88 Part 2

“Okay, let’s eat. I’ve prepared a meal with MP potion since everyone seems interested to try it, and also the jam we had before.”

First, the bread was baked. Then the jam was spread on it.


“Yeah! Kirika loves this. It’s sweet and delicious!”


Hearing Kirika’s comment, Mr. Saga immediately let go of his arm and arrived at the dining table.

In the background, Mr. Rofas stumbled off his chair due to the sudden change in momentum when Mr. Saga suddenly let go of his arm.

“Is it sweet? Did you put sugar in it?”


… Mr. Saga had a sweet tooth, after all.

“I didn’t add sugar. It’s already sweet as is. The sweetness of MP potion complements it as well.”

Hearing my description, Saga became bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


“MP potion is sweet indeed. Wait, you use MP potion in this?”


Yes. That was correct.

“Here you are. It’s a toast garnished with chewy spicy jam.”


“A toast? Huh? Is this toasted sliced bread? Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

Mr. Saga took a bite.

“Wow! The crunchy texture is light, unlike cookies and crackers. The slightly ripened savory taste spreads in my mouth. This is way more delicious than freshly baked bread. And this spicy jam, is it — so sweet. Not only sweet and delicious, but it also has a refreshing flavor that explodes in my mouth. It’s sweet but not too rich. I can eat this as much as I want!”


… He was good in food reviewing! I was tempted to jab Mr. Saga’s commentary with such a remark.


“Yuri, please be my bride ….”

Bam! Crack!

Oh, they were at it again, showing their good kinship.


“The next dish is this one. I hope this suits your taste, Kurtz, Kirika. Tell me if you don’t like them, okay?”

Ta-da! I served octopus with basil and tomato salad.



Translators note: The main characters name was previously translated as Yuuri and indeed spelled as such in Japanese. But we also have a character named “Saga” which is spelled as “Saaga” in Japanese. So to keep name translations consistent, I use “Yuri” from now on, and “Saga” stays the same. Kirika always refers to herself in third-person. The author uses “-chan” and “-kun” for Kirika and Kurtz. However, I think it would be weird for people older to always call them Miss Kirika and Mr. Kurtz. So I decided to eliminate the honorifics for these two characters.



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