Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 7 First Battle

The following day.


I was at the cave, in front of the throne room.


“Alright, let’s do this.”


I opened up the Menu and clicked on Dungeon.


The reason I came here was to check out the functions of the dungeon, which I had to postpone until now. I was made the demon lord to manage the dungeon but not even once did I use the Dungeon function.


The freeloading dragon, Lefy, was still asleep in the throne room. She was being noisy about giving her a futon as well so I exchanged some DP for it and got her one. It seemed like she really liked it, judging by her sleeping like a log.


The first feature I will use is the Dungeon Territory Expansion.

It came asking for the specific range of expansion so when I selected this cave—-


“…Ohh, nice.”


I see, so this is the dungeon’s magical power.


There were no visible changes, but I wonder if saying that the air changing would be an appropriate description. The cool atmosphere here before, which was perfect for summertime, has now become kinda cozy.

It happened so suddenly that I was able to feel the change.


When I tried looking into the map too, I realized that it’s properly listed as the new dungeon territory. Nice, let’s expand more and more from now on.

I want to increase the dungeon layers… but I am still a bit short on DP for that much expansion. I guess I can do that later.


By the way, when I checked the DP this morning, it had increased a lot.


It is probably because Lefy is being treated as an intruder rather than a subordinate. Last time I checked yesterday, it had gone below 500 but now it’s even more than 2000. I had worried about what would happen when she started saying she wanted to live here but, this is not bad. In fact, this is actually pretty good. I would have to deal with her with these DP but this way I can treat her properly.


“Hmm, for now, I guess I will try summoning something.”


To be honest, I don’t really think we need anything more than a supreme dragon but to check it out, I opened up the Monster Catalogue menu from the Dungeon tab and skimmed over it.


It’s my first time so I will just try summoning one which takes the least DP.


With that in mind, I clicked on the name at the bottom of the list.


The moment I pressed it, light-like particles started gathering in front of me, forming a shape. Before long, the light cleared up, revealing a perfectly circular, transparent, bluish figure, about one size bigger than a small dog.


—-It was a slime.


“Oohh… it’s cuter than I expected.”


When I tried rubbing it, it looked like it had recognized me as the summoner and became playful. Very adorable. It feels like the pet dog we had in the house.


“Alright, from now on, your name is Shii!”



Name: Shii

Class: N/A

Race: Slime

Level: 1

HP: 11/11

MP: 2/2

Strength: 15

Resistance: 37

Agility: 26

Mana: 11

Dexterity: 52

Luck: 110

Skill Points: 0

Skills: Predation Lv1, Regeneration Lv1

Title: The Demon Lord’s underling


Yep, weak. As expected of the weakest.

But still, it’s fine. It’s cute so I will let it be. It shall be my pet.


According to the encyclopedia inside my brain, it looks like these guys do not need food as they feed off the dungeon’s mana.

Isn’t this just the best? Having a pet which does not need to be looked after. It’s probably to avoid wasting time feeding all the monsters when I have a ton of them here.


………Ah? Wa-wait a moment, I just realized but.. when I look a little closer, this guy, has higher luck than me…..


……..We-well, it’s probably that. I need to think differently. It’s not that my luck is low or anything, it just appears low because this slime’s luck is high. Not like I am lower than the slime but rather the slime just has high luck.



And while I was feeling a little down about my luck being so low, the slime crawled on the surface and came rubbing its body on my leg.


“You… are you consoling me?”


Jumping up and down, Shii displayed his approval.


S-so cute! Did I ever have a pet this cute before?


…Yep, you are right. I was wrong. Luck does not really matter, I got to meet you like this too.


That’s right. I am not unlucky. A person becomes unlucky when they think of themselves as unlucky.


And also, if I am always unlucky, then I will relatively feel even happier than normal when something good happens. When I think of it like that, maybe I am more lucky than others. (?)


Thank you, Shii. I have come across one of the truths of the universe.


Alright! Enough with the inspection for today! As Shii has appeared today, I shall deepen our bond today!





*   *   *     *   *   *   *     *   *   *






And after a while, when I was playing with my new comrade, Shii, suddenly the map appeared and displayed hostile existence.


“Gururuuruuu….” and at the same time, I hear a roar of a beast-like creature from the cave entrance.


I raised my head and there, in front of my vision, was a figure —- a demon-like wolf which had three heads, and all three of them were glaring at me with a brutal, distorted face. A monster.

It had a big body; About one size larger than the big dogs.


Name: N/A

Race: Cerberus

Class: N/A

Level: 32


I read the enemy’s information with analyze.


So this is…. a monster.


This one, too, maybe because it is of a higher level than me, I can’t read all of its status.

Towards the first intruder, tension ran throughout my body.


Then, at that moment, as expected of a monster itself, Shii got in front of me even while being afraid and tried to intimidate the enemy. It does not really have a face but I somehow feel like it was glaring at the three-headed dog.


It is like a Po*emon battle through and through.


“Ohh! You’re looking great, Shii!”


To that, Shii jumped and looked like it was saying ‘Leave it to me!’


…You’re right, it does not matter if the enemy is of a higher level. We will just remove everything that blocks our path!

A story of how the lower class dominates the upper class — that’s pretty nice.

And also, I liked to not level up my Po*emon too much so that I could defeat the higher leveled ones with strategy and skills.

Show me your way of life, Shii!


“Alright, go, Shii! Use quick attack!”


Like lightning — well, of course it did not go like that, Shii leaped towards the enemy determined—


But got repelled by a quick kick of the cerberus’ front leg.


Shii went flying and hit a cave wall, fell down and did not move.


“–?! Uwaaaaahhhh, you bastard!! What did you do to my boy?!!”


Thinking rationally, since I summoned the weakest monster, there was no way it could win against an overwhelmingly stronger monster but… Having my blood rise to my head, I yelled while going straight at it without any caution and landed a yakuza kick to its body.


The shitty dog, as if it had no intention to even dodge my attack, just stood there— and its body exploded scattering everywhere.





It’s blood and entrails scattered everywhere making the surroundings all red.

Bathing in it, I was planning on attacking some more but to the unexpected result, my anger faded away and I became calm.


….Eh, is that it? Really?

The dog which had now become a grotesque lump of meat seemed to have completely died and didn’t move an inch.

I did not quite feel anything about killing a living creature.


This… what?


I did not feel any danger like I had with my sharp senses but having a difference of 30 levels, I thought it was definitely stronger than me…


I thought it didn’t move because it thought that my attacks wouldn’t do a thing to it, but perhaps it could not even keep up with my attack?

I did not have anything to compare my status with, but was it actually pretty high?


Thinking like that, I confirmed my status once again.


Name: Yuki

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 12

HP: 2320/2320

MP: 6900/6900

Strength: 672

Resistance: 701

Agility: 574

Mana: 915

Dexterity: 1273

Luck: 70

Skill poinst: 17

Unique Skills: Mana Eye, Language Translation

Skills: Item Box, Analyze Lv1, Martial Arts Lv1

Title: Demon Lord of a Parallel World

DP: 2250



Maybe because I had just fought with an opponent of far higher level than me, my status had gone up quite a bit. There’s also Martial Arts in my skills now.

There is no change in luck though……

Leaving that aside, these numbers might be far higher than I expected.


…No, but even still, there is always someone higher. There’s also a super being living right here.

I can’t bear having those all over the place but I don’t want to get carried away and turn into ashes by challenging Lefy to a fight like that muscle-brained demon.

Being too prideful with high stats and getting killed saying, ‘It can’t be… there’s no way…?!’ seems exactly like a path a villain of a game would follow. Using my second chance at life by doing something so stupid would be too wasteful.


Ah, this is bad, this isn’t the time to be thinking that.




Clearing the status window, I hurried to Shii, who was blown away. But, fortunately, it seems his HP was not completely lost and was slowly regenerating using his ability.


“I am glad….”


Seeing Shii like that, I let out a sigh of relief.


Sorry, having you do something so reckless….

As one would expect, having that as your first battle opponent was asking for too much.

But, as if to soothe me, Shii jumped about, showing that it was okay. Well, he had been jumping like that from the start but it just feels that way so I can’t help it.


Shii is my pet. You don’t make your pet fight. You love it. I should do the fights.

That’s right. I should be more composed.

I had fought with that dog out of anger just now but at this rate I will be carried off my feet.


I shall make ‘Stay cool’ my motto. I probably need that the most now.


Thinking that, I sat there until Shii finished recovering.


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