Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 6 The Freeloading Supreme Dragon


“Hmmm… I see, so you are a Demon Lord. One who was born recently at that.”


Said the dragon girl with great interest, while looking around the throne room. I gave her my top so I am basically half-naked. It would have been quite a concern if this occurred on Earth.


As I didn’t know how she would react after knowing I am a demon lord so I didn’t plan on bringing her here at first but… I had to eventually as she kept nagging about wanting to eat the chocolate right away.

I can’t access the DP Catalogue if I am not in dungeon territory.


But, judging from her reaction just now, it doesn’t seem like she follows a creed to annihilate all demon lords or  something so I probably don’t need to be so cautious.


…For now, I guess we need clothes. I should get her some proper ones.

And so, when I started looking for one in the DP Catalogue where they were all lined up, I found one immediately.


Seriously, this thing has everything. If I keep on using it like this I will probably run out of points very soon. I will have used up half of what was initially given to me soon so I should be more careful.


I got a plain one-piece dress (80DP). Underwear (30DP) and a matching sandals too as she wasn’t wearing any underwear and was barefooted.


“Do you get these?” I asked as I threw them towards her.


“Mm, thanks. I had completely forgotten that it gets really chilly when I take human form… The mana I had not felt from the dungeon just a while earlier started overflowing the moment I entered this room after all. The only one living in this one room of a just born dungeon would definitely be a newborn demon lord. I see, so that’s why demons suddenly appeared in my territory once again.”


Leficios grabbed the clothes, threw the my T-shirt back at me and answered while changing.


…I was properly facing the other way, okay?


But even still, as expected. She found out in a moment.


She said something about the dungeon’s mana but are there that many different kinds of mana?

There was also a mana written on my status… going to have to inspect that later on. Since mana exists, magic also probably exists. I also want to try using some magic.


“Hm? Wait a minute, do demons just appear out of nowhere like that?”


“Of course, most are born normally but demons are originally beings who are just born suddenly at places where the source of magic — magical essence — is very dense. Normally, the demons’ cores are just crystallized magical essence — magic gems —, but in your case, when the dungeon was born, it took magical essence from all the surroundings and became the core to give birth to you, the managing demon lord. The magical essence around here is pretty dense after all.”


…Demons are quite the odd beings.


“But, yeah, this dungeon is a pretty good one.” She said touching the dungeon here and there.


“Nn? Aren’t most of them like this?” I said while putting my T-shirt on.


“Completely different. The dungeons I destroyed up till now to kill time were just mere caves with some decoration… Ah, no, now that I think about it, there was this idiot demon who had lived in a weird looking castle with over the top decorations saying something like ‘I am the world’s strongest!!’


Uwaah, this dragon was doing stuff like that to kill time….?


Whew, glad she is fond of sweets. Otherwise, I would have died long ago.


But she did say that she did not have any intention of killing me in the first place and was just trying to threaten me to move away from this place.


But if I went against her she was probably going to kill me.


And that’s why she did not come attacking immediately and was so slow.

And also, it seems like she was not wondering whether to kill me or not when I offered the deal, but rather if she should give me the cave in her territory.

Well, as long as  my heart, the dungeon core, is still here, I can’t escape so that was probably the best outcome.


But I see, so this dungeon, this room, is of pretty good quality.

Aren’t you glad, my dungeon? You were complimented by this absurdly strong supreme dragon.


“By the way, what happened to that idiot demon?”


“He came asking for a fight so I turned him, along with his castle, into ashes.”


Well, yep. I guess that would happen.


I wonder what was the source of that idiot’s confidence.

I’m curious! (Watashi, kininarimasu—Hyouka parody)


While I was in my thoughts, it probably showed on my face, so the dragon let out a sigh and continued,


“Let me just say this, you are the minority here. Generally, the demons are a tribe whose sense of values are completely dependent on strength. And because of that, not only do wars among themselves never stop, they are also always challenging strong beings from other races to fights. They are extremely annoying to deal with.”


“I see… so demons are just a race of muscle-brained idiots…”


By the looks of it, they will surely be on not shaky terms with other races. Leave me out of it.




“It’s an expression to describe simple idiots who seems to have their brain made up of muscle as well.”


“Hoho, that’s an interesting way to put it. Exactly. They have been muscle-brained for over a thousand years.”


“Ah.. so.. you are over a thousand years old.”


“Hmm, that’s right. I am called the Legendary Dragon among the humans” said the dragon with pride.

The difference in scale is so big that I can’t even grasp it but… Yep, considering all that, you’re pretty childish, aren’t you?

Also liking sweet food.


“Well, for the time being, here, your desired food.” I said while handing over the bar chocolate I exchanged.


“I have been waiting! This is it, this! —–Mmmmm—I can’t resist it- this sweetness!”




“And you, I have a name which isn’t dragon. Call me by Leficios.” Said the dragon Leficios while savoring each bite of the chocolate she ate with one bite earlier.


“It’s long so I will call you Lefy. My name is Yuki.”




“Hmm? What? You didn’t like it?”


“N-no, it’s not like that. Just that… it’s the first time I have met someone who calls me like that.”


“Ahh… well, I guess that is true.”


After all, she is a dragon who has lived more than a thousand years and is a legend among the humans.

Of course there wouldn’t be anyone who could be so overly-familiar with her.

The reason I can relax is because she just feels like the daughter of a relative to me now.

Where did all the dignity go?


“We-well, that is fine. More importantly, I will live here then.” Lefy said casually.


“………. Wha?”


“This place, looks comfortable to live in. The nest I have been living in was a bit inconvenient and I was just hesitating over changing it. This is just fine.”


“N-no, wait just a moment. It isn’t something you should decide so-“




“…Now, ju-just wait for a while, it isn’t so simp-“




Coming close, she said with a teary-eyed expression.


“…………….I-it’s okay…”


“Alright then, it is decided!” she said with a smile and started eating the remaining of her chocolate in a good mood.


….We-well, I did say okay but, it is not so bad as a result.


She looks like a little girl now but she is a being in a position thought to be the highest in this world.

If such a being stayed here, the dungeon’s safety greatly increases.


That’s right, I gave my permission after a lot of thinking. Definitely not because I thought her pestering was cute. Definitely not.


……..It is definitely not that, alright?




Very suddenly, but just like that, a freeloading supreme dragon started living in the dungeon.


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