Maou ni

Chapter 41 Tower Defense Games are Fun


“This way! The magical power is weak here!!”


It seems that the enemy had noticed the spreading hallucination magic, probably a mage as he had noticeably more magical strength than the others and was leading the group towards the direction where the hallucination magic was weak.


The campsite which had fallen into complete chaos regained some order under that man’s instructions.


–And then, at that moment.


Just for a moment, a voice could be heard.


Before the mage could feel anything odd, his allies behind him noticed it.


“Y-you! T-that…”




Wondering what was wrong, the mage followed the direction his shaking ally was pointing towards, and looked down—-nothing.


It wasn’t there.


What reflected on the man’s vision was–no, what did not reflect, was his abdomen.


Right from the pit of the stomach till the chest, there was a gaping, wide hole with nothing inside.


Seeing it for himself, before the man even felt the pain, he died.


As the mage fell, the true form of the thing that took his life slowly appeared behind.




A single ivy was there. Its tips were dyed in red and the mage’s entrails were dangling from it.


It moved like a living thing and ascertained its next target–and in the blink of an eye, the skull of a soldier, who was just standing there dumbfounded, had been pierced.


The blood splashed out.


“–T-t-this way is no good!! There’s a monster here!!”


Seeing that horrific scene, the soldiers rushed back towards the campsite.


“Damn it!! Didn’t the monster repellant tool work?!”


“Oi!! Return that guy to sanity!!”


“Where should we run to?!”


Losing their only hope, the place they could escape to, the invaders had become a completely disordered crowd.


Some were trying to solve the situation by gathering the people, some were trying to push aside their allies to only save themselves and some had gone insane and were swinging their swords towards their allies.




“Wh-what is this?! Swamp!?”


Being caught in a bottomless swamp which suddenly appeared, they kept on sinking in.


“Uhyeeee?! S-sav—”


They got eaten by a plant with a huge mouth and were melted alive.




They were basked in corrosive acid all over their body, dissolving their flesh.


One by one, the number of the living decreased.


There was nowhere they could run to–just hell.


“Damn it!! Damn, damn, damn it all!! Don’t you guys come near me!!”


The commander, who was supposed to unify the army, had long lost his composure and was in no state to give orders.


The wailing and screams of agony echoing throughout the forest had slowly decreased–


–Before long, silence fell upon the forest.




*   *   *




“Hmmm… it kinda went better than I had expected.”


Seeing that scenario through the monitor, I said while giving a stiff smile.


It was a simple job–just activating the traps when the enemies came close.


Exactly like a tower defense game. Well, I was the one attacking, though.


The reason most of the traps were nature related was, firstly, because the surrounding was a forest, and secondly, to not let them notice.


They would immediately know something is off if I had set bow-guns or something which are the traps in most games with forests. If I were to set those up, I would like to do them inside caves.


Well, I don’t really want to add something just before the throne, in the caves. After all, I don’t want Iluna or the maids to get hurt in the case of a malfunction.


Even still, this scene is too gory. Gory enough to add ‘R-18’ on the screen. Good thing Iluna is sleeping. I definitely don’t want her seeing this.


I myself am not that good with gore.


I used the traps to see how useful they are but… it’s a bit too gory so I don’t really want to use them much.

“Hou… that’s quite something. You will annihilate that many people with just traps, eh?”


Said Lefy in admiration, not flinching the slightest even after seeing such a bloody scene.


As one would expect, when you’re the Supreme dragon, you would probably be used to this level of a scene. Her mentality is too strong, really. It even makes me respect her.


“Well, their top was incompetent, after all… Besides, from what I saw, they didn’t really have good coordination between them either.”


They didn’t feel like one big army. Instead, they were like small groups all joined together to form an army. Their equipment was also different so it is possible that they were all from different affiliations.


The concept behind this time’s traps is simple.


Causing chaos within the enemy and then crushing them one by one. It’s a basic tactic passed on from long ago.


To be honest, even I didn’t think it would go that well but as the enemy was not well arranged, the initial hallucination worked more than I thought and thanks to that, I was able to crush them without much trouble.


What is terrifying is the enemy’s incompetence.


Or rather the dungeon’s strength, as it was able to crush close to 400 people with just traps.


…Well, either way, the dungeon being strong isn’t a bad thing for me.


I will be relying on you from now on too, Dungeon-kun.


“Even still, you did quite well in placing the traps so perfectly.”


“If humans were to come, it would be from the city, after all. So I focused the traps along that way. There were a lot of traps I added after confirming their movements too, though.”


“That does make sense… Hmm, I see. I guess I will also go with that tactic next time… Alright, Yuki, the promise, let’s continue the game.”


I don’t really get what she means by ‘I see’ but after saying that, she cheerfully went and took position in front of the board game.


“Eh… You, are we doing this right now?”


“Of course. We must settle matches quick.”


“Even if you say that, after just a few hours, it will be dawn.”


“I have been taking too many afternoon naps lately, you see, and so I can’t really sleep at night.”


This good-for-nothing Supreme dragon…




By the way, after this, I easily won the board game.





Author note:


I was planning on more of a climax to this scene but it just ended with being gory.


Does this mean I don’t really have the talent to write a serious scene…?!


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