board game with Lefy but right at that moment, the menu map screen popped up on its own suddenly.




“Mm? What happened, Yuki?”




Saying that, I skimmed through the map.


There are two types of situations when this map opens up on its own.


Firstly, it pops up when an invader gets within a certain range of the dungeon’s heart, the dungeon core. And secondly, when enemies of a certain amount of DP enter the dungeon territory.


Since the DP of stronger enemies is higher, it is a good indicator of the enemy’s strength.


The second one, which pops up when enemies of a certain DP enter, not only works for a single enemy, but also for a group of enemies if their overall DP is above that certain limit. That is how I set it up.


And this time… it seems that is the case.


Recently, a new feature has also been added such that I can also view the details of the invaders on the map. And after taking a look, it seems the invaders are all human. There were about four to five hundred of them.

Judging from their equipment, they are probably an army of some country. And that country is… well, I don’t even need to think about it to know. In all probability, they are here for revenge for when we intruded in that city before.


“….So, in other words, they didn’t learn their lesson from the threat last time?”


“Seems like it.”


As I nodded, an inhumane smile came upon Lefy’s face.

Seeing from her perspective, this is the same as making light of the supreme dragon’s existence. It is probably by no means something she can overlook.


“….Shall I go crush them?”


In response to that question, I shook my head.


“No… I might ask of you if push comes to shove but I will probably be fine. I also have something I wanna try out.”




In all honesty, I had predicted this situation.


I did give a warning to the city’s lord to not get involved with us but when you look at the matter as a country, we just invaded the land one-sidedly.


A country would always care about its reputation. If I were to give an example from the previous world, it would be the same as if a certain country came invading a part of Japan’s land and occupying it for some time.


When it comes to such a situation, whether it is the previous world or this world, they would definitely want to go for some kind of retaliatory measure.


It doesn’t matter if invading the Demon’s Forest is forbidden or not. More so when the pressure comes from higher ups.

Even if the supreme dragon is here, as time passes by, they would forget the threat she poses and do the same thing again. That’s what humans do. Such history has been repeated countless times in the previous world.


And since I know that, it isn’t that difficult to predict such a situation.


And as I had foreseen it, I had also prepared well for it.


As I have expanded time over time, mostly all of the forest is now dungeon territory. And if it’s dungeon territory, I could use the features I have never used before: traps or terrain modifications.


Assuming such a situation will come by, I had prepared useful traps. I will have these guys test the traps.


While thinking that way, I glanced at Lefy, who was in front of me, and then towards Iluna, who was sleeping peacefully.


…I have been living as I wish ever since I came to this world.


Frankly speaking, I really like this lifestyle. Screaming, playing, fooling around everyday.

I have never even thought about returning to being human or to the human society. To be honest, I haven’t even thought about returning to the previous world.

Well, it is true that the chances of me thinking about that would be there if I hadn’t met Lefy or Iluna.


And so, I will not show any mercy towards the people who threaten my current lifestyle.


If they oppose me, I will just crush them.

Without fail.


“…But still, I guess I will warn them once, at least.”


As a former human. If they were to leave then, I will let them be. If they don’t…


“…Lefy, I will be back.”


I stood up saying that and materialized wings on my back.


“Hm. I will be waiting for the usual you, so come back quick. It’s your turn next, after all. If you don’t come back quick, I will just move them for you.”


She said, as if it was nothing.

As normally as possible.


Really… such a good woman.


“That is troubling. I will be using the super express to come back then.”


Giving her a bitter laugh, I appreciated her presence inside and left the throne.



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