Maou ni

Chapter 42 Extra Story – Gamdia Loston

A piercing sensation on his skin made Gamdia Loston nervously wake up.




After opening his eyes and sitting up straight, the first thing he felt was a sense of discomfort.


As if the tent he had been sleeping was completely transported into a different dimension–he felt such an uncomfortable and nervous feeling throughout his entire body.


Is there something… there…?


“Who is it…?”


He unconsciously stretched his hands out to reach for the sword beside his pillow and inquired for the identity of the being he vaguely felt out there.


“–Oho… you can tell”


He had appeared out of the blue.


As if oozing out from pure darkness, he came walking out nonchalantly.


Male. Pure black hair. One eye was red and he had dragon-like wings coming out from the back. Species was probably demon.


His features were the same as the one who had attacked Alfiro city–


“You are–”


“Don’t shout. I will kill you.”


The moment the demon had said that, the whole atmosphere pressured down on Gamdia’s body as if it had weight.


Dense, demonic presence came gushing out from his body and gnawed into Gamdia’s soul–he felt as if he would lose consciousness even if he relaxed for a moment.


Cold sweat came down his cheeks.


Seeing that Gamdia was silent, the man started talking one-sidedly–


It seems he had only come to give a warning.


After saying what he had to say, he disappeared into the darkness again.


The moment the man disappeared, as if Gamdia had just learnt how to breathe, his entire body started breathing heavily.




That was what he honestly thought. That that thing wasn’t something they would ever be able to fight against.


Even if they attacked with all the soldiers here, they would probably get massacred–he thought.




The official objective for this expedition was to attack the demons and subjugate their boss.–However, the actual objective was to affirm the natural resources of the Demon Forest.


In short, to claim a new area for development, they wanted the soldiers to do the preliminary investigation. The official reason was different to avoid irritating interference.


At first, when the order was given to go to war, he thought ‘gimme a break!’.


Talking of the Demon Forest, it was the habitat for strong monsters and no matter how excellent the magic tools they had were, if some kind of predicament arises, it was clear that it would be catastrophic.


Not only that, the being that reigns on top of the ecosystem of the Demon Forest is so famous that one doesn’t even need to speak of the name. That Supreme dragon. If they were to make it their enemy, the damage won’t be so little that in can be called catastrophic. The country will literally fall into ruin.


But even still, the discussion was forcibly advanced between the higher ups and it was also decided that Gamdia’s squad would join in on the war.


If so, he at least wanted to take command of the army to reduce unnecessary casualty but the supreme commander of the army was some stupid noble, who was blinded by the money and went straight up to the front line.


There’s no way to describe it other than being foolish.


And now he properly understood why the landlord of Alfiro city strongly opposed this and claimed that he wouldn’t participate in it in any way.


……I must go to that idiot noble and make him withdraw the army, he thought.


He might be fired from the army if he does that.


But even then, it didn’t matter.


He opposed this expedition to begin with. He thought that letting the soldiers die because of this stupid, unreasonable war was wrong.


As long as the commander will profit, he probably won’t withdraw even if Gamdia were to ask him… but he thought that he must at least make his subordinates live longer.


With that do-or-die determination, Gamdia started preparing–









Author’s note: I-it’s short because it’s an extra story…

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