88 Part 1

I Decided To Cook Because The Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce

88 Bride Samba


“Um, you know what? Kirika can eat after helping out. Thank you for cooking, Big Sis Yuri. Kirika is so happy!”


“Yeah. Me, too! Thank you for cooking today’s meal!”


S-such lovely children!

I’m so happy, so very happy ….

I finally shed the tears I had been swallowing!

“Thank you both. I’m happy that you express your gratitude toward me. Thank you for always helping out as well. Also … I’m so glad that I can make both of you so cheerful. Thank you.”


“Wow, how wonderful ….”



Apparently, I was not the only one moved to tears. Mr. Saga was bawling as well.


“Yuri, when you grow up, be my br … i … de.”





Mr. Saga’s face was smacked by Mr. Rofas and frozen by Mr. Bryce, which turned his tears into icicles.


“Wait, what are you doing?! Mr. Saga was moved to tears because Kirika and Kurtz are being good kids!”


“No, wait, didn’t you hear what he said? Yuri, he was trying to disregard his older brother and thinking of getting married ahead.”


What? What in the world was this person saying?

“If you don’t want to be left behind, you should get married, too, Mr. Rofas!”


“No, you can’t, Miss Yuri!”

Bryce glared at both Mr. Rofas and Mr. Saga.


“Bryce, Mr. Saga and Mr. Rofas wouldn’t want to marry an unattractive kid like me. Hee hee hee.”

After all, I had no plans on growing my breasts and buttocks bigger. My height wouldn’t grow taller either.

I remembered the receptionist lady at the guild.

Her style was extravagantly wonderful.

…. Don’t tell me …. My husband had an affair because of my lack of appeal …? I wonder if it was my fault.


“Miss Yuri, you’re wonderful and attractive!”


“Thank you, Bryce. But I’m sure you will find more wonderful people out there in this wide world.”

Well, Bryce’s form was still a juvenile, and he had only seen my child form so far.

As he grew up, his taste would change as well. Yup.

I wryly smiled as if mocking myself.


For some reason, Mr. Saga and Mr. Rofas were arm wrestling. They had such a good kinship.

“How cocky of you to use Body-Enhancing Magic!”


“You’re using Body-Enhancing Magic yourself, Big Bro! Let’s have an even match by using only our physical strengths.”


I should say it again.

These brothers had such a good kinship!

Yup. I would let them be for now.


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